Dragon Abyss Online:I start selling intelligence after reaching lvMAX

Leo accidentally obtained a chance to enter a global game ten years ahead of time. During these ten years, he practiced hard every day, and finally, on the day he defeated the final boss, the game officially opened. However, he had already achieved all the achievements in the game, obtained the best artifacts, and the rarest divine beasts. What else was there to enjoy? Thus, the greatest intelligence master in the newbie village was born. "Come one, come all, don't miss out! Selling game strategy information, fair prices and no deception for young and old! Hey, miss, I see that you are well-endowed, oh, I mean intelligent. Would you like to buy some information to improve yourself?"

Wind_itself · Fantasy
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706 Chs

Intensely competitive leaderboard

"Being squeezed out..." Alexander approached and looked at the ranking board with an unpleasant expression on his face. 

One of his subordinates asked him, "Boss, what should we do now? You were still in the top ten this morning...if we lose our position in the top ten, many clients won't give us tasks anymore."

"Nonsense! Of course I know that!" Alexander scolded his subordinate, annoyed. 

"I told you guys to always pay attention to the changes in the ranking board, to be aware of the gap between the players after the tenth place and me. Are you guys just here for the free meal?"