15 Stability

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Two months later, the originally calm Ice River Tribe became much livelier.

Near the rising and falling ice houses, the figures of the Terror Lizard, the White Hound, and the Tidal Crab continuously passed through. They got along very well with the Northern Ice Spirits.

Garen chose the location of the nest to be at the river near the Ice River Tribe and gathered the other subdued servants here.

The strength and potential of the Northern Ice Spirit that had received the dragon blood transformation had increased greatly. However, what disappointed Garen was that these were all displayed in ice spells. None of the Northern Ice Spirits displayed the ability to affect time.

What they accepted seemed to be only the White Dragon bloodline, and they did not obtain a trace of the Time Dragon bloodline.

However, after his initial disappointment, Garen was quickly relieved. If it was so easy to obtain a bloodline that affected time, the Time Dragon would not be treated as a legendary True Dragon.


There seemed to be huge beasts surging under the cold and deep river, causing a surging wave to rise on the surface of the meandering ice river.

An eight-meter-long white shadow could be vaguely seen under the water.

It was Garen.

In a short two months, although he did not obtain any new time-type ability, his body had expanded greatly. His muscular dragon body was eight meters from head to toe, and his shoulders were 1.6 meters tall when he was on all fours. His wingspan was nearly ten meters, and he had grasped a spell-like ability that only adolescent White Dragons could possess.

This growth speed was enough to shock all the True Dragons.

His main food now was the Giant Feet Yak captured by the hunting team formed by the Northern Ice Spirit with the Terror Lizard, the White Hound, and other servants. The Giant Feet Yak was four meters long and weighed three tons. When it ran, the sound was like thunder. It was not to be trifled with, but it was not a match for Garen's servants.

90% of the Ice River Tribe's members were busy hunting food for Garen, but they could only barely satisfy him. From time to time, he needed to hunt some magical creatures to eat.

On the other hand, as the lord of this place, it was not like Garen did nothing.

For example, when the hunting team encountered some powerful magical creatures, Garen would attack and kill them after confirming that he could deal with them. Or when a powerful ferocious beast coveted the tribe and the Ice River Tribe was helpless to deal with it, Garen would also attack at his own discretion.

Such situations were very rare. It had only happened once in two months.

At this moment, Garen was chasing a group of fish under the ice river. This was a group of strong, fat, and long Ice River Sharks of about two meters in length. Although their mouths were filled with interlaced fangs, they did not have any spell-like ability and were only ordinary beasts. Under Garen's agile pursuit, they were completely helpless, like fish on a stick.

This Ice River Shark tasted very good. The meat was delicious, cold, and easy to capture. It was a food he liked to eat very much.

However, because there were not many, Garen only ate them as a treat to satisfy his craving.


After biting two Ice River Sharks at the same time, Garen chewed slightly and ate them.

The remaining Ice River Sharks panicked and hurriedly fled. As for Garen, he did not continue to chase. He only savored the delicious taste and turned to dive into a dragon nest at the bottom of the river.

The dragon nest was built in the deepest part of this ice river, about 50 meters away from the river. It emitted a faint cold light at the bottom of the dark river.

This was created by Garen after spending a day excavating and digging a pit. Then, he used his Frost Dragon Breath to coat it with a layer of sparkling ice crystals. Although it was a little bent, it was in an L-shape.

The deepest part of the dragon nest was where Garen slept.

The structure of the dragon's eyes was special. There was a waterproof membrane under its eyelids, and its pupils had a crystal structure that could gather light. It could also gather enough light in the darkness to see in the dark.

Although it was very dark underwater, it could not block Garen's vision.

To him, it only seemed a little dim, but he could still see things clearly.

In the deepest part of the dragon nest, Garen learned from the White Dragon Mother and built an ice bed that could accommodate him.

Because the temperature of the river water in the Northern Ice Field was very low, the ice in this water was extremely difficult to melt. He only needed to spend a small amount of effort to maintain it.

On Garen's large ice bed, it was not empty. There was also a tattered armor filled with rusty iron ingots that were difficult to remove and a similar rusty sword.

After lying on the ice bed, Garen played with the rusty armor and sword, feeling the dense time energy contained in them.

As he gently rubbed it, he revealed a satisfied expression.

These two things were dug out of the sand at the bottom of the river when Garen was building the cave. At first glance, Garen was attracted to them.

What he liked was not them themselves, but the traces of time left on them.

To Garen, such items that had a long history were even more attractive than gold coins and gems.

Of course, gold coins and gems were also attractive to Garen to a certain extent, but they were not as special as special items that had experienced many years. If there were gold coins or gems that had been passed down for a long time, it would be best.

Standing beside this collection, Garen felt that the speed at which he devoured time had vaguely increased.

When he used abilities like Time Manipulation and Time Plundering Breath, he had to consume the power of time. The speed at which he devoured time was a relatively important factor to Garen.

'I can bury them and dig them out again after a long time. Then, they'll contain more traces of time.' Garen thought to himself.

However, because he had too few in his collection at the moment, he was unwilling to really do this.

Next, Garen hugged his beloved collection and began to close his eyes to sleep. He quickly digested the few Giant Feet Yaks and Ice River Sharks he had just eaten. The total weight of the food was slightly heavier than Garen's body weight. Dragons could eat creatures that were more than their weight at once.

Half a day later, Garen was almost asleep.

He opened his eyes and reluctantly left the ice bed. He placed the rusty armor and sword that were filled with the traces of time beside him.

Coupled with the fact that the dragon's tail was already eight meters long, he passed through the water like a nimble fish. The dragon wings were folded on both sides, and Garen quickly left the water in a shuttle-shaped posture.


The crystal clear water droplets that filled the sky slid down the white scales, causing Garen's strong dragon body to look like a god that had descended to the mortal world.

When the few Northern Ice Spirits saw Garen, they lowered their heads respectfully and said, "Praise the Great True Dragon."

After Garen treated this place as his territory and took the Northern Ice Spirits as his servants, their lives improved at a visible speed. Creatures like the Terror Lizard and the White Hound that could originally hunt them as toys had now become existences similar to pets.

The protection of a True Dragon, even if it was underage, was a rare thing.

After receiving the protection and dragon blood transformation, the Northern Ice Spirits paid with their own manpower.

They were elemental lifeforms and did not need flesh and food. They could only survive by absorbing the ice elements that were abundant in the air of the Northern Ice Field. It was very easy to feed them. As for their hunting gains, meat-like creatures were used to feed the brainless servants like the Terror Lizards. Fat and delicious meat like the Giant Feet Yaks were given to Garen as food.

Garen did not respond to the praise of the few Northern Ice Spirits. As a True Dragon, he did not need to respond to his servants' respect. He just needed to accept it.

Waving his dragon wings, Garen left further north and flew to a place far away from the small ice river where no servants could see.

He used his dragon claw to dig through the snow, revealing the grayish-brown frozen ground below. Then, he dug a small pit in the frozen ground.

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