Dragon Ball- Zarbon's adventure

A man is hurled into a different reality, finding himself in a completely unfamiliar body. With no choice but to adapt swiftly, he embarks on a challenging journey to rise to the top. Join him on this adventure to become the strongest in a reality where powerhouses are as common as trees. This is an engaging weak-to-strong story that avoids the cliché of the protagonist becoming overpowered within a few chapters. Expect character development, actions with consequences, and a main character who doesn't sport the typical stone-cold, emotionless face found in other fanfics I have read. Additionally, I recommend reading the auxiliary chapter for guidance on how to fully enjoy this story. The MC possess a remarkable and distinct ability that sets him apart. However, this power will not render him instantly overpowered, ensuring a fair and balanced progression in the storyline. Additionally, it's worth noting that the character's development will not revolve around wishing death upon villains or purely striving to become the strongest. Such predictable paths can make the narrative monotonous to read. Are you tired of reading poorly written harem fanfics that are abandoned faster than a hot potato? Well, your search ends here! Say goodbye to the disappointment and delve into quality stories that will captivate your imagination and keep you engaged for hours on end. Say hello to a world of captivating characters, intricate plotlines, and unforgettable adventures. Don't settle for anything less than the best!

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Greater Powaaaaaaaaa

Namek- Zarbon's pov

Finally, I spotted the Grand Elder house in the distance after a long flight. Suddenly, the land around me started trembling I stopped then looked in the opposite direction, 'Wow Frieza and Goku are really going at it. Once again the timeline really went to shit' I thought as I sensed two tremendously huge ki clash battle each other. This knowledge gave me a newfound resolve to get stronger, So I hurried toward the grand elders house at full flight speed. Soon I arrived and gracefully descended down toward the ground of the tall mountainous pillar the house was sitting on. Upon landing, I advanced toward the house. once before the door, the house's door majestically hinged upward and stayed stationary mid-air, confidently defying gravity .

This display of Namekian technology very much amazed me, It honestly made me ponder how Namek was prior to the cataclysmic event that affected it. I admired the door for a few more seconds, shook myself out of my amazed stupor, then strode inside the abode with purposeful steps. The inside of the room was very obscure with dim lighting, In the center of the room there is a circular platform. Directly Above this platform, a hole the same shape and size as the platform lay. I walked toward the platform and stepped atop of it.

As soon as I stood on the platform, It magically elevated up slowly without my input or any commands. 'wow Namekian tech is so amazing' I inwardly admired once more. It reminded me of an elevator from my previous universe. Soon the platform reached the top level, In my excited admiration I failed to disembark from the platform, so after a few second it slowly took me back to the first level. Dende who turned around and saw me ascend had an afraid expression at first but as soon as the platform initiated its descent, his childish facial expression morphed into a mocking one which embarrassed me. I was so embarrassed that I forgot I could use ki to fly or even jump up from the platform. After that debacle, it once more rose back up to the top floor. As soon as it reached its destined location I immediately stepped of and loudly exclaimed a phew in a rather comical fashion. Dende who had a mocking expression immediately recalled what kind of situation he was in and stepped forward protectively as he stammered "I...I won't let you harm the Grand Elder" with his incredibly adorable childish voice.

In response, I simply walked toward him picked him up with one arm and slung him atop my shoulder like a sack of rice and continued walking walking forward as he screamed while struggling within my grasp "LET me go you villain" I chuckled in response and placed him down gently right in front of the great elder. A slight tension enveloped the room as I looked at the Namekian child with amusement and he stared at me with fiery resolve. a few cough emanating from the towering figure of a chubby Namekian eased the tension, I and Dende immediately looked toward him with Dende inquiring worriedly " Are you alright Grand Elder?"

The Elder responded " I will be fine my child..." he then continued while glancing toward me which was weird since his eyes were closed "Come closer Tell me why should I listen to your inquiry after the harm you've caused my children?"

I was honestly taken aback and wondered how he knew but surmised that Dende must have filled him in, thus I remained quiet for a few seconds while pondering. Even though all the prior atrocities committed by the previous Zarbon were insane, After combing through the memories of my body aka my memories, I realized that I did not actually directly kill a Nameks because the previous me thought they were disgusting and did not want to get his clothes dirty which honestly made me want to burst out in gleeful laughter. I stated in response " I understand your standpoint but I have since long turned away from my past and the acts I committed under Frieza's COMMAND" of course I emphasized the Frieza's command part.

Dende piped in with an innocent voice laced full of curiosity "Did you really decide to change for good" he stated

I smiled with gentleness and amusement as I replied "Huh something like that. Let's just say I have seen the errors of my ways and won't behave the same as before."

The elder expression became stern as he stated "Words alone do not amend the wounds you helped inflict upon our planet. What can you offer as proof of your change"

I took a deep breath then stated " I am not here to ask for forgiveness nor am I asking for you to forget about my past actions, What I am here for today is to gain an opportunity to prove myself."

he coughed a few times as he replied "Like I conveyed before words alone are not enough, Let me see for myself whether you truly intend to change"

Dende Quickly interjected "You mustn't allow him closer greater Elder. This man is very evil and Dangerous"

I honestly wanted to smack the little twerp upside the head but quickly decided against it and approached the right of the massive seat the elder was sitting on. I remained patient as he slowly put his massive left hand on my head while breathing heavily. He stayed silent for several seconds while making hmmm sounds in a pondering fashion. After what felt to me like an eternity, He panted while telling me " Even prior to Namek... You have commited a lot of malicious deeds in your life Zarbon." I stayed silent without uttering a single word of defense for myself after all what he said was the truth and there is no denying it. Dende on the side snickered and threw his tongue out at me.

Then, Softness creeped into The elder's expression as he stated "I feel within you a desire to use your strength for better... I also feel sincerity within you" he huffed a few times.

"See I told you I wasn't all that bad" I said playfully while looking at Dende who was making childish facial expression.

The Grand Elder chuckled then continued "I'll trust my instinct which are telling me you'll be a valuable ally in the defense of Namek... I shall grant your request... I will unlock your potential, but know that this is not a guarantee of redemption. It is a step towards proving your intentions."

I did not say anything but gratitude was evident on my face. As I looked at Dende , his expression turned from mocking into a surprised one and it honestly made me chortle lightly as it reminded me of how children are so pure.

The Grand Elder's hand atop my hand started glowing with a whitish magnificent aura, a sliver of his energy entered my body, his expression became slightly strained as powerfull ki which I did not know I had emerged within me, I had a sense that my power which was still lokced was gradually being drawn out, a white aura of power emanated from all over my body as my dormant power was unlocked. My ki catapulted higher at a rapid pace then stopped and increased ever so slowly over time, my body felt lighter, stronger, faster. I clenched my fist amazed at the incredible effortless increase in power. The euphoria of this power up made me forget where I was, until the Grand elder suddenly said while huffing " Your dormant potential has been drawn out... However this is only a catalyst that will aid you to reach greater and newer heights."

I sincerely bowed deeply and expressed my gratitude "Thanks grand Elder for giving me a chance. I swear I'll make sure to defend Namek with my life on the line" I was very sincere in my expressed gratitude as despite my misdeeds, the old Nameks still gave me the benefit of the doubt and helped me which he did not have to do, I greatly respected him for that.

The grand elder, Guru, withdrew his hand as he spoke. "Zarbon. The path of redemption is now yours to walk, and your strength will serve as a testament to your commitment. Remember, actions speak louder than words."

I nodded in a comprehending motion as I uttered "You won't be disappointed with your decision!"

With a warm smile that reminded one of a caring grandfather, he spoke these words: "To free your heart from its past malice, you must conquer that formidable alien, Frieza."

I replied with uncertainty "I'll do my best. But Frieza is incredibly powerful and even with the power I obtained from this awakening, I'm still not his match" I continued to speak " Do you feel the intense battle happening between those two huge ki in the distance" The great Elder nodded to confirm that he had felt their incredible energies. I continued with "Frieza and a Saiyan raised on earth named Goku are fighting right now and even from this far we can feel the intensity of their battle"

The Grand Elder replied back "Saiyan you say?.... He is quite the unusual fella for a Saiyan. His ki is pure and not malevolent unlike anything I have seen before...." He breathed heavily then continued "He seem to be utilizing a technique which enables him to multiply his power temporarily. Quite the powerful technique"

This shocked me a little bit and it showed how talented namekians are at ki control, despite being so far away he could tell Goku is using Kaioken. Honestly I couldn't even tell unless I focused all my attention just on sensing.

He then continued talking by uttering "Have some confidence in yourself and your abilities.... cough cough.... Your potential itself is quite massive and with that absorption technique you possess...Huff Huff.... I am sure you will surpass Frieza soon enough."

It did not shock me that he knew my abilities, however, what surprised me in a positive way of course is how he couldn't tell that my soul wasn't from this universe originally. Honestly, Kudos to whomever sent me here, they did a pretty damn good job. I then smiled in determination from his encouragement as I said "Thanks for the motivating words. Grand Elder Guru"

as I was preparing to depart he said " wait a few minutes Zarbon" then he motioned at Dende as he spoke "come closer Dende"

Dende approached and stood exactly where I was moments ago, the grand elder placed his hand atop Dende head and unleashed his potential, the same phenomenon that occurred with me presided once more, a white aura surged from Dende and his already meager ki became slightly less meagre.

The grand elder then told me " Take Dende with you. surely he should be able to assist you and the earthlings."

Dende however protested " Grand elder.. how could I leave you here by yourself"

the grand elder smiled lovingly then stated " do not worry child my life is coming to an end on its own very soon. so go assist the earthlings, Nail should already be with them. Be quick for I fear my death draws near and will render the dragon balls useless"

Dende reluctantly nodded and stepped toward me. I bowed one more time toward the kind elder before we exited the house.

Once outside, I told Dende " I know you don't trust me but we have to go fast so I'll have to hold you while flying since I'm faster" he looked at me with a bitter expression then nodded as he reluctantly placed his tiny hand into mine. I picked him up in a child carry which slightly startled him but I didn't have time to play mother with him so I unleashed my ki which erupted all around me and took off into the sky in a hurried dash toward the cave.

Namek- Krillin's pov

With the wind gently touching his face, Krillin took a deep breath, while feeling a hint of nervousness tingling in his veins. Beside him stood his current ally, Nail, the only Namekian warrior left on Namek. they exchanged glances, whilst silently preparing to descend onto the landmass below. As they Looked up, a stunning scene unfolded—an epic battle between Goku and Frieza. Their lightning-fast movements blurred, leaving only the resounding clash of blows echoing through the air, creating powerful shockwaves that shook the ground.

Whispering urgently to Nail, "Let's keep our power down" Krillin emphasized the importance of hiding their power. they both understood the dire consequences if they were discovered. The weight of the current quest for the dragon balls pressed heavily upon their shoulder. Nail readily agreed. Keeping an eye on the dragon radar , then looking up at the intense battle unfolding in the sky above, Krillin felt a mix of apprehension and resolve welled up inside. With newfound resolution he motioned for Nail to stay close, to which the Namekian nodded in agreement.

Then Krillin jumped up, his muscles coiling like a spring, effortlessly propelling him into the air. while mid air he prepared himself for the descent, soon Landing as quietly as possible behind a small hill, he held his breath, and cautiously peeked out from the hiding spot. The cool breeze danced on his face, as He surveyed the vast expanse of the sky above, the battle in the sky was still ongoing which meant they had not been detected yet.

Relief washed over his features as the bald earthling let out a long exhale. Unbeknownst to even himself, he had been holding his breath in anticipation. Phew! The tension slowly unwound, releasing its grip on his nerves. he quickly looked at his surroundings and found Nail right beside him, they both nodded at each other once more as they prepared to move.

In that moment, Krillin's form bounded across the landscape with the grace and swiftness of a gazelle. his footsteps were light as feathers, each step calculated to find cover behind a massive rock or anything to hide him and his companion. From there, he once more glanced upward at the ongoing battle, a spectacle of power and fury unfolding in the distant sky. he made sure he remained hidden behind the imposing stature of the Namekian rock.

Yet, while their concealment offered them a temporary sense of security, nervous energy continued to tingle within the earthling. A faint hint of fear crept up his spine, reminding him of the gravity of the situation. Taking a deep breath, feeling the cool air filling his lungs with strength, Krillin knew that failure was not an option especially since the lives of his friends depended on him.

With utmost focus, he and Nail repeated their earlier actions, calmly scanning the radar for any signs to guide their path toward the dragon balls. Step by step, Krillin made sure they were moving in the right direction, navigating the treacherous terrain with uncanny speed and grace. The anticipation grew with each passing moment, like a drumbeat pounding in the earthling's chest.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they reached the area where Vegeta likely concealed the dragon balls. For some reasons Krillin felt as though the energy surrounding him changed, as though it was warning him of a potential dangerous situation. This was the moment of truth, they had to immediately uncover the dragon balls and return to their companions location.

In glancing behind himself, Krillin discovered Nail, his current trusted ally, right behind him. His calm and unwavering presence lifted Krillin's spirits, reminding him that he was not alone in this daunting quest. their eyes met for a brief moment, a mutual understanding passing between them, before their returned their focus to the task at hand.

Suddenly, a figure plummeted from the sky, crashing to the ground several meters away from where they stood. Time stood still, as if the universe itself held its breath. Instantly, they froze, all movement and rational thought seized by an invisible hand. Krillin felt a cold sweat forming on his brow, beads of perspiration trickling down his face and back, as his heart pounded with a force that threatened to burst through his chest.

To both their surprise, the fallen figure quickly sprang back to life, launching back into the sky , without so much as a glance in their direction, with an almost ethereal grace. A voice, filled with venom and spite, pierced through the air, shouting, "You'll pay for this, blasted Monkey!" The words echoed in his ears, carrying a weight that made Krillin's blood run cold. , He presumed it to be Frieza's voice , as it did not resemble his best friend's. In that moment, He silently thanked Kami for sparing them from being discovered, offering a silent prayer of gratitude for the unexpected stroke of fortune.

But amidst the turmoil and tension that enveloped them, a sheepish smile crept across his face as a realization dawned upon him. It flooded his mind like a beacon of warmth in the darkest of nights. He actually knew who Kami was, and the memory of him brought a sense of hilarity and reassurance. "WHEW we almost got caught there" He whispered, Nail whom had heard him due to his great earing made said "let's hurry before it's too late"

With renewed determination, Krillin took a resolute step forward, steeling himself. The burdensome tension from earlier seemed to dissipate with each step taken. Without delay, the short earthling surveyed the area indicated by the radar, revealing a rubble-filled landscape where he recalled a once-prominent hill once stood. Evidently, the devastating aftermath of stray ki blasts had reduced it to a mere pile of rocks. Just as expected, nothing could be seen above ground, prompting him to signal Nail for assistance in removing all the rocks.

Mindful not to attract the attention of Frieza, we opted for silent communication through hand signs, minimizing the risk of being detected. However, before they could commence their excavation, an explosion of titanic proportions erupted in the distance. The shockwaves traveled across vast expanses, reaching their current location, forcing them to lay themselves down on the ground. they both unleashed their ki in instinct which surged within, reinforcing their bodies against the forceful tempest unleashed by the blast.

As the reverberations gradually waned, Krillin and Nail got back up and cleared all the dust that was on their bodies, Krillin coughed several times as he stated " DId you feel the power in that blast, We need to hurry or we might not make it"

Nail responded " If that attack had landed here, the consequences would have been dire. Our lives, at the very least, would have been jeopardized."

Both their gazes fixated toward the location the energy attack had hit, "It seem to be an Island but I can't seem to see properly that far away" Krillin uttered

" A colossal crater materialized due to the power of the blast, causing the rest of the landmass to shatter and sink into the sea" Nail stated while clenching his fist

'I would be mad too if someone was destroying part of my planet landcape' I thought while also clenching my fists and gritting my teeth.

"Don't be too sad, We can always wish things back with the Dragon balls." Krillin said to ease the Namekian's pain and cheer him up. Nail nodded in understanding then replied "Apologies Krillin My mind forgot of our mission due to the current circumstances"

Krillin waved his hand to infer that Nail did not need to apologize then spoke "No need to apologize, I would be pretty out of it too if things like that happened to earth"

Nail smiled then said "Let's get back on track as it is the most important"

Upon hearing that, Krillin carefully tucked the radar device securely inside of his dogi. The rocks obstructing their path needed to be cleared swiftly if they were to succeed in finding the dragon balls. As He surveyed the rubbles, Krillin's mind raced to find a more efficient way to clear out the rocks.

So, His attention suddenly shifted to this intense battle between Goku and Frieza to make sure they were further away. However, He could not see them. 'Man, their moves are insanely fast, like blurs of energy' Krillin thought then tapped into his own ki , sharpening his senses to track them amidst their chaotic battle. They soon registered in his senses, They were very far away from his current location.

Hoping that he would not get discovered, with a burst of energy he channeled his ki into his hands. palms open pressed together in opposite directions, creating a cool energy orb - Continuous Ki Bullet- As it materialized and became bigger, He unleashed it, smaller ki orbs, the size of bullets erupted from the core orb, traveling lightning fast toward the rubble, and obliterating those pesky rocks in, like, a few second. The attack did not result in an exposition or tremendous shockwave since Krillin controlled his ki to only clear out the rocks, thus giving them some precious time which they would not spend clearing the rocks away by hand. Only dust and smoke appeared due to the rocks being obliterated.

Nail, whom Krillin signaled to step aside before unleashing his attack, praised the earthling, "Not bad, earthling. Your ki control is very impressive." With a confident smile, the earthling replied, "Hehe, it's actually my own spin on another attack of mine, the double chasing energy Bullet."

His deep voice just rumbled with admiration as he acknowledged, "Earthlings seem to be talented at ki control. But where are the Dragon balls."

Krillin replied "Vegeta must have hidden them underground. The radar says they are right here."

Nail responded" Alright, you earthlings have quite the surprising tech... I'll trust your radar so let's dig"

With Nail leading the charge, all fueled up, his voice urging them to swiftly uncover the dragon balls, Krillin nodded eagerly. As they dug through the earth, some doubts swirled in Krillin mind at to whether they were at the right spot. But Nail, was very determined, completely unfazed. And then, something magical happened.

With each handful of dirt, Nail's perseverance paid off, like finding buried treasure. This orange ball, about the size of a basketball, popped up, engraved with stars. Seeing Nail's elation, Krillin couldn't help but get caught up in the excitement. He jumped up and down with pure joy while saying "WOOHOO finally things are looking up." upon hearing Krillin, Nail remained quiet and together, they kept digging, going even deeper. The dragon radar was right as usual, it slightly embarrassed Krillin that he doubted the radar. Soon they found all four dragon balls, just as Krillin was going to grab the dragon balls.

With swift and seamless moves, Nail effortlessly seized the dragon balls as if his hands were invisible, effortlessly lifting them from the hole and suspending them mid-air. Observing his actions evoked memories of Chiaotzu's powers, akin to a nostalgic journey. Before getting lost in reminiscence, Krillin redirected his ki sense towards the intense battle unfolding in the distance. Fortunately, the fight was transpiring even farther away, and they remained undetected.

Looking straight into each other's eyes, their gazes filled with determination and unspoken understanding, they both knew that the moment had come to leave. Without exchanging a single word, their eyes scanned the surroundings, seeking the closest point where the vast expanse of the sea awaited them, shimmering just a few meters away like a siren's call. With synchronized anticipation, they gathered themselves and, propelled by a surge of adrenaline, launched themselves forward, sprinting towards the water's edge.

As their feet touched the sea bed, Krillin took a deep breath, filling his lungs with an appropriate amount of air to sustain their aquatic journey, while Nail swiftly followed suit. The cool embrace of the water enveloped them, their bodies adapting to the aquatic environment as they gracefully submerged beneath the surface, their movements synchronized in perfect harmony. For a fleeting moment, they exchanged a final nod—a silent acknowledgment of their unspoken pact, sealing the deal of their mission.

Without further delay, they unleashed their ki, causing the underwater expanse to tremble as their vibrant, powerful aura surged from their body. With incredible speed, they effortlessly glided through the water like a hot knife through butter. Leaving their previous location behind, they ventured further and further away, creating a distance that offered a sense of security.

As they resurfaced, Krillin's head emerged from the water, taking in air as though he had been deprived. Worried, he turned to Nail and asked, "Should we continue underwater or take to the skies?" Nail considered the question for a moment, then replied, "Although we should be safe, let's stay underwater just in case."

Krillin's head bobbed rhythmically as he took a deep breath before plunging back into the water alongside Nail. The Dragon balls floated effortlessly in place, manipulated by Nail's telekinetic powers. With unwavering determination, they embarked on their journey back to the cave, their hearts brimming with newfound hope. They were well aware that the path ahead would be treacherous, but all they could do was hold onto their optimism and strive for the best possible outcome. Unbeknownst to them, A figure pursued them in the distance, albeit at a sluggish pace.

-----Author Notes-----

Hello everyone! I had initially planned to release this chapter yesterday, but I wanted to ensure its quality met my standards. As you read through the chapter, you'll notice exciting developments unfold. The main character is becoming more powerful, the dragon balls are being collected, and thrilling fights lie ahead. I know the story may seem to progress slowly, but as I mentioned in earlier chapters, I prefer a deliberate pace in my writing—just like in the bedro...-. Ahem. Moving on, I invite you to stick around because I guarantee you won't be disappointed. And don't forget to let me know what you thought about the interaction between Zarbon and Guru. Thank you!