1 Academic Overhaul!

Today was Nico's first day at the academy to join the Time Patrol. Nico walked in and saw all sorts of races.

There were Majjin's, Namekians, Sayians, and Frost demons. He was nervous and understandably as he was the only human there and compared to everyone's power given at birth, he was lacking .

But what he was lacking in strength he made up for in technique. He sat next to a Saiyan girl whom all the other Sayians were looking at. Nico looked down at the desk and saw her name.

It was Samantha and she looked beautiful. That's when the old kai came into the room and introduced us to our teacher.

"Hello, class! My name is Gohan. I'll be your teacher until you graduate. I know you're all in 10th grade here but we actually have a transfer student here today. From one of the normal schools please give him a warm welcome!"

Gohan pointed to Nico. The latter immediately stood up and rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Go on, introduce yourself," the teacher said.

"I'm Nico and I'm a human… I'm not as strong as the rest of you so I hope you will accept me for who I am!"

Nico stood proud in front of all of these strong people and continued to say, "I hated when I was younger and my family was in danger but I didn't have the strength or courage to help them that's why I'm here to better myself and help those who can't help themselves!"

There was a defining silence and then everyone except Gohan and Samantha started laughing.

"That's the dumbest thing I think I have ever heard!" A saiyan in the back of the class said out loud for everyone to hear.

Nico turned around towards the man who spoke just now and saw a Sayian wearing what looked like Viking Armor.

"Who might you be?" Nico was curious but it came off like he wanted to fight the Saiyan. The Saiyan stood up and flexed his muscles.

"I am Ozric, better remember my name!" Ozric stood there for a couple minutes flexing his muscles. He did that until class started.

"Ok, Guys! For today, you can go and hang out in the courtyard and train if you like but tomorrow we're going to learn how to harness energy!" Gohan got straight to the point and they all headed out to the courtyard.

Nico was laying in the grass with his eyes closed focusing his energy when he heard an argument by a wall.

"...So what do you say, Samantha?"

Ozric was harassing Samantha. Nico walked over slowly and cautiously.

"I said no, Ozric. I won't go out with you! Now leave me alone!"

Ozric just got closer to her and Nico had seen enough.

"Oi Viking!" Ozric turned around to see Nico standing there.

"What do you want you, weakling?" Ozrics tone was venomous.

"Well, I was chilling in the grass over there." Nico pointed behind him and Ozric looked and saw the beautiful grass swaying in the wind, "but…" Nico called back Ozric's attention to him, "I overheard you guys talking and it didn't sound friendly." Nico narrowed his eyes at Ozric.

"Well, sounds like you wanna fight!" Ozric flexed his muscles and punched his hands together, creating a small cloud of smoke.

"I don't wish to fight but if you want to I guess I will comply." Nico got into a battle stance and Ozric could tell that his fighting style was weak.

"Looks like he has a spine! Let me rip it out of ya!" Ozric let off a sinister smile.

Ozric rushed in and punched Nico across the face. Or Ozric thought he did, however he instead hit a metal pole that was sticking out of the ground, and Nico was still standing in the same spot as before when he suddenly vanished and kicked Ozric into the dirt.

Ozric stood back up and tried punching Nico again to no avail. That's when Nico's strategy became apparent.

"I see what you're up to, weakling, you're pretty fast!" Ozric let out a laugh.

Ozric punched Nico but this time he elbowed behind him and Nico caught it to his surprise. Nico then spun Ozric around and planted his fist in Ozrics face, breaking his nose.

Ozric flew back into the pole sticking out of the ground and it warped out of shape. Nico went over and bent down and looked Ozric in the eyes.

"People like you are the reason I use my power to better the world! If you weren't a classmate I think I might just leave you to die.."

Ozric looked up at Nico and saw his white dead eyes and shook with fear, "Now listen to me, don't go around harassing people or next time I won't just break only your nose, understand?"

Ozric nodded and stood up and walked to the nurse. Nico watched him and made sure he didn't try any funny business. When Nico saw he was gone he let out a sigh and walked over to Samantha, "Sorry, you had to see that…"

Nico rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment and laughed, "well, I better go home, stay safe!" Nico waved goodbye to Samantha and ran home.

"What the hell?" Samantha blurted out loud.

Nico arrived at his house and opened the door slowly. When his mother jumped on him, and he fell out into the yard.

"Welcome Home!"

"Thanks, mom! I Appreciate it." Nico picked himself up off the ground and walked inside in tow.

Nico walked in and turned on the TV and sat down on the couch. It was a reporter interviewing Chronoa.

"Today, we find ourselves in the Time Nest with Chronoa, the Supreme Kai of Time." The newscaster pointed the mic in Chronoa's direction, "Do you think any of the new students at the academy will make it into the Time Patrol?"

"Yes, four of them will make it…" Chronoa seemed sophisticated and cultured.

"How do you know this?" Chronoa dead panned and just looked at the reporter.

"I'm the Supreme Kai of Time. I know what was and what will be, you absolute fool!" Chronoa blurted out on live television. She sighed and looked at the camera.

"You there on the couch will bring those in despair out into the light. I'm proud I could work with you in the future!" Chronoa just chuckled as Nico heard a small laugh in the back of his mind.

"I think that's enough television for today." Nico turned off the TV and looked at the reflection and saw his mother trying to repair a broken chair. Nico got up off the couch and walked over to his mother, "What are you doing?"

Natsumi looked up and saw her son looking down on her trying to repair a broken chair, "Oh this damn chair broke and I'm trying to fix it."

Nasumi was holding Super Saiyan Strength glue, "But this glue doesn't work."

The glue had a photo of a Super Saiyan holding the bottle and giving a thumbs up, "What do you think I should do? This was your father's favourite chair." Nico hearing a mention of his father tensed up.

"You keep saying he's gonna come back but he hasn't!" A sudden burst of rage came out of Nico's mouth toward his mother.

Natsumi looked up at her son in disappointment. She got up and flicked Nico's forehead causing his white hair to shake a bit. Nico stepped back a bit.

"He will come back, I promise"

Deep down in her heart she knew he would never return because he was dead but she kept that from Nico for her own reasons.

"Now go to bed silly, you have school tomorrow."

Nico nodded in response to this and went to his room.

He laid on his bed, hand behind his head, "I wonder what that girl thinks of me."

Nico rolled over on his bed and thought about what happened. He beat up a jerk and saved the Damsel so why did it feel wrong to him?

Nico thought about it until he was blue in the face. Three hours had passed when he just decided that he was gonna go watch TV to fall asleep. He sat down and turned on the TV and the reporter from last time was there but she was yelling about something.

"This! Just an evil enemy has entered the city, be sure to lock the doors to your house and stay inside until further notice!"

Nico was now on high alert and he tried sensing energy and he could tell his mom was fast asleep and there was someone outside his door. He didn't know the Qi signature but it felt familiar somehow. Nico approached the door when he heard a man's voice on the other side.

"Natsumi, are you there?"

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