15 The First Visit

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Hao Ren turned around, and Zhao Yanzi's angry little face entered his sight again.

"I'm just taking a tour. Why are you so mad?" He asked lightly.

Zhao Yanzi didn't answer him; she probably didn't know what to say.

"I'll leave if I'm not welcomed here," Hao Ren continued.

"No!" Zhao Yanzi semi-rolled her eyes and said, "You can stay here."

Seeing her expression, Hao Ren knew that she was asking him to stay to avoid scolding from her parents.

"What can I do then?" He asked.

"Whatever you want." Zhao Yanzi sat in front of the computer and reactivated the screen with her mouse.

The desktop was a picture of her in a bikini at the beach. Her delicate skin glowed radiantly under the sun amongst the blue waves. She had a bright smile, and her little tongue stuck out wittily in the picture which showed her even and white teeth. Who would have known she was a little devil in reality?


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