Dragon Abyss Online:I start selling intelligence after reaching lvMAX

Leo accidentally obtained a chance to enter a global game ten years ahead of time. During these ten years, he practiced hard every day, and finally, on the day he defeated the final boss, the game officially opened. However, he had already achieved all the achievements in the game, obtained the best artifacts, and the rarest divine beasts. What else was there to enjoy? Thus, the greatest intelligence master in the newbie village was born. "Come one, come all, don't miss out! Selling game strategy information, fair prices and no deception for young and old! Hey, miss, I see that you are well-endowed, oh, I mean intelligent. Would you like to buy some information to improve yourself?"

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The bidding Start!

Just as Goldman finished speaking, someone in the audience immediately stood up and shouted, "6 million!"

"7 million!"

"8 million!"

These people didn't pay any attention to Goldman's remark that each bid could be increased by 500,000, but instead directly raised the price by 1 million each time, showing their extravagant wealth.

"10 million!"

Finally, someone raised their hand and pushed the price to the ten million level, standing up with an air of arrogance, as if he was looking down on everyone else.

The representatives of the major guilds took a look and, not recognizing the person, ignored them.

Ten million was nothing to them; it was still too early for them to step in.


In his living room, Leo watched his TV, and when he saw someone bidding 10 million, he couldn't contain his excitement.

Ten million was already in hand, so would twenty million be far off?

It seemed that Goldman was right. Given the heated atmosphere in the auction, the price would only be driven higher, and someone would likely call out twenty million soon.

Twenty million! With a bit more savings, wouldn't he be able to buy the luxury house he was living in now?

Just as Leo was daydreaming about buying a house, a major guild finally made a move on the TV.

"12 million!"

The bidder was a high-ranking member of the Spirit Fox Guild, whom Leo had seen in the Sandfall City before. The woman sat down after calling out her bid, seemingly knowing that she wouldn't win the auction with that price.

Leo hadn't expected the Spirit Fox Guild to join the bidding war. He had thought they had given up on the token when he saw Goldman's regretful expression earlier.

Were the Spirit Fox Guild really that wealthy? It seemed that Cassandra should not be underestimated.

"13 million!"

Led by the Spirit Fox Guild, the other major guilds finally started to bid. This time, the bidder was Polaris, the leader of the Starry Sky Pavilion.

"The Starry Sky Pavilion is here too..." Leo thought with a smile, "Indeed, the top-ranked guilds are all wealthy, pulling out over ten million without even blinking an eye. But that's good. The more intense their competition, the higher the price of this token will be driven."

"14 million."

The Ink Dragon Guild finally made their move... The bidder was Inky Snake, the third-ranked member of the Ink Dragon Guild. Although Leo had never met him, he seemed to have quite some strength, not inferior to Inky Serpent.

The price of 14 million seemed far from everyone's expectations, and several individual players immediately started bidding:

"14.5 million!"

"15 million!"

"15.5 million!"


These bidders did not belong to any guild, and it seemed that they were bidding on their own to try to buy the token.

"There really are hidden talents among the players," Leo couldn't help but sigh after witnessing this scene, "It seems there are many wealthy people..."

"16 million!"

After someone called out 16 million, the scene suddenly quieted down. It wasn't because the price of 16 million exceeded everyone's expectations, but because of the person who made the bid...

The Emperor Guild, Emperor.

Even Mirror Elements, who was sitting beside him, was stunned.

He wasn't prepared to bid yet, and he didn't expect the guild leader, Emperor, to personally make a bid.

"Boss, it's not our turn to bid yet," Mirror Elements whispered to Emperor.

Emperor shrugged and said, "I'm just doing it for fun, it's too boring."

Mirror Elements: "..."

Emperor's bid left everyone at the scene stunned for a few seconds, but fortunately, they didn't forget what they were here to do.

No matter how strong Emperor was, this was an auction, and the highest bidder would win, so others didn't need to be afraid of him.

"18 million!"

Immediately, someone bid higher than Emperor. The bidder was Inky Serpent, who glanced at the Emperor Guild after calling out his bid, seemingly trying to show off.

The Emperor Guild did not react.

"20 million!"

Finally, someone raised the price to 20 million.

Everyone turned their gaze toward the source of the sound and found that the bidder was Blue Water from the Pale Blue Guild.

It was strange – weren't all the elites from the Pale Blue Guild supposed to be clearing the Dragon Abyss? Why was Blue Water here?

"Hey, with the Pale Blue Guild joining the competition, this auction is going to be unusually fierce... It seems we don't have much of a chance." Some players couldn't help but shake their heads and sigh. In his living room, when Leo saw the price reach 20 million, he excitedly threw a fist into the air.

This was a full 20 million! He had never seen so much money in his life! Even if the auction ended now, Leo would be more than satisfied.

"No wonder it's the Pale Blue Guild," Leo shook his head and sighed, "Their brother and sister are really wealthy... It seems I have to cooperate more with them in the future."

"21 million."

Another individual player called out a bid, showing that there were many wealthy people among non-major guilds as well.

"22 million."

Immediately after, a guild ranked 21st on the guild leaderboard called out a bid. The bidder seemed hesitant, indicating that this price was their limit.

"25 million!"

This time, it was Blue Water's bid again. She seemed impatient with others raising the price by one million each time, so she directly added three million.

Suddenly, the entire auction hall became much quieter - 25 million was a watershed, and bidders with a fluke mentality basically gave up when they saw this price.

Many people also left the scene secretly, not knowing what they were up to.

"28 million."

This time, the bidder was Inky Serpent. Looking at his expression, he seemed somewhat anxious.