Douluo: The Way Of Martial Arts

This is a translation. "A descendant of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, Gu Yi, finds himself transported into the world of Douluo Continent, where he awakens to the martial spirit most familiar to him from his past life. Will he be able to leverage his own advantages and dominate the continent? Which is stronger, martial arts or spirit skills? Will he assist characters such as the arrogant Phoenix Ma Hongjun, the carefree White Tiger Dai Mubai, the Asura God Tang San, the threatening Ning Rongrong, and the willful Xiao Wu in becoming exemplary figures of the new era? It remains to be seen."

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108 Chs

Chapter 75: Domain Skill

Flames ignited within his body, rapidly consuming all the surrounding spiritual energy. Simultaneously, Gu Yi felt his martial spirit—his meridians—being reshaped. The injuries on his body began to heal, and even the blood on his skin evaporated. His clothes, hair, and eyebrows were burned away, leaving his body in a state that was even better than before.

Suddenly, a gust of wind made him feel a sudden chill. Gu Yi had anticipated this and quickly put on some clothes, though his bald head couldn't be restored promptly. The crucial task now was to handle the spirit ring.

Looking at the black spirit ring hovering in the air, Gu Yi knew the mission was half complete. Now, he just needed to absorb it.

Dugu Bo flew over, knowing that the spirit beast's strength rivaled that of a hundred-thousand-year-old spirit beast. He realized Gu Yi's victory depended on a powerful spirit skill; otherwise, winning would have been impossible. Absorbing such a spirit ring was incredibly risky.

"Don't worry, I've got this," Gu Yi reassured Dugu Bo confidently.

Given his current resilience, he could absorb it. If not, he wouldn't have been able to withstand a Titled Douluo's power. His spiritual power was likely stronger than Dugu Bo's, and he felt the evil energy in the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger might react chemically with his demonic seed. He had sensed it during the fight.

"Be cautious. I'll stand guard," Dugu Bo offered.

Gu Yi sat before the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger's corpse and began to guide the spirit ring into his body. The immense energy made him grunt in pain but remained within his tolerance.

The energy circulated wildly within him, transforming into his soul power, and he quietly broke through the sixtieth-level barrier. In his mental sea, the evil energy spread but was drawn toward the demonic seed in the center, it was then absorbed into it, making it grow larger. However, this could potentially influence Gu Yi if it grew too strong.

Despite this, he continued to absorb the spirit ring. There was no soul shock from the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger, likely because its soul was in that black pearl.

The process lasted nearly three hours, due to the enormous energy contained within the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger. His body attributes was significantly improved, especially his strength. Re-condensing the spiritual energy would further boost his power.

Unfortunately, he didn't obtain any spirit bones from the Dark Demon Evil God Tiger. Still, the growing influence of the demonic seed was becoming a severe concern.

If not suppressed, he could succumb to it, becoming another person, potentially an evil soul master, as extreme as Bibi Dong.

While Gu Yi struggled with the evil thoughts, a figure in the distant God Realm observed him.

"It is quite unexpected to find such an interesting person on the Douluo Continent," remarked the God Of Evil, his's eyes piercing through the clouds to view Gu Yi.

"Have you found a promising candidate?" asked the Goddess Of Kindness, approaching him.

"He has only taken the first step. The hardest part is yet to come," the God Of Evil replied. "Whether he succeeds depends on his fortune."

Bored of the static God Realm, the God Of Evil hoped for a successor. If someone worthy appeared, he could finally leave.

"Don't think you can leave alone. I need to find my successor too," the Goddess Of Kindness said, rushing off to begin her own search.


Meanwhile, Yu Xiaogang, also affected by the demonic cultivation method, felt an intense surge of evil thoughts, altering his gentle scholar demeanor to a sinister aura. His spiritual power had also increased drastically.


Gu Yi, relying on his willpower, managed to suppress the evil thoughts. This experience gave him new insights into his future plans.

Dugu Bo, noticing Gu Yi had finished absorbing the spirit ring, approached, eager to see the new powerful ability gained.

Gu Yi inspected his sixth spirit skill.

"Unbelievable!" He was surprised. Instead of a spirit bone, he acquired something even rarer—a domain.

Moreover, his third and sixth spirit rings seemed to enhance each other.

The sixth spirit skill, Evil Domain, could provoke evil thoughts within its range, weaken enemies, and imbue his attacks with evil power.

This domain, which was not just a spirit skill, was invaluable. Its power was beyond ordinary comprehension.

"Old Poison, feel this," Gu Yi said.

The sixth spirit ring lit up, and a gray aura spread, covering several dozen meters. Within this area, Dugu Bo felt evil thoughts flooding his mind, his suppressed desires surfacing, and his power weakening.

Gu Yi retracted the domain after the demonstration.

"What a terrifying spirit skill," Dugu Bo remarked, still shaken.

This ability was like a devil's temptation. Gu Yi was quite pleased with the domain, which could grow still stronger over time. He thought of combining it with his third spirit skill for potential synergy.

Overall, his power had greatly increased, and his spiritual strength had significantly improved.

(End Of Chapter)