Chapter 48: Plotting the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well

The successors of the Nine-Hearted Sea Begonia will forever be only two individuals, this is an unchangeable fate.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Sect didn't see this as a threat precisely because of this. Because with just two individuals, it was determinedly impossible to form a powerful sect.

But now, Ye Renxin wants the Nine-Hearted Sea Begonia to delve into the Amplification System...

This will directly affect the status of the First Martial Soul of the Assistance System in the Dao of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda! If the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Sect finds out, they will definitely not tolerate such a thing happening!

Think about what the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Sect possesses. As one of the three major forces in the Douluo Continent, it can be considered top-tier. With the current situation where the Martial Soul Temple cannot enshrine, and the Hao Tian Sect is in hiding, the awe-inspiring might of the two Titled Douluos, Sword Douluo and Bone Douluo, makes people tremble with fear even more.

What does Ye Renxin have to counter this?

As long as a little bit of information leaks out, it will invite disaster!

Cheng Xiao twitched at the corner of his mouth, unable to understand why Ye Renxin would do such a dangerous thing.

Could it be because he's nearing the end of his life and wants to take a chance before dying? To give a little shock to the entire Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Sect? It just doesn't make sense!

Isn't he considering Ye Lingling at all? Cheng Xiao's gaze fell on the somewhat bewildered Ye Lingling.

"This... it's possible. But the junior hasn't investigated it and doesn't dare to speculate." Cheng Xiao hesitated for a moment and replied.

It's not that he wants to hide his incompetence, but he really doesn't know.

Acupuncture can stimulate potential and extend life, but without soul power in the previous life, and after coordinating with soul power, he has no idea what effect it can have.

Ye Renxin just proposed a hypothesis, and no one can guarantee if it will really succeed.

"Hmm..." Ye Renxin stroked his beard, his eyes drooping slightly. It seemed doubtful, as if contemplating something.

Dugu Yan felt very puzzled. Ye Renxin is a healing-type Titled Douluo, with eight soul rings under his feet that can't be faked at all. Why would a Titled Douluo seek advice from a teenager over ten years old?

"Let's discuss this after dinner, hahaha, I'm happy today, let's go, old guys, tonight we won't stop until we're drunk!" With Dugu Yan's support, Dugu Bo stood up and invited everyone to the restaurant.

Under Dugu Bo's lead, everyone went to the restaurant and sat down to eat.

The two old men clinked their glasses and reminisced about the past. The topic was completely different from that of the younger generation.

Taking advantage of the opportunity, Dugu Yan poured a glass of fruit wine for Cheng Xiao, with a sly look of probing in her eyes: "Cheng Xiao, what level is your soul power?"

She was still concerned about what the two old men had left Cheng Xiao alone for. She wanted to see what was different about this kid.

"Um, not high." Cheng Xiao blinked cleverly, deftly resolving, "My innate soul power is only at the first level."

Who asked you about innate soul power? Dugu Yan's eyebrows furrowed imperceptibly. This kid is really not honest.

"Then what's your martial soul? Are you planning to enter the Tian Dou Royal Academy with Lingling?"

"My martial soul is a mutated martial soul, but let's not talk about it." Cheng Xiao remained indifferent, "My talent is too poor, I can only go to Moon Pavilion to learn some etiquette."

"Then you..."

Are you here to register for a census? Cheng Xiao quickly turned his head and picked up some food for Ye Lingling, diverting Dugu Yan's attention, "Lingling, eat more."

Ye Lingling nodded shyly and tasted the food gently.

"Is it delicious?"

"Delicious." Ye Lingling nodded with a smile.

Cheng Xiao's face was full of indulgence.

Although Ye Lingling was a few years older, she had few friends since childhood, was introverted, and lacked experience in socializing. When the two of them were together, Cheng Xiao acted like a protective older brother.

Seeing this, Dugu Yan felt slightly annoyed. The obvious differential treatment made her resentful, especially since she had been adored by countless people since childhood. She had never been ignored like this before.

At school, who wouldn't listen to her commands? Even Yu Tianheng of the Blue Tyrant Dragon Sect obeyed her every word. Yet this kid acted like a blockhead, not even sparing her a glance, with his eyes only on Ye Lingling.

Feeling a chill beside her, Cheng Xiao wasn't a fool; how could he not sense it?

Cheng Xiao was also helpless. He wanted to get along well with Dugu Yan, especially since she had a grandfather who was a Titled Douluo. But look at the questions this girl was asking, all about things he needed to temporarily conceal. If she kept asking, he didn't know how many excuses he would have to make up.

This emotional intelligence... it's only because of having a Titled Douluo for a grandfather; otherwise, he'd definitely have no friends!

He really didn't understand how Yu Tianheng could tolerate her.

On one hand, there was a chill, and on the other, there was tenderness, like being caught between fire and ice.

Cheng Xiao sighed softly, thankful it was just for today; otherwise, he might offend her. Just endure it, and it will pass.

"These toxins accumulated over the past ten years should have caused unbearable pain. Why is it that when I see you today, you don't seem to have any major issues? Could it be that someone has helped you treat them?" Ye Renxin took a sip of wine, bringing up Dugu Bo's condition.

"Haha, you don't know, I came across a good place!" Dugu Bo said, putting down his wine glass, his eyebrows raised with pride.

Cheng Xiao, who was juggling between the two girls, heard this and was instantly drawn in. If he wasn't mistaken...

Ye Renxin lowered his eyes, smiling silently, waiting for Dugu Bo to continue.

Dugu Bo teased them a bit, but seeing Ye Renxin not taking the bait, he continued, "I encountered a strange place a few years ago. There was a spring there, half of it was as fiery as magma from the earth's core, and the other half was as cold as the farthest reaches of the north. Quite peculiar."

Indeed, it was the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well!

Cheng Xiao's eyes flashed, calculating in his mind how to plan things out so he could obtain the Immortal Grass without arousing Dugu Bo's suspicion.

"For some reason, the area around that place was filled with various herbs that I didn't recognize, but they surprisingly had a suppressing effect on the toxins in my body. Later, I settled down nearby and often practiced to suppress the toxins by that spring. That's also why you didn't receive any letters from me. You wouldn't have found me at this mansion."

"Oh? There's such a unique place?" Ye Renxin was slightly surprised.

"Hahaha, I'll take you to see it another day. I guarantee you'll be amazed. I've turned that place into an herbal garden. The poisonous herbs planted there mature in just a month! It's quite bizarre!"

"Senior, may I accompany senior to see it?" Cheng Xiao seized the opportunity to speak up.

"You? No, no." Slightly intoxicated, Dugu Bo waved his hand, smiling, "You wouldn't be able to handle it. Your strength is too weak, even Yan Yan hasn't been there. If you're not careful, problems could arise."

"Senior underestimates me?" Cheng Xiao poured a glass of wine for Dugu Bo, "Since I proposed to see it, naturally I know the situation there. Senior can rest assured, I'm well aware."

"Hahaha, what could you possibly know? You've only heard me mention it once; you have no idea how terrifying it is there. Where does this confidence come from? It's better for children not to boast." Dugu Bo laughed heartily and patted Cheng Xiao's back, thinking he was just a greenhorn, not afraid of tigers.

"Adults speak, children should be obedient and not interrupt." Dugu Yan was already slightly resentful, and now seeing him insist on going, she rolled her eyes, "If I can't go, what can you do?"

It looks like it's time to throw out some valuable information.

Ignoring her, Cheng Xiao looked at Dugu Bo and Ye Renxin, "Senior, Elder Ye, do you happen to know what this spring is called?"

Dugu Bo and Ye Renxin exchanged a glance, both detecting a hint of surprise in each other's eyes.

Both of them were old and cunning, clearly understanding Cheng Xiao's implied meaning. Thinking of what Cheng Xiao had demonstrated before and his mature demeanor, he wasn't the kind of person who boasted.

"Oh? You know?"

Setting down their wine glasses simultaneously, Dugu Bo and Ye Renxin became slightly more serious, waiting for Cheng Xiao to continue.