Dracula Reincarnated With A System

In a world dominated by those who worshipped gods and where Vampires are relentlessly hunted... Vlad, a young and feeble vampire, witnesses the brutal massacre of his entire family and clan at the hands of Humans. As despair consumed him, Vlad questioned the unfairness of their plight. "Why are vampires the sole target of persecution? Why is there no one to come to our rescue? Is there truly no God?" Those haunting words become Vlad's final lament before a spear pierced his heart, bringing him to the brink of death. But as his end came near... In the throes of his fading consciousness, a robotic voice resonated within his mind, jolting him back to a semblance of awareness. [Blood Sovereign System activated!] As Vlad's life force waned, a surge of memories flooded his mind, unlocking the hidden truths surrounding his existence. Amidst the fragments of recollection, a single name resonates louder than the rest... "Dracula." ---------------- [[CrimsonWolfAuthor : This story features a Villain protagonist, so read at your own risk. Unlike many other stories in this genre, the female characters here are not brain-dead or damsels in distress, thus the development of the romance between characters and the expansion of harem will take time. The protagonist is not a typical hero; instead, he is an evil villain, and the story follows his rise to power and the journey towards the ultimate goal. The character is complex and nuanced, with a clear motivation for his actions. So don't expect some character development and learning through mistakes. MC is a seasoned veteran and a cunning mastermind from the very beginning.]] ---------------- Note : Character Reference Arts are available in chapter comments and our Discord Group. Discord Link : https://discord.com/invite/ASRdeHfDMX ---------------- Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 10 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 20 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 50 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

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True Reason

The seven Gods of Creation were completely dumbfounded and speechless as they finally saw through the meticulous planning done by Dracula and how everything was part of his plan.

"He prepared fake bodies a long time ago and later, he killed those three and massacred the human race so that we'd bring him to the divine court for a trial.

He also prepared a way to make them his puppets. And since all of us assumed that the original bodies were still in the world of the living, none of us felt threatened by him or expected him to turn tables on us.

He carefully executed this plan without even letting anyone know." elaborated God of Wisdom and continued in an exasperated voice…

"And after our chosen representatives failed to kill him and his forces… he already predicted that we'd have no choice but to approach his people or breach their ranks somehow.

This isn't something that could be achieved on a whim or improvisation.

He must have been planning for this day… from decades!" said the God of Wisdom as he explained the whole ordeal to all the other gods.

"Doesn't that also mean he never planned to fight here alone? He intended to massacre the divine beings in the first place.

It was just like he said… it wasn't us who brought him here. It was him who planned it all along." iterated God of Life.

To his response, the other gods nodded.

"Stop it!" commanded the Goddess of Nature to Dracula she released a tyrannical and unimaginably oppressive aura.

"Why should I? I'm finally having some fun." replied Dracula Von Tepez as he killed a deity with a 100 meter whip made of highly compressed blood that cut off the enemy in half with a single slash.

"Stop it! We will give you Ascension if you stop this massacre!

We will take back our decree and the Vampire race will not be ostracized by any gods or our spokesperson.

You have our word!" exclaimed God of Sentience as he tried to make a deal with the vampire sovereign.

"Not interested." scoffed off Dracula as his volley of blood weapons massacred another group of demi-gods.

"You gods are so ignorant because you sit at the pinnacle. You idiots shouldn't have brought me here.

Did you really think I'd come here without planning my success beforehand?

Why don't you gods try to attack me instead?" spoke Dracula as he openly challenged the gods while his domineering voice resounded in the entire divine court.


The very next moment, the entire battlefield turned silent as all the divine beings present here looked at the seven Gods of Creation with an aghast expression.

"Ha ha ha! Since when were you under the impression that it wasn't part of my plan?

No God can use their power inside the Divine Realm. All of you will have to do it together.

And if you use your full strength or powers… everything present here will perish." declared Dracula as he reveled in this fact that bound the gods in order to protect the divine realm when they created this realm.

"Go back to God's Domain and wait for me there. In the meantime, I will complete the final condition by killing these deities and absorbing their divinity." spoke Dracula with a sinister smile on his face that terrified the enemy side.

"Wait! How about this… we will let you become the ultimate king of the whole world. We won't send any of our chosen warriors or oppose your reign till you're alive.

You just need to stop this massacre." proposed God of Life as he tried to negotiate.

"And why would I accept such a useless offer?

Haven't you heard the saying…" responded Dracula and continued in a mocking voice…

"Why be a King when you can be a God?"

The archaic blue formation kept gathering and absorbing the golden aura aka the divinity from the bodies of the fallen enemies and soon, a massive red orb formed at the center that kept growing in size the more divinity was absorbed.

[Tch! Why did it have to be him to find that spell of all creatures in the world?

At this rate… it won't even take him a couple of hours till he has gathered enough divinity and fulfilled the final condition…

To become a God himself.] cursed God of Sentience as his words were relayed to the other gods.

[If we don't kill him now, he will become a God. And then it will be impossible to get rid of him!] proposed the God of Death who hadn't spoken anything till this point.

[You!... You would love the divine realm getting destroyed and all of them dying, wouldn't you?] asked the God of Life in a condescending tone.

[Hmph! Do you have any better alternatives?

And I don't care if the divine realm gets destroyed or not. It was just a sham created to make the creatures from the world of living worship you.

It's nothing but a house you created and allowed those who worshiped you to enter here in the name of Ascension.

Since I'm one of two with the least worshippers, it is nothing but a useless decoration for me.

Whether the divine realm ceases to exist or not… it won't affect me in any way.] responded the God of Death as he revealed the truth behind the creation of the divine realm itself.

[But given the forbidden spell he is using… we really can't let him become a God.

It took us a lot of effort to kill the creator of that spell. And this Dracula is ever stronger and fiercer than him.] suddenly, the God of Wisdom spoke in an eerie voice.

At the present moment, Dracula and his group of ruffians were done killing 69% of their enemies.

And finally, the gods made a choice.

A mighty voice shook the divine realm as the Gods spoke in unison…

"Dracula Von Tepez… you shall face divine judgment!"