8 Bloody Business and Occulumency

A bit later I find exactly what I'm searching for, so after making sure my new muggle clothes are straightened and spotless I walk up to them with a bag in hand.(I)

"Excuse me gentlemen, I have an offer for you to earn some money. You will not even have to do anything." I say to the group of three men, all wearing dirty and worn clothes.

Looking at me warily one questions me, "Depends on what you need us to do?"

"Like I said, nothing. I will need to take about a liter of blood each, in return you will all get paid a few dollars(Pounds). Don't worry it is harmless and will not effect you at all, after about four to six weeks your blood will have replenished and I can buy it from you once more if you wish." I explain.

The man that had spoke looks at the others and after a few seconds they all agree, "Right, we going to a hospital to do this?"

"Nope! Got everything I need, drink this and when you are done we can begin." They all look confused but gratefully drink the tea and once done I grab one of the bottles and after shaking it and making sure it's empty put the tube connected to a needle in it, "Who first?"


I repeated this with another person, along with telling them all when and where to meet me next time if they wanted to. I now have four liters in total, not exactly sanitary putting it in tea bottles but it is fine. 'It may even add flavor to the blood pops!'. My plan was to get blood from muggles at extremely cheap prices and make blood pops to sell to vampires, I had learned how to do so after using my mindscape to read the book that I had skimmed over in Flourish and Blotts on vampires in which it had conveniently explained how blood pops were made in one chapter.

Vampires are often found roaming Knockturn alley due to its lack in law allowing them to look for prey or people selling blood, however due to the prejudice against vampires and because wizards would never give their own blood to anyone due to blood curses they sell it at extreme prices. I will sell to them at reasonable prices however so even though I get less I will have way more vampires buying them which will probably add up to a higher profit. With my plan set I head off to Knockturn alley to put it into action while I still have time left before my aging potion wears off.

...-Knockturn Alley-...

After making more blood pops in my room with a second hand magic item that is used to keep things cold similar to a fridge which I had bought, I put on a plain black mask and begin searching the roads of Knockturn Alley for around thirty minutes. In one of the numerous alleys I find a gaunt pale man with crimson eyes eyeing a crowd of people, I walk towards him which he notices and backs away alertly.

"I'm not here to fight, I am selling blood. I know you are used to being discriminated against however I don't care about things like that, money is money to me." I explain bluntly and then take some of the blood pops out and tell him the price making slightly less tense and a little excited because of the low prices.

He ends up buying around ten of them as they are fairly cheap, the reason I can sell them so cheap is because I get about thirty per liter of blood which is a lot considering that the blood was so cheap and easy to get. I spend the next three hours selling and I'm almost out of blood pops, deciding to take a break I walk into an alley to get away from all the creepy people and go to sit down but before I can I feel something pointy touching the back of my neck... I shouldn't have to clarify but it is obviously a wand.

"Yer gunna drop all yer money and blood pops, try anythin funny and ill blast yer head off... It's nothin personal... I gotta do what I gotta do to feed myself, yer lucky for yer pops or I'd prolly be eatin you." A parched sounding voice says.

'Shit... I didn't know vampires could use magic since they were never really mentioned much and never seen one with a wand yet, he must have been following me after seeing me selling them to someone. Well I guess since werewolves can use magic it makes sense they could... they just probably aren't allowed to have wands. I don't want to do this but I knew the day would come eventually...' I start lowering my bag slowly to the ground with my heart beating rapidly from adrenaline, I simultaneously move my magic to the small of my back.

The vampire seems to relax a little, "Good, I'm glad we're ab-*SHICK*."

He dropped his wand, due to my tail having pierced through his stomach. I turn around and look at him, seeing what I have done I feel like I'm going to puke for a few seconds before the feeling is quickly suppressed and fades. I quickly walk up to him and finish him off with a quick jab into the heart using my tail once more making my heart calm down, although he is sickly looking like all vampires he appears to be better off than others from his clothes which is most likely due to getting ahold of a wand.

I quickly grab the wand and put it in my bag since it probably does not have the trace along with checking his pockets, in which I find three galleons and about a galleon worth of sickles and knuts which he probably obtained from stealing. I simply leave his body there as it is not uncommon to find dead vampires around here as the ministry has no care for them and start walking out of the alley way whilenpushing what just happened to the back of my mind fow now. Having sold enough blood pops today I enter Borgin and Burkes making sure to look confident and after arriving at the counter I set the wand that I had just stolen down, since I can not use it anyway, along with reluctantly setting the money I had just stolen and some extra from what I have earned today down as well.

I speak to who I'm not sure is either Borgin or Burke, "The wand has no trace, I want a book on occlumency for all of this." Before he can speak I continue, " If you try to raise the price I will go elsewhere."

"Of course... sir." He walks into the back muttering god knows what before returning with a grey and dusty old book with A Guide To Occlumency simply written on the front which he then set down on the table, usually only pure bloods use occlumency and they just pass down the books through their family so it probably has been here for a while.

I grab the book and after flipping through it quickly to make sure he did not try to cheat me I quickly leave to head back to the Leaky Cauldron. After arriving at my room I jump on the bed, not bothering to even change my clothes after the tiring day. 'I killed a man... so why do I feel fine?'

...-Next Morning-...

After getting out of the clothes many sizes larger than me once I woke up, I pour the money I had earned onto the desk. I begin subtracting the amount spent to figure out how much more I need to make to earn back my losses. Eventually I figure out I only need another selling run to make back what I had lost and after that I would start making profits. 'Hm, I will have to get some more blood already since the blood pops are almost completely sold along with a potion.'

With a sigh I take my new occlumency book out of my bag and begin to read.

...-Hour and a Half Later-...

I flip to the last page.


Occlumency is used to control you emotions, review memories, and most importantly keep your mind safe. In order to do these one will have to enter their mindscape, which can be entered by reaching a state of extreme calm and clearing all of your thoughts or in simple terms mediating. Eventually once you do so, you will fall unconscious and enter your mindscape.

Nobody has the same mindscape as another and it is usually shaped by either past experiences or personality. Two examples would be that someone who has lived most their life in a castle may have the same or a similar castle in their mindscape, or if someone has a happy and outgoing personality theirs may be a flower filled field on a sunny day. In each of these worlds there is somewhere your memories are stored, whether it be through paintings on your castle wall or by touching a flower in a field.

Now on how to protect these memories you have a few options. The most simple and common way to protect your mind is to set barriers via long periods of meditation, however this can be broken through if a Legilimens is strong enough. The second way is through physical protections in your mindscape which is very difficult, if you have a high amount knowledge on how something is made and works you can create it inside your mindscape although it takes time to be finished depending on its size.

The last one which is the best yet hardest is by creating false memories to hide the real ones, this can be done by using the second method to create something like a painting in which you then create and place fake memories. You will then create so many fake memories and mix them with the real one that no one will know what is real and what is fake.


I know the occlumency is different than original HP but thought it would make more sense so whatever.

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