Dragon Abyss Online:I start selling intelligence after reaching lvMAX

Leo accidentally obtained a chance to enter a global game ten years ahead of time. During these ten years, he practiced hard every day, and finally, on the day he defeated the final boss, the game officially opened. However, he had already achieved all the achievements in the game, obtained the best artifacts, and the rarest divine beasts. What else was there to enjoy? Thus, the greatest intelligence master in the newbie village was born. "Come one, come all, don't miss out! Selling game strategy information, fair prices and no deception for young and old! Hey, miss, I see that you are well-endowed, oh, I mean intelligent. Would you like to buy some information to improve yourself?"

Wind_itself · Fantasy
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I didn't control it well

Being stared at by Master Rio, Leo didn't feel anything, but after looking at Leo for a while, the master furrowed his brows.

"What's wrong, Master? Did he cheat?" The examiner asked anxiously when he saw Master Rio's expression.

Master Rio glanced at the examiner and then looked around. In a low voice, he said, "Very strange."

"What's strange?" The examiner asked, puzzled.

"I can't see through him... even... apart from his public ID, Forest Wind, my True Sight spell can't see any information..." Master Rio sighed.

The examiner exclaimed, "How is that possible?"

However, he quickly realized his voice was too loud. He lowered his tone and spoke to Master Rio, "What should we do now? You can't see anything, and we can't announce the result like this, can we?"

"Just let it be, it's up to you. There's nothing I can do." Master Rio shook his head.