Movie King Mo Is Known Publicly as The Most Handsome Man

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Jiang Tingxu's mouth twitched a couple of times but refrained from making any comments. She went straight to the side and dealt with it at once.

She cleaned up the patient's wounds, applied medicine, and bandaged them in a series of quick movements... Everything was completed before the patient could even process what was happening.

"Um, doctor, are you done with me?"

"Yes. Don't let the wound come in contact with water for three days, and don't eat either cold or spicy food to avoid inflammation."

"Oh, okay. Thank you, Doctor."

The patient was young and had a school bag beside the bed. From her looks, she was possibly a high school student.

Four more patients' injuries were dealt with after that, and fortunately, they were mostly skin injuries, though some patients had minor fractures.

After the patients with skin injuries had been treated, the ones with fractures had to be sent to do a scan in the CT scan room.


After all that work, her stomach growled, much to her surprise.

She ought to have expected that though since she had used her dinnertime to send the little kid and had no time to eat after that.

Nevertheless, it was impossible for her to eat or order food at that point.


"Are you hungry, Dr. Jiang?"

Uh... Did that woman's hearing have to be that good?

To think that she could hear Jiang Tingxu's rumbling tummy!

By that person's voice alone, Jiang Tingxu recognized it as the woman who kept shaking her to wake her up in the office earlier!

"Are you hungry?"

"A bit."

"You skipped dinner?"

The woman shook her head twice.

"I've eaten, but I'm still hungry. I can't help it. My metabolism is top-notch!"

'Tsk.' The woman looked quite smug.

"I'll treat you to supper when we're done here, but you'll have to introduce me to what's delicious around here."

Some memories were rather distant for Jiang Tingxu. She had completely forgotten about the delicious food in the hospital's vicinity and was unable to recall anything about it. Most importantly however, Mo Boyuan had basically banned her from eating many of those snacks after she married into the family.

Now that she thought about it, she had completely forgotten how they tasted!

On hearing that there would be supper, Qiao Ran hurried closer. "Dr. Jiang, you've come to the right person. I'm the authority among authorities if you want to know what's good around here. Asking me is the best choice you'll ever make!"

The corners of Jiang Tingxu's eyes lit up, and she knew that the woman was rather pleased with herself!

"Okay, it's a deal. Tell me when you're done."

"Okay, okay!"


At another end.

The Tan family villa.

"Why isn't he here yet?"

"How would I know?"

Cao Chi sighed after being called out.

"Would it hurt you to treat me gently, Third Brother? I'm the youngest, so shouldn't you guys take better care of me?"

Evidently, being treated gently was something that eluded him.

"Oh? Does A'Chi wanna be pampered? Sure, sure, no prob!"

'As long as you're able to endure it, it'll be... Satisfaction guaranteed.'

Cao Chi was not an idiot. He could sense something sneaky going on in an instant.

"Forget it. Hey, Second Brother is here."

The Rolls-Royce was parked not too far from the both of them, and once the driver got off the car, a fierce reaction was elicited from the people all around.

"OH GOD! It really is Mo Boyuan!"

The sight of Mo Boyuan caused all the ladies to completely forget whatever etiquette that had been taught to them since young. Each one of them immediately thronged him.

Cao Chi quickly pulled Tang Wei aside so as not to get themselves accidentally injured by those crazy female fans.

The people in the Tan family villa knew who it was as soon as they heard all that ruckus outside. They did not even need to come out and actually look at the scene.

"Boyuan is here, isn't he?" Master Tan asked aloud with a smile.

Tan Yiming was Master Tan's eldest son. Despite the 50-year age gap between father and son, their appearance left no doubt that they were father and son instead of grandfather and grandson. Their handsomeness was unparalleled!

However, the best-looking man in the entire Yun City could only be one person, and that was Mo Boyuan!

That fact should be public knowledge already!