112 A new way forward

It wasn't long after Cell's announcement that the z fighters gathered at the lookout, Roshi was included in that roster.

Because today was the day they will enter the hyperbolic time chamber, Raditz had pushed his room of spirit and time session back all this time, just because the amount of times one can use it was limited, and he never had a real need for it, until now.

"Who's going to use the time chamber first?"

Asked Nappa, they had Raditz, him, Kakarot, Gohan, Vegeta, Krillin, Tien and Roshi who were interested.

But they had only half of today remaining, and three more days afterwards.

According to Dende, the new Kami, only two can enter together but he will upgrade the chamber later, although that was good, they needed it now, and they had four groups who wanted in.

"Haha, then I will go in today, I can't help much, so I'll take today's remaining hours."

"And we don't have that much time remaining in the chamber anyway, we used a lot of it up for the Saiyans."

"So, you coming with me Tien?"

Krillin laughed in a semi depressed yet acknowledging fashion, but Tien hearing he was considered amongst the least powerful now, was clenching his fist with frustration.

But he still walked towards the time chamber, without saying another word.

Looking at Tien leave without replying to him, Krillin laughed in an embarrassed way and quickly ran towards the chamber as well.

"We will be off guys!"

Saying that Krillin vanished into the interior of the lookout.

Vegeta was the next one to speak.

"I will be going in next."

Raditz nodded and then arranged Vegeta's partner for him, because Vegeta himself would rather go alone if he was to choose, consequences be damned.

"Nappa, you go in with Vegeta."

"Kakarot and Gohan, you both can go next, me and master Roshi would go in last."

Everyone nodded as they had no problems with this arrangement, but Piccolo himself stayed out of this entire thing.

Because he had already fused with Kami and understood that he was about to reach the end as well, although he can still get stronger, it would be very slow.

So Piccolo by his wisdom simply stayed out of this and kept a watch on Cell, while teaching Dende what it means to be a Kami.

"Hey, I am starving! Can we get something to eat Mr Popo?"

Goku smiled while turning towards Mr Popo, who was taken aback but nodded happily, quickly going to the kitchen to make some food.

And the remaining z fighters also found this a good time to relax, sitting together with Goku, they also decided to dig into the soon coming food.

Just like that, the day passed, and Krillin and Tien had come out a while ago.

"You guys surely got stronger, you are almost reaching a million, Tien!"

"And Krillin, you have truly reached a million! Congratulations!"

Raditz smiled and congratulated them both, this was an incredible feat.

Even Saiyans like Goku and Vegeta stopped around 3 to 6 million before reaching their end in base, of course Broly and Raditz were a different story, but either way, this was very impressive for humans.

It wasn't for nothing that the Saiyan human hybrids acted as if they were the next step of evolution like their universe 6 counterparts, human bodies, except s cells and few more nitty grittys were quite similar to Saiyan bodies.

After all this was why Earthlings could keep up with Goku for so long, before super Saiyan came around.

"Thanks man!"

Krillin rubbed his bald head and laughed happily, he trained crazily for half a year and had finally given up.

After this fight with Cell, he will officially stop martial arts, he had done everything he could and was finally at peace with his situation.


But Tien said absolutely nothing except giving a nod, he couldn't bring himself to act as if his strength was a big deal when it clearly wasn't in their situation.

Raditz saw that but didn't comment, everyone had their own path, no one likes others to meddle into their business.

But still, while he watched Vegeta and Nappa leave, Raditz had a thoughtful look to him.

"Hey, is anyone interested in getting their potential unlocked?"

Asked Raditz completely out of blue, but this was a thing which got the attention of many, especially Tien.

"What is that?"

Asked Piccolo, Raditz wondered how he should put this, while he had learnt potential unlock from Guru, it was also something which depended on a few factors.

"It is a technique I learnt back at Namek, I can release someone's latent potential."

"But the power boost depends on your inherent potential and your current strength."

"Take Bulma for instance, if I unlock her potential, she would go from around a 5 to around a thousand."

Pointing his thumb towards Roshi, Raditz continued.

"But if I unlock Master's potential he might jump from 100s to 10,000s."

"Although you guys are reaching the end of your species, but there has to be something more I can dig out."

Almost immediately Tien walked upto Raditz and said.


The rest of the z fighters also pondered for a while, before some of them came forward.

In the end Krillin, Tien, Roshi and Piccolo came in, but Krillin suggested telling Yamcha and Tien suggested telling Chiaotzu.

So after Dende contacted them and brought them both over by Kai Kai, two more participants were present.

"There are six people, this should work."

Raditz mumbled, he had seen the human fighters struggling to keep up and frankly, he was impressed by their tenacity.

Even the worst hit one, Yamcha, jumped at the opportunity to get stronger, even when it was obvious he would need to fight Cell after this and can't just pack up and leave after getting a boost.

So against all odds, because of Raditz's arrival, the human fighters who should have lost all hope, were revitalized once more.

Although this wouldn't be permanent, as there was no way they could truly keep up, but this nonetheless was a wake up call for them, for their beliefs, and that was enough.

"Everyone, grab your nearest person's hands and sit together in a circle."

"This would be a long procedure, so if anyone has something to do, do it now."

But nobody had anything to do it seems, they all came prepared, so going to the center of the lookout, everyone grabbed their nearest one's hands and sat down.

Stretching his body, Raditz took a deep breath, and started circling around the nervous group.

This was going to be a long one, it was the first time he had tried to unlock so many people at once.

The most he was looking forward to was Piccolo's growth, Raditz wanted to know how far he could reach without the extra blessings of Shenron.

Would he see orange Piccolo? Or was that something specific to Shenron, Raditz couldn't wait to find out.

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