Dragon Abyss Online:I start selling intelligence after reaching lvMAX

Leo accidentally obtained a chance to enter a global game ten years ahead of time. During these ten years, he practiced hard every day, and finally, on the day he defeated the final boss, the game officially opened. However, he had already achieved all the achievements in the game, obtained the best artifacts, and the rarest divine beasts. What else was there to enjoy? Thus, the greatest intelligence master in the newbie village was born. "Come one, come all, don't miss out! Selling game strategy information, fair prices and no deception for young and old! Hey, miss, I see that you are well-endowed, oh, I mean intelligent. Would you like to buy some information to improve yourself?"

Wind_itself · Fantasy
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Mysterious Financial Group

At this moment, Pale Blue and Mirror Elements sat together, looking at William as if they were looking at a fool...   

"Raising the bid by two million directly, will he actually buy anything?" Mirror Elements frowned.   

Pale Blue said, "Who cares, maybe it's just some clueless person shouting a price. Anyway, this price is far from reaching the auction's upper limit."   

"I just wonder how much Pale Blue is willing to spend to buy this batch of potion?" Mirror Elements asked tentatively.   

Of course, Pale Blue couldn't just tell Mirror Elements directly, so he smiled and said, "You go first."   

"Okay, then I'll be frank," Mirror Elements said, "My guild leader has given me strict orders to buy the potion for him. Even if I have to sell everything, I must buy it."   

Pale Blue nodded and said, "That's interesting because I'm also willing to pay any price to buy the experience potion."