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Hahaha. I love the author's novels. A must-follow for cultured men. I can't wait for this Journey too.

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i love all you work plus this one, but you should take some rest so you can wri- i mean, be in good health and a happy life and write more for us,,cough,,


Your Dukes Shameless Review! This novel is something special for me, started as a simple passion project and seemed very popular with my other readers and new ones. All the things I have learned from Summoner and Vampir were used to create a better world and atmosphere from chapter 1. Also, prepare yourself a dark room with no disturbances when the chapters with [eighteen] appear... Just trust me! My lemons are intense and filled with detail and passion. No one line and poor attempts at them. This novel will be full of emotions, action, and adventure while Zell explores his second life and the many things he missed because of being late to the game. My heroines are cute, thicc and very attractive. None of them will fall for him overnight. There will be reasons for each of them to fall for him. Be it clichéd or slow building affection. For the level of romance I can write, please read chapters 54-56 of my novel, Summoner: Monster Girl Harem. Many of my readers might agree that is my best mini arc for romance and feelings. This world will engage the reader, as it develops outside of the MC's zone of influence, leading to major changes from what happened in his first life, leading to more dramatic events. My writing quality is top tier, apart from my dyslexia letting me down sometimes. Forgive me, I will usually try to fix them within a few hours after being mentioned! Updates! Some will know I do 1 guaranteed release during the weekdays, then bonus chapters will come on weekends and randomly with support. (Like Sundays where I sometimes post 2-3 extra) I will leave it here, as you can find out the rest while reading the novel. — The Duke


So, i managed to read around 170 chaps and i thought i'd leave a review. The story is good, with well developed world, purpose and depth, with new things being discovered each chapter. The update stability is also good, while the writing quality is decent, with occasional typos or grammar errros, but not too much to be an issue. The MC and Harem have a well developed path of growth, which is clear to follow and well paved. The problem is, the MC himself. He is careless, dense and clueless, who seems incapable of thinking for himself and prioritising. He has a cleear path of growth and a system, but he only uses the system when others remind him or when he remembers it, never truly focused on his goal. The heroines are not that well developed, as once MC has his scene with them, most are forgotten and only receieve casual mentions, with only a couple of them being more present. Some girls get 2-3 scenes, others get 1 during first meeting and then even tho all live in MC's house, are abbandoned and separated from the story. Other main wives also barely receieve any development, and seem to dissapear until casually mentioned by others, with new girls constantly popping up around the MC who never seems to have time for them. The novel is a good read, but the MC and the relationship developments are severely lacking, making it seem more of a Pokemon hunt than anything, with MC only having feelings for 1 or 2 out of 8 or 9... There is always a sense of distance between the MC and his girls, and sometimes i struggle to remember who is who even tho i binged 170 chaps in a few days.


not reading even chapter 1 yet, but still i give 5* for the awsome synopsis, and the no ntr/yuri, hope the story not disapointing but i will not change my rate whatever i found inside unless the author broke her/his word bout no yuri/ntr


Author this another good novel, but how you going to cope with all these novels you are writing at once??


I have only read this story until Chapter 7 and oh god I already addicted to this story.


I really like the book and how it's going, and the release of chapters.


Can you continue publishing this novel?


The story is quite reveling. but the conversations and thoughts are written in a way that is very confusing (as to who made it). confusing point of view in terms of conversations. the thoughts are all over the place making it hard to pick up.


I absolutely love the novel so far, looking forward to more chapters!


Reveal spoiler


I'm absolutely addicted to this ongoing WebNovel! The author's writing is so descriptive that I feel like I'm right there in the story with the characters. The world-building is so well-crafted and the characters are so relatable that I'm emotionally invested in their journeys. I can't wait to see how this story ends and I highly recommend it to anyone who loves an ongoing read!


I really love this novel. It’s a shame that I can only read up to chapter 51. I haven’t read many novels so is there anyway to unlock more chapters without spending irl money??


as a first time reader of this novel, I really did not expect to be hooked this soon. I recommend this novel and author to all who have a taste for "finer things in life". [img=recommend]


You know I like the story a LOT but... I have a question that have been on my mind for quite some time that is.... WHERE DO YOU GET THOSE NOVEL THUMBNAILS!?!?!?!?!?! Do you use a novel AI anime generator or what?


Dragon. With a harem. That's all I needed to say.


The story seems to be very good, I'm still on chapter 5, I just find the protagonist's personality a little confusing and I found it a little strange how he accepted everything so easily and quickly, but everything is still in the beginning so that's ok, and I hope that things are well explained without rushing, I will be accompanied, another reader.


another top novel from tthis Author it is l on the startline of an Great adventure With lemon and a fatastic story


Must have more!! I love where this story is going and cant get enough. if you haven't read the other novels by this author then get reading!