Dragon Abyss Online:I start selling intelligence after reaching lvMAX

Leo accidentally obtained a chance to enter a global game ten years ahead of time. During these ten years, he practiced hard every day, and finally, on the day he defeated the final boss, the game officially opened. However, he had already achieved all the achievements in the game, obtained the best artifacts, and the rarest divine beasts. What else was there to enjoy? Thus, the greatest intelligence master in the newbie village was born. "Come one, come all, don't miss out! Selling game strategy information, fair prices and no deception for young and old! Hey, miss, I see that you are well-endowed, oh, I mean intelligent. Would you like to buy some information to improve yourself?"

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The Tavern in Newbie Village

Game, Dragon Abyss Online.

This is a groundbreaking online game that was co-produced by the world's top ten game production companies.

A dedicated committee established by the United Nations supervises the game, and players must enter the game using a holographic helmet or a holographic cockpit.

Within just one month of its launch, Dragon Abyss Online broke numerous global gaming records, with at least 2 billion people worldwide having experienced the game.

The number of regular online players has remained at over 300 million.

It can be said that Dragon Abyss Online has become the second world of mankind, with some people even spending more time in the game than in their real lives.

In a small tavern north of the newbie village, a person in black armor swaggered in, causing everyone in the tavern to hold their breath and not dare to make a sound.

"See that? A red-named player!" whispered a newbie player to his companion in the corner of the tavern.

"What's a red-named player?" His companion was obviously a gaming novice and asked with ignorance.

"It's someone who kills other players in scenes where private fighting is not allowed," the newbie player explained to his companion.

"After all, this game is the hottest game right now, and all kinds of equipment and items inside can be priced in real currency... So, of course, there will be some people who kill and loot others."

The gaming novice exclaimed in horror, "Isn't this a crime? It's like robbing someone of their property, isn't it?"

"Well, not exactly," the experienced player explained. "It's because of this setting that after Dragon Abyss Online was launched, the real-world crime rate decreased significantly. The conflicts in the game are just normal game content and not considered crimes."

The gaming novice asked in confusion, "But this person has a red name from killing and looting, and still dares to appear so openly in the newbie village? Isn't he afraid of being captured by NPCs or other players?"

"NPCs? They don't care about that. As for other players... Did you see his gear? It's the Dark Spirit set! This game has only been online for just over a month, and the highest level a player can reach is only in twenties. The Dark Spirit set is currently the most powerful gear available. Even a whole mercenary group would not be enough to face him!"

"Wow, is that person really that powerful?" the gaming newbie exclaimed, looking at the man in black armor with envy in their eyes.

Amidst the gaze of the patrons in the tavern, the man in black armor walked up to the bar and tapped the counter, shouting, "Bartender, a mug of oat beer!"

The bartender looked like a young male player in his twenties. In Dragon Abyss Online, not all players were suited for combat professions, so there were also many players who pursued life professions. For example, they could spend some real-world money to buy a shop in the game, and then earn game currency to exchange for real-world money. Many people relied on their shops in the game to earn enough money to make a living.

Therefore, Dragon Abyss Online was called the "Second World" of humanity.

"Hey, be careful. I just bought this counter, if you break it, I'll have to spend money to buy a new one," said the young owner of the tavern lazily, giving the man in black armor a disapproving glance.

Upon hearing this, the other customers in the tavern gasped in shock. Did this owner have a death wish? How could he talk to a red-named player wearing the "Dark Spirit Set" like that?

"Hey, kid, what did you just say?" asked the red-named player in an irritated tone.

Leo wiped the glass in his hand while repeating his words, "I said, be careful when you're tapping on the counter. If you break it, I'll have to spend money to buy a new one."

The black-armored man stared at the ID on top of Leo's head, , " Wind Frost." There were no titles or signs indicating any affiliation with a guild or mercenary group.

It seemed that he was just an ordinary player living his life in the game.

After confirming this point, the black-armored man sneered and arrogantly pointed to himself, "Do you know who you're talking to?"

Leo stopped wiping the glass and looked up.

"God of Slaughter Maple Moon"

After seeing the name, Leo couldn't help but laugh. "What a ridiculous name. So juvenile."

"Do you want to die, you little bastard?" God of Slaughter Maple Moon's anger flared up when he saw Leo mocking him, and he drew his sword from his waist.

"Dark Spirit Crazy Blade?" Someone in the tavern recognized the weapon, "My goodness! This is a weapon with an attack power of over 300+!"

The customers in the tavern immediately got up and moved away, afraid of being affected.

Leo, who was laughing earlier, suddenly stopped and looked at God of Slaughter Maple Moon coldly.

He spoke word by word, "I'm sorry, but the use of any weapons is prohibited in this establishment. I suggest you put away your weapon immediately, otherwise, you will bear the consequences."

God of Slaughter Maple Moon remained unmoved, pointing his blade at Leo and saying, "Kid, do you dare to order me?" Leo put down the glass in his hand and moved his fingers slightly.

"Hey, I didn't want to take action in the first few days of the opening. I've worked hard to save up enough money to buy this tavern. I haven't even paid off my loan yet..."

After Leo finished speaking, suddenly, the door of the tavern was pushed open. At this moment, everyone's gaze in the room, including that of God of Slaughter Maple Moon and Leo, turned towards the door.

The person who came in was a young lady in a tight-fitting soft armor, with golden long hair, a shapely figure, and a beautiful face that was captivating to the eye. Immediately, the men in the room were mesmerized by her beauty.

After seeing what was happening in the room, the young woman's eyes turned cold as she stared at God of Slaughter Maple Moon and asked, "Do you know who the person you pointed your knife at is?"

"Oh, look, a little beauty has arrived. Is this pretty boy your lover?" God of Slaughter Maple Moon said with a cold laugh.

Seeing the newcomer, Leo, who had already prepared to act, relaxed his hands. He sighed inwardly, "Looks like I don't have to do it myself today."

he girl obviously couldn't be bothered with this guy's nonsense and walked straight towards him.

Some kind-hearted players in the crowd warned her, "Hey, that guy is a red-name player. He's capable of doing anything crazy. Don't go over there!"

The girl, however, ignored the warnings and continued to walk forward, paying no attention to them.

God of Slaughter Maple Moon was confident and unafraid of the girl approaching him, relying on his top-quality equipment.

He just laughed and said, "Hehe, little beauty, if you're willing to accompany me, I can let go of this sissy, you know..."


Poor God of Slaughter Maple Moon didn't even finish his sentence before he was hit by a punch from the girl and flew off, hitting three even four tables before lying on the ground and breathing his last breath.

After a few seconds, the corpse disappeared, and with a "ping-pong" sound, the top-grade equipment "Dark Spirit Blade" fell to the ground.

"Congratulations to player 'Blue Water ' for killing the red-name player ' God of Slaughter Maple Moon ' and obtaining 1000 points of honor!"

The system's prompt surrounded the ears of every player in the tavern, and everyone was stunned.

This seemingly weak girl in front of them, was able to kill a red-name player with top-grade equipment with just one punch?!

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