Dracula Reincarnated With A System

In a world dominated by those who worshipped gods and where Vampires are relentlessly hunted... Vlad, a young and feeble vampire, witnesses the brutal massacre of his entire family and clan at the hands of Humans. As despair consumed him, Vlad questioned the unfairness of their plight. "Why are vampires the sole target of persecution? Why is there no one to come to our rescue? Is there truly no God?" Those haunting words become Vlad's final lament before a spear pierced his heart, bringing him to the brink of death. But as his end came near... In the throes of his fading consciousness, a robotic voice resonated within his mind, jolting him back to a semblance of awareness. [Blood Sovereign System activated!] As Vlad's life force waned, a surge of memories flooded his mind, unlocking the hidden truths surrounding his existence. Amidst the fragments of recollection, a single name resonates louder than the rest... "Dracula." ---------------- [[CrimsonWolfAuthor : This story features a Villain protagonist, so read at your own risk. Unlike many other stories in this genre, the female characters here are not brain-dead or damsels in distress, thus the development of the romance between characters and the expansion of harem will take time. The protagonist is not a typical hero; instead, he is an evil villain, and the story follows his rise to power and the journey towards the ultimate goal. The character is complex and nuanced, with a clear motivation for his actions. So don't expect some character development and learning through mistakes. MC is a seasoned veteran and a cunning mastermind from the very beginning.]] ---------------- Note : Character Reference Arts are available in chapter comments and our Discord Group. Discord Link : https://discord.com/invite/ASRdeHfDMX ---------------- Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 10 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 20 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 50 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

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The Vampire

In a world where things such as magic, monsters, elemental creatures, vampires, elves, dwarves, beasts, and even dragons were a part of existence…

A realm full of divine beings, trees and constructs of legends, artifacts that were considered as only myths and entities that ruled the laws of reality, was currently in mayhem.

This realm was what someone could consider 'Heaven' as it was a place where only the peak of everything in existence could be found. But the reason why this heavenly realm was in shambles… was because of one person who had shaken the foundation of the entire world itself.

A hearing court that spanned hundreds of kilometers in radius was occupied by thousands of divine creatures, spirits, demi-gods, deities, and lastly… the seven Gods of Creation.

And at the center of this divine court… was a vampire who had pale white skin, waist-length silver hair, bright red eyes, clad in black and red attire that was befitting of an emperor.

However, this regal-looking vampire was currently entangled by golden glowing chains that emitted a holy aura out of them while their ends were pierced right inside this vampire's body.

His arms, shoulders, legs, chest, abdomen, calves… all of them bled profusely but this vampire's face did not show the slightest expression of pain or agony as if it did not bother him at all.

"Dracula Von Tepez. Do you know why we have shackled you by the divine chains?" asked a godly existence that was seated on a divine throne.

The size of this god spanned for a few kilometers but in reality, it was not even 1% of its true form.

Alongside this god, six more of them were seated on their respective thrones. Yet all of them were focused on the vampire who was as small as an ant's leg to them.

"Arh… who knows. Maybe because you gods have some kinky fetishes?" asked the vampire named Dracula sarcastically.

"Impudence! A lowly creature dares to be rude to the gods? Know your place, animal!" said a goddess who emitted a green divine aura from her body.

"And yet… It took all the gods to conspire, turn people into traitors in order to seal and imprison this creature.

I wonder who's the lowly one." spoke Dracula with a smirk and winked at the goddess.

But before the goddess could retort back, one of the gods who had no face but only a humanoid silhouette spoke in an authoritative tone.

"State your reason, Dracula Von Tepez. Why did you cause such a massacre and push humanity close to extinction?

Wasn't achieving World Domination enough for you?" asked the god who emitted a yellow divine aura.

"Seriously… Do I have to explain my reason to the God of Wisdom?

You guys have really become rusty. Be careful, or these newcomer deities will replace you one day." replied Dracula.

A jolt of divine lightning spread passed through the chains and zapped Dracula on the spot to the point his veins turned black.

"Argh!... Learn to take a joke, would you." said Dracula as he groaned slightly despite having received the damage from divine lightning that was enough to destroy a kingdom in a single strike.

"Extinction you say? Then what about the hundreds of species that became extinct because the humans hunted them down in the past ten thousand years?

I bet none of you bothered to seek justice for them." he stated and continued…

"As for why I wanted to erase humanity?

Isn't it obvious?" asked Dracula and looked at the pantheon of gods as well as deities who sat around the judges of this trial.

"These humans are nothing but greedy creatures who invade someone's territory, call them monsters, and kill them under the mask of bringing peace to the world.

They either massacre or enslave an entire race and call it divine intervention.

They lie, they deceive, and they kill for power and authority. These scums would even kill their own children if it meant gaining what they yearn for the most.

Their unconditional love has conditions. Their devotion demands rewards for it.

All they do is take from the others and call it a righteous deed or rooting out the evil from the world." he recounted his reasons.

"They kill anyone who belongs to a different species. They kill anyone who speaks a different language, has a different skin color or because they were born in a different country.

The past 10 thousand years in this world were ruled over only by humans. And what has happened to it now?

Compared to what they did to this world and countless beings who only lived peacefully or tried to survive in their own ways…

My actions make me look like a saint!" iterated Dracula.

"Nonsense! What you have committed is bringing the world close to its end!

Yet you dare justify your severe crimes against the world itself?!" exclaimed the God at the center of this group.

"Says the God of Sentience who benefitted the most from humanity till this point.

Tell me something…" spoke Dracula.

"If all creatures other than the humans are inherently evil, then what about humans who kill in the name of religion or protecting their people but actually seek riches, territories and resources of their victims?" he asked in a mocking tone.

"In the end, it's just a facade. A lie that they believe to be the divine decree.

So after all they've done to the rest of the creatures of this world… I only pushed them into the same place as we Vampires once were a thousand years ago.

Evidently… my actions will limit their effect on the lifeforms of our world." explained Dracula.

"A lie spoken by a vile monster who caused billions of deaths just because he craved power.

Even an eternity of imprisonment in hell would be a kind punishment for you." said a god whose face was hidden under a hood.

"That would be the best vacation spot for me. Satan and I are actually good friends, you know." replied Dracula with an excited expression.

God of Wisdom then asked in a serious tone.

"Then why did you kill Elven Sage, Dwarven King, and lastly… the Dragon Emperor?

They never harmed other species or even opposed your reign. So why did you kill those three?"

"Ah, those bastards… There's a simple reason." replied Dracula.

At this moment, everyone present in the divine court had their ears and minds focused on the vampire as they all waited for the truth behind the death of three of the most important figures in the world of the living.

But instead of replying… Dracula let out a wide grin. And the very next moment…


A horrendously terrifying aura filled with insurmountable pressure and bloodlust spread across hundreds of kilometers and engulfed the entire divine court under it.

For the first time since they came into existence… even all the gods felt a sense of threat.

Dracula then looked at the goddess who called him a 'lowly creature' not so long ago.

His sinister and wrathful voice that sent shivers under everyone's spine resounded as he revealed the real reason with a wide grin on his face...

"Because they challenged me."