Dragon Ball: Back in Black

Reincarnated into Dragon Ball after an unexpected death, a man must now face enemies and threats that not only endanger the universe, but multiple universes. Given the body of Goku Black and a few other items, this reborn Saiyan will have to transcend his limits time and time again in order to become the strongest. This is the story of a Saiyan who will become the strongest mortal in the universe. In all of the universes.

OmniSpectra · Anime & Comics
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82 Chs

Evil VS Legendary

Broly grit his teeth and brought his hands together, his fists threatening to slam down on Zyleth's head.

Zyleth brought up a single hand and caught Broly's interconnected fists with no difficulty whatsoever. Using Broly as an anchor, he jumped and vaulted over his arms before planting a devastating kick to Broly's chin. 

The green-haired Saiyan went flying backward a few feet before bringing himself to a stop, roaring out in anger, and charging towards Zyleth with two energy spheres in hand. 

Seeing this, Zyleth dodged out of the way off, narrowly avoiding the muscle-bound Saiyan's devastating attacks. As he dodged, the spheres that Broly held missed and shot out towards the dark marsh, destroying the field and causing massive quakes to occur. 

From above, everyone watched on with bated breath as Zyleth took on Broly, but a certain Frost Demon watched over this spectacle with anything but shock or awe. 

"Lord Cooler, Zyleth--!"

"Yes, it seems as though he's gotten stronger in the time he was away." Cooler nodded, cutting Salza short. "He even managed to get a handle on that Super Saiyan transformation of his."

His dismissive tone caused Lila a bit of confusion. 

"I would have expected a bigger reaction from you. Aren't you and Zyleth close?" She asked. 

"No." Cooler denied immediately. "Besides, you can't be shocked by something that you knew was going to happen."

"What do you mean?" She asked, tilting her head slightly. 

"You've spent some time with him. What does he want more than anything else in this world?" Cooler asked back. 

"Power." She answered relatively quickly. 

Cooler glanced at her with a bit of approval before turning his gaze back towards the fight. 

"His sudden growth doesn't shock me because it's what I expect from him. No matter what kind of strength he already held, he was never satisfied with it. He always wanted more." He explained. 

"Sounds like you know him quite well." Lila said. 

"More than most." Cooler replied with a narrowed gaze. 

With the way that Cooler's tone and face had shifted, Lila couldn't help but feel as though there was something more to what Cooler said than he was letting on. 

She didn't question it though, turning he sights back to Zyleth's brawl.

"Salza, retrieve the injured Onyx Squadron and take them and yourselves back to the ship." Cooler ordered before his eyes settled on Broly. "Something tells me that this is going to be more trouble than it's worth..."

Zyleth dodged left and right, his movements just barely managing to get out of the way of Broly's fists each time, so much so that it was as if he was intentionally doing so. 

Going for broke, Broly slammed both of his fists down, but they were easily caught by Zyleth before he suddenly blasted Broly away with a minor Ki blast. 

"Come on. I know that you can take more than that." Zyleth said as he crossed his arms. 

"Let's see what you got..."

Broly immediately flew back towards Zyleth, clashing with the one who had gained his unrelenting furry. 

This proved futile as Zyleth blocked everything he threw, and had now started to counter. 

"Dig deeper. I know that you're still holding back." Zyleth said with a shit-eating smirk, just trying to provoke Broly even further. 


Broly roared out in a primal rage as he charged another beam attack in his mouth. 

Zyleth immediately clapped his hand over Broly's mouth and stopped the attack from exiting. The energy from the beam backfired and sent the two Saiyans flying back in opposite directions. 

Grinding to halt, Zyleth looked down at his hand and clenched it a few times. 

'That felt odd.' 

Before he could figure out what it was, Broly had already broke through the smoke cloud and was ready to strike. 

Zyleth immediately brought his arm up and blocked the strike, but his eyes widened a bit when he felt that his arm was being pushed. 

'His energy...'

Narrowing his gaze, Zyleth spun and hit Broly with a heavy elbow to his abdomen, hitting him again in the jaw with a quick uppercut when he had leaned down.

"What is he doing?" Cooler asked, looking at Zyleth's performance with a criticizing gaze. "Why is he dragging this out? He has more than enough power to end this in one blow. I taught him better than this."

His words caused Lila to snap her head towards him. 

Taught him? 

She knew that they were friends... sort of... but Zyleth never mentioned being taught by a Frost Demon.

"You were his teacher?" Lila asked. 

"Teacher is a bit of a stretch. But I did teach him a few things over the years." Cooler replies, looking at Zyleth with a clearly annoyed expression. "One of them being to take his opponent out as quickly as possible."

"For the past couple weeks, Zyleth has been learning to keep his Evil Saiyan state under control." Lila spoke. "It could be that he want to see how he performs under a strong foe."

That was the bright side that Lila was hoping to be the case. 

The other end of this is that Zyleth's thirst for a strong opponent whilst in Evil Saiyan is messing with his ability to make logical decisions.

And if that's the case...

"Evil Saiyan?" Cooler glanced at Lila with a confused expression. "You mean Super Saiyan?"

Lila turned towards Cooler with the same expression. At first she thought him calling it "Super Saiyan" was a slip of the the tongue. After all, Zyleth had told her about so many of his people's transformations that she really couldn't keep track of them herself. 

But it seems as though Cooler genuinely thought that Evil Saiyan was Super Saiyan. 

"This form is called Evil Saiyan. Super Saiyan is the form with the golden hair." Lila explained to him. 

Cooler looked at her for a few seconds before turning back towards the fight. 

"Then what's the green one?" He asked. 

Lila could only shrug her shoulders. 

She didn't know how or why the opponent Zyleth was facing's form was a different color, but she honestly didn't want to know. If you asked her, Saiyans had enough different colored hair as it was with just the gold and red ones she had witnessed.

After Zyleth's attack, Broly retaliated with more brutal strikes of his own, each of them getting blocked or redirected. But as he struck, his power grew more and more, so much so that the previously immovable wall that was Zyleth was starting to get pushed back. 

Zyleth noticed this and instead of being intimidated, his face formed a crazed smirk.  

This is what he had noticed before. 

Broly's power was slowly increasing, their difference in power slowly began to close more and more as the fight progressed. There were a few theories that Zyleth had that could explain this was, but that was beside the point. 

Right now, there was only one thing that Zyleth wanted to focus on. 

"That's it... Get even stronger..." 

Broly's seemingly never-ending growth was something that he wanted to take advantage of. He was essentially using the Legendary Super Saiyan as a the ultimate training tool. 

In his right mind, Zyleth wouldn't even entertain the idea of using the Legendary Super Saiyan like this, but he was far from his normal mind. The Evil Saiyan transformation made his desire for battle unquenchable. 

He needed it, thirsted for it. 

He wanted to be pushed to greater and greater heights of power. 

The two transformed Saiyans clashed with each other, going blow for blow, each setting off a sonic boom that radiated with pure, unrelenting power. 

Each blow dealt to Broly made him both stronger and angrier. 

Each blow dealt to Zyleth made him both stronger and more battle hungry. 

And neither of them was going to back down until the winner one of them fell to the other.

The smirk that was previously on Zyleth's face had slowly morphed into a crazed and deranged smile. Even though he was still stronger, he knew it wouldn't take very long for Broly to finally reach him. 

"That's it! Get stronger and stronger for me!" Zyleth yelled out like an absolute maniac as he gripped both sides of Broly's face and brought it to his knee.

Broly staggered back before he suddenly shot a beam out from his mouth towards Zyleth, engulfing him in a devastating point-blank attack. 

"Zyleth!" Lila yelled out, about to rush to his aid before she was suddenly grabbed by the arm. 

"Don't." Cooler told her, his face blank and expressionless.

"What are you doing?!" Lila yelled out. 

"The moment you enter that battlefield, you'll be overwhelmed and killed. And at this point..." Cooler paused as he looked at the scene. "I'm not sure by which one..."

Lila's eyes widened and before she could yell profanities at the Frost Demon, Zyleth out jumped from the beam and landed a heavy kick to the right side of Broly's head. 

"That's it!" Zyleth yelled out as he hit Broly with multiple heavy blows. 

The Legendary Super Saiyan was on the back burner. Not able to do much of anything as Zyleth kept pummeling him over and over. Seeing the look on Zyleth's face, that deranged smile, Lila knew he had lost himself in his battle frenzy. 

"He's... He's going to kill him..." Lila said as she watched the brutal display that Zyleth was putting on. 

"Somehow... I don't think that is the case..." Cooler said suddenly, watching the fight with unhidden curiosity. 

As Zyleth continued his unrelenting attacks, he didn't notice that Broly had stopped resisting altogether, not bothering to try and block or counter. Going for one last blow, Zyleth reeled back his fist and aimed at Broly's face, but at the last second, his wrist was caught by a hulking hand.

The pressure on his wrist increased, so much so that he actually felt it crack underneath. Zyleth grit his teeth and brought down his other hand, but that was caught as well. 

Broly slowly stood up, his hulking figure towering over Zyleth as he reeled his head back and head-butted him into the ground.

"It seems Zyleth is about to get his wish for a strong opponent." Cooler told her.