Douluo: The Way Of Martial Arts

This is a translation. "A descendant of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, Gu Yi, finds himself transported into the world of Douluo Continent, where he awakens to the martial spirit most familiar to him from his past life. Will he be able to leverage his own advantages and dominate the continent? Which is stronger, martial arts or spirit skills? Will he assist characters such as the arrogant Phoenix Ma Hongjun, the carefree White Tiger Dai Mubai, the Asura God Tang San, the threatening Ning Rongrong, and the willful Xiao Wu in becoming exemplary figures of the new era? It remains to be seen."

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Chapter 71: Qian Renxue, You Don't Want To Expose Your Identity, Right?

Tianwen Academy

"Brother Yi, is this true? Is it really true?" Oscar and Ma Hongjun couldn't believe it at all. Nowadays, earning gold spirit coins was so easy. They could get a hundred thousand just for getting injured.

The Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect was simply outrageous. No wonder Ning Rongrong was so arrogant and domineering before. If they also lived in such a wealthy sect, they wouldn't be any better than Ning Rongrong, or even worse.

"This is the last time."

Three strikes, and if his bottom line was truly touched, even if he had to risk all his cultivation, he would make the two pillars of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect disappear.

Gu Yi's unmasked killing intent made everyone understand that he wasn't just talking. But did he have the ability?

"Bold!" Xue Qinghe stood on the side, secretly admiring Gu Yi's courage. In this world, anyone who dared to say such things to Ning Fengzhi must be incredibly bold, even Emperor Xue Ye himself wouldn't dare.

Ning Fengzhi showed no change on the surface, as if he hadn't been threatened just now.

"Dean Gu, please rest assured, this won't happen again. Please continue to teach Rongrong well."

In the end, Ning Fengzhi actually bowed to Gu Yi. This move shocked both Gu Rong and Qian Renxue.

Even Gu Yi was taken aback. Was this the aura of a sect master?

Gu Yi realized that he had underestimated Ning Fengzhi. But it was understandable. Being able to keep two Titled Douluos willingly in the sect must speak volumes about his personal charisma.

"Everyone will be treated equally." Gu Yi would not deliberately target a certain person, just like Tang San before. Even though he felt disgusted in his heart, he did not target him in teaching.

This was the same for everyone. No discrimination based on personal preferences.

Ning Fengzhi looked into Gu Yi's eyes. With his vast experience in reading people, he could see a lot even just from a person's eyes. This statement was not a lie.

"So I'll leave it to you." Ning Fengzhi left along with Gu Rong, and Qian Renxue naturally followed suit.

"It seems like today's task is going to increase again." Gu Yi looked at the now more dilapidated academy and said to everyone.

"Remember, during this time, you cannot use spirit power." They needed to temper their hearts. Growth in strength didn't necessarily mean growth in character. Becoming a slave to power harmed both oneself and others.

More importantly, profound martial arts, if not matched with a strong heart, could lead one astray.

Gu Yi now regretted teaching Zhu Zhuqing advanced martial arts too early. Fortunately, her years of experience had made her mind relatively resilient. She hadn't been too influenced by the martial arts. But there was still some influence.

Gu Yi didn't stayed in the academy for long. After all, he hadn't seen his old friends in many years and naturally needed to catch up with them.

He just wondered if Qian Renxue would be surprised to see him or would want to kill him. Gu Yi was quite curious to see this scene.

With his current strength, sneaking into the Prince's Mansion was simply too easy. Now, both Snake Lance and the Porcupinefish were by Qian Renxue's side. He had almost no obstacles in coming to Xue Qinghe's office.

Sitting on a chair, Gu Yi lazily flipped through the reports on the desk. But after reading a few, he found it boring. They were all just trivial matters, with no substantial content.

Xue Qinghe didn't return to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect with Ning Fengzhi. After bidding farewell to Ning Fengzhi, she returned to the Prince's Mansion.

"Be careful, there's someone inside." Snake Lance hid nearby and transmitted the message to Qian Renxue.

Qian Renxue paused for a moment, then resumed her natural demeanor. As the future heir of the Heaven Dou Empire, she had dealt with countless assassins and spies over the years. But she hadn't expected someone to come today.

Qian Renxue pushed open the door and was stunned. She hadn't expected Gu Yi to come here.

"Dean Gu, it's not polite to enter without prior notice." She said, then turned around and closed the door.

"If you really are Xue Qinghe, then I will apologize for the intrusion. But are you?" Gu Yi sat in the position where Xue Qinghe should have been, looking at the still-calm Qian Renxue with a smile on his face.

"What do you mean, Dean Gu? If I'm not Xue Qinghe, then who am I?"

Both Porcupinefish and Snake Lance were prepared in the shadows, ready to take down Gu Yi at any moment.

"Is that so? Qian Renxue!"

Just these five words instantly made the atmosphere tense. And both Porcupinefish and Snake Lance instantly revealed themselves.

"If you really want to take action, make sure you're able to kill me instantly, otherwise your young master's identity will be exposed."

Gu Yi was not flustered at all. In fact, if you wanted to control someone, you had to find their Achilles' heel, and strike where it hurts. Without a doubt, Qian Renxue's Achilles' heel was her identity as Xue Qinghe.

After lurking for so many years, the importance of this identity to her was self-evident.

"Stand down." Qian Renxue ordered the two of them to back off. Although she didn't know how Gu Yi found out, judging by his current performance, he didn't intend to expose her. Otherwise, her identity would have been exposed long ago.

"Change back to your original appearance. You look really awkward like this." Gu Yi frowned at the appearance of this form, feeling somewhat uncomfortable.

Qian Renxue hesitated for a moment, took a few steps forward, and then transformed into her original appearance, becoming a stunning blonde beauty standing in front of Gu Yi.

"Well, you look much better now. You're even more beautiful than a few years ago." Gu Yi nodded in satisfaction. It had to be said that Qian Renxue was more charming now than she was a few years ago.

"What did I do wrong?" Qian Renxue ignored Gu Yi's praise, feeling puzzled. According to reason, it was impossible for anyone to see through her disguise.

"Nothing can escape my eyes." Qian Renxue was speechless. What's the difference between saying that and not saying anything?

But she also knew that Gu Yi didn't want to say, so she didn't continue to ask. The relationship between them relied on letters. Delving too deep was not a good thing.

"What do you want with me?"

"Do you remember what happened before?" Gu Yi looked at Qian Renxue, extremely serious.

"Of course, if you win, I'll listen to you. But if I win, then you..."

Gu Yi smiled and interrupted her, "Don't worry, I won't regret my decision."

Looking at Gu Yi's confident appearance, Qian Renxue couldn't understand how he planned to snatch the championship from the Martial Spirit Hall which not only selected talents from all across the world but also had the golden generation, when he couldn't even gather enough participants from his's academy.

Unless he went up himself. But that was impossible.

"I am really looking forward to your performance."

"Now that it's settled, I'll leave. I won't have to send letters to the Martial Spirit Hall in the future." Gu Yi finished speaking and left without a trace.

"Snake Lance, Porcupinefish, can you see through my true identity?" Qian Renxue returned to her original appearance and asked.

The two shook their heads in unison, unable to see through it. If not for the fact that they knew about the disguise in advance, they wouldn't be able to tell at all.

Qian Renxue looked at the place where Gu Yi had just sat, her eyes deep. She had underestimated Gu Yi.

(End of chapter)