114 Beautiful Blonde

Krillin was flying through the skies and was soon about to reach doctor Omori's lab.

But his face was as helpless as it could get, he was so not looking forward to Bulma giving him a piece of her mind.

"You and your mouth Krillin, look where it got you now."

Krillin complained to himself but strengthened his mind, because he was almost there!

Looking at the island which was built into an experimental base and living place combined, Krillin landed near the lawn.


Looking around for a moment, Krillin was about to go in and knock, but a woman came over from the side with a curious look on her face.

"Hey, who are you?"

Asked the blonde girl with a smile, Krillin was taken aback but quickly replied.

"Bulma called me..? She's here?"

As soon as Krillin said that, the blonde girl had stars in her eyes and got a mischievous look on her face.

"Ooo? Bulma called you? Are you that Raditz I keep hearing about?"

Quickly approaching Krillin the girl looked at him closely, making Krillin startled and turn red from the sudden actions.

The girl seems to have found it funny and laughed in a small voice.

"Hehe, how cute."

Straightening herself up the girl smiled at Krillin and put her hands behind her.

"I am Tights! Bulma's sister!"

Mischievously looking at Krillin, she poked fun of the shy 'Raditz' some more.

"You are a cute one aren't you."

"You know..If you weren't with my sister, I wouldn't have minded.."

While Tights was trying to embarrass him because his reactions were funny, Krillin really did get a little flustered, so rubbing the back of his neck he laughed in a silly way.

"Ha-Haha, I am not Raditz, I am Krillin, I am his friend."

"And I not married either.. just so you know.."

The environment instantly become still and soon Tights's cheeks flushed.

'Oh god! What have I done!'

Tights only wanted to see her sister's 'husband's' flustered looks because she thought it was cute.

She wasn't trying to flirt with his friend on their first meeting..!

"I am so sorry! I was told Raditz would arrive!"

"I just wanted to know how my sister's husband was."

Krillin quickly laughed it off too, lest the environment became even more embarrassing.

"Hahaha, it happens! In fact I am quite a close friend of Raditz, I am practically his best friend, we do almost everything together."

"I can tell you all about him."

Krillin's sneaky mind instantly worked and he started to bullshit his way through, he wasn't as thick in the head as everyone around him, he knew a chance when he saw one.

And everyone around him was getting married dammit, he didn't want to be alone!

"I, I see."

Tights still had a flushed look to her but slowly smiled back.

"That would be lovely, Krillin."


And while the world was hell bent on giving Krillin a blonde beauty one way or the other, in a lab on this very island Bulma was working on a technology that might just shake the whole world.

"I am telling you! This is a bad idea! That galactic patrolman guy was hellbent on people not messing with time."

Omori scolded Bulma from the sides, but Bulma didn't care about that one bit.

"That galactic patrol guy can talk to Raditz if he has a problem, and weren't you making a time machine anyway."

Omori twitched his eyes and turned the other way.

"I changed my mind!"

Bulma didn't believe a single punctuation that came out of this old man's mouth, so she rolled her eyes and kept going through the materials on time machine he had on his computer.

Because no matter how old and dastardly this guy was, Dr Omori was an out and out genius on space time theories.

"It's fascinating, this is how you achieve time travel in the same timeline?"

"You know I made a time machine as well, but it can't change the past, it creates a new timeline everytime it's used."

Bulma continued, not minding Omori's twitching eyes.

"But your time machine, even if it can only stop time right now, works directly on the current timeline!"

"You know what that means..?"

Omori gulped and looked at Bulma, he wasn't sure what nefarious schemes she might have.

"What.. does that mean?"

Bulma looked at Omori with a shine in her eyes.

"That means I can tell myself not to go to that saloon!"

"My hair still hasn't recovered from that shampoo they put on me!"

Dr Omori fell straight down and yelled immediately.

"That's what you would break the rules of the universe for?!? A bad hair day!"

Glaring at Omori, Bulma huffed.

"It's important! What would an old man like you know!"

Just when Omori was about to go completely crazy the door to the lab opened and two people came in.

"Hey Bulma, your friend is here."

Said Tights with a smile, Krillin also laughed and said hello to Bulma.

"Hey Bulma, long time no see."

Looking at Krillin, Bulma scrunched up her face, if only Raditz was here, she wanted to tell him how the android's infinite energy solved the time machine's energy requirements.

That means with just a little bit of work, this would be the perfect time machine.

Not only was it capable of changing the actual past, it could also change the future, if needed they could also use it like her original one and create new timelines instead.

But that's not all, from Omori's time stop mechanism she figured out how time can be accelerated and decelerated.

'I really wanted to show Raditz this formula, this proves something fascinating, not only timelines, we can even visit entirely new spacetimes!'

'Whole new realities, a whole a new world with it's very own timelines!'

Going on a date in an entirely new world would have been so romantic!

Raditz you dummy.

"Sigh, wait a minute Krillin, I'll get the armors."

Krillin watched Bulma go into the storage room with an unsure look.

He thought for sure he would be yelled at by Bulma, but whatever it is, he wasn't complaining.

He was safe.

But Bulma sister looked concerned and asked Omori.

"What happened to her?"

Omori snorted lightly and got up from the ground.

"Who knows, maybe messed up her brain while messing with time."

"I heard that old man!!"

Twitching his eyes Omori quickly ran away from the lab, he wasn't interested in getting an earful.

Meanwhile Tights and Krillin looked at each other and soon shrugged.

Tights let it go and simply sat down on the table, smiling at Krillin she continued their talks.

"You said you are a reader yourself Krillin? I am writing a new book, can you please take a look and give me review?"

Krillin immediately laughed and rubbed his head.


Krillin took the drafts from the hopeful Tights and trembled right away.

He understood nothing.

The last thing he had read was Roshi's 'colorful' books in his childhood, that was the limit of his literary knowledge.

'Oh man, why did I have to say that.'

'Come on Krillin, you got this.'

Would Krillin finally turn the tables on Tights? Would he be able to sneak his way past his problems once more?!

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