Dracula Reincarnated With A System

In a world dominated by those who worshipped gods and where Vampires are relentlessly hunted... Vlad, a young and feeble vampire, witnesses the brutal massacre of his entire family and clan at the hands of Humans. As despair consumed him, Vlad questioned the unfairness of their plight. "Why are vampires the sole target of persecution? Why is there no one to come to our rescue? Is there truly no God?" Those haunting words become Vlad's final lament before a spear pierced his heart, bringing him to the brink of death. But as his end came near... In the throes of his fading consciousness, a robotic voice resonated within his mind, jolting him back to a semblance of awareness. [Blood Sovereign System activated!] As Vlad's life force waned, a surge of memories flooded his mind, unlocking the hidden truths surrounding his existence. Amidst the fragments of recollection, a single name resonates louder than the rest... "Dracula." ---------------- [[CrimsonWolfAuthor : This story features a Villain protagonist, so read at your own risk. Unlike many other stories in this genre, the female characters here are not brain-dead or damsels in distress, thus the development of the romance between characters and the expansion of harem will take time. The protagonist is not a typical hero; instead, he is an evil villain, and the story follows his rise to power and the journey towards the ultimate goal. The character is complex and nuanced, with a clear motivation for his actions. So don't expect some character development and learning through mistakes. MC is a seasoned veteran and a cunning mastermind from the very beginning.]] ---------------- Note : Character Reference Arts are available in chapter comments and our Discord Group. Discord Link : https://discord.com/invite/ASRdeHfDMX ---------------- Note : Vote for the Novel for extra weekly chapters. 100 Power Stones = 1 Extra Chapter per week 200 Power Stones = 2 Extra Chapters per week 500 Power Stones = 5 Extra chapters per week 10 Golden Tickets = 2 Extra chapters per week 20 Golden Tickets = 3 Extra chapters per week 50 Golden Tickets = 7 Extra chapters per week

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The Sovereign

The entire divine court was dead silent as Dracula finally revealed an unexpected and surprising fact. To everyone present here, all they knew was that he was captured by the seven Gods of Creation through their pawns and then brought to the divine court to hold a trial for his crimes against the world.

But now, another mind-boggling information was revealed to them. That it wasn't the gods, their devotees, or their representatives… but Dracula's own people who betrayed and sealed him in order to get the Ascension to Divinity.

In their world, Ascension to Divinity signified a creature reaching the peak of their existence and species and becoming an entity that transcended beyond their worldly limits. Like how a snake or a carp could become a dragon in some mythologies on earth.

Yet, from his words… It meant that Dracula already knew about this whole plan.

"Did you gods really think you caught me because my people betrayed and sealed me to gain your favor?

I already knew they had turned into traitors." he said with an insidious grin.

"Hubris! Do you think you can outwit the gods? Looks like your pride has gotten into your head.

Just feel yourself lucky that a filthy monster such as you has been brought to this pure and sacred divine realm before his death.

Otherwise, someone like you would've never been able to set a step inside the Divine Realm." said the goddess with a green aura again.

"My my… Goddess of Nature.

What have I ever done to make you treat me so disrespectfully?" asked Dracula in a flirtatious tone.

"You see… I couldn't enter the divine realms by myself so I allowed you to catch me, you morons.

And now… I shall no longer hold back." he said and…


An ear-deafening explosion that shook the entire divine court as well as sent sonic booms and shockwaves in hundreds of kilometers engulfed the entire court and thousands of deities, demi-gods, and divine beings were flung dozens of kilometers back.



As the figure of the main source of this explosion was revealed… Everyone was stunned on the spot.

The divine chains of judgment that previously bound Dracula were shattered in front of their eyes.

"That one stung a little." said Dracula as he stretched his body.

"Alright then. Let's do the main job for which I came here." said the vampire and the very next moment, all the blood-red aura that previously spread across the divine court and had encapsulated thousands of divine beings started returning to its source.

And right before anyone could even react… Thousands of blood weapons such as swords, spears, daggers, poles, halberd, chains, chakram and even whips came to be.

Every single one of these weapons was at least a hundred meters in length alone and had the ability to kill thousands of enemies in an open battle.

All of them appeared behind Dracula who now levitated in the sky and suspended themselves in the air, waiting for the command of their master.

His force of these enormous and deathly weapons emitting immeasurable killing intent floated behind him like a war god looking down upon all the creations.

Dracula's eyes flashed yellow as he looked around the divine court and all the deities who were now alerted and took a defensive stance.

"Get ready all you vermins. I, Dracula Von Tepez, shall be merciful and give you all a swift death!" declared the vampire sovereign who achieved world domination.

"Not only are you impudent… but you greatly overestimate yourself.

Just because you managed to break the divine chains…

Do you think you can fight all of them yourself? You're way too stupid to think that you can win." spoke God of Sentience as he rested his head on the throne, having no sense of worry.

"Let's see how this idiot makes a fool out of himself first." said Goddess of Nature.

Soon, all the Gods and their respective thrones distanced themselves from the divine court and stopped a few hundred kilometers away as if they were awaiting a good show.

"How will you destroy us? By yourself?" scoffed off a deity with six humanoid arms and a head of a lion as he released a purple aura from his body.

Soon, thousands of other deities and demi-gods, each one of who was at least one kilometer in height alone entered in their respective battle modes and revealed their collective divine aura that shook the entire divine realm.

At this point, Dracula was surrounded from all sides and levitated in the center of the divine court. An easy target to pick by them all.

And finally… the vampire decided to speak.

"And who said I'm going to do that by myself?" he said with a benign smile on his face.

And without waiting for any more build-up… he moved both hands and a yellow archaic octagonal formation appeared in front of him.

"Arise, my servants!" he exclaimed and soon, three copies of this archaic formation spread across and stopped 50 kilometers away from him.

"Blood Summoning!!"

Declared Dracula as the formations adjusted themselves and soon, three entities emitting immense magical energy, terrifying aura and absolute dominance appeared through this formation.

Dracula, who used one of his biggest trump cards had an exhilarated expression.

And as the entities he summoned were finally revealed to the divine court…

"Impossible! Preposterous!!

This shouldn't even be possible!"

God of Sentience exclaimed in disbelief.

All the seven gods of creation as well as the remaining divine beings had a flabbergasted expression.

Because the three entities Dracula summoned just now had a deep impact on the world of the living.

One of them was the strongest mage in the world.

The second one was the strongest warrior.

And finally… a massive being who spanned 10 kilometers in width alone, whom even many divine beings were afraid of since he was the most destructive creature of them all, spread his wings wide.

And these entities were none other than…

The Elven Sage, the Dwarven King, and lastly… the Dragon Emperor!

Dracula, the one who killed these three and now somehow even managed to turn them into his puppets, spoke.

His loud voice filled with pure battle intent resounded in the entire divine court as he asked in a mischievous tone…

"Shall we begin?"

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