Douluo: The Way Of Martial Arts

This is a translation. "A descendant of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, Gu Yi, finds himself transported into the world of Douluo Continent, where he awakens to the martial spirit most familiar to him from his past life. Will he be able to leverage his own advantages and dominate the continent? Which is stronger, martial arts or spirit skills? Will he assist characters such as the arrogant Phoenix Ma Hongjun, the carefree White Tiger Dai Mubai, the Asura God Tang San, the threatening Ning Rongrong, and the willful Xiao Wu in becoming exemplary figures of the new era? It remains to be seen."

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Chapter 68: Establishing A New Academy

Dugu Yan glanced at him without hesitation.

"Definitely." A single word was enough to express everything.

Gu Yi also smiled as he looked at her. The two walked side by side on the street, the handsome man and the beautiful woman appearing especially well-matched. Dugu Yan also enjoyed this kind of life very much.

"I'll take you to meet your future classmates."

Gu Yi then took Dugu Yan to the inn where Zhu Zhuqing and others were staying. None of them wen out, as they were still tired from the journey.

When Gu Yi and Dugu Yan walked into their view side by side, everyone was shocked. Especially Oscar and Ma Hongjun, they had never seen Gu Yi getting close to any woman in these years. Only Zhu Zhuqing was a bit closer to him.

It turned out that he had already secretly found someone.

Now Dugu Yan was twenty years old, the perfect age for a woman. Especially since she was also a spirit master, her body was more mature than the average woman, coupled with those straight and slender legs. For these young men, the temptation was irresistible.

"Brother Yi, you really deserve it." Oscar gave Gu Yi a thumbs up.

Dugu Yan also noticed the gazes of these people and finally focused on Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong. She had to admit, both of them were extremely beautiful. Especially the girl in the black leather jacket, her figure was so good it was almost illegal.

"Introduce yourself." Gu Yi nudged Dugu Yan's arm and said. This action was again overinterpreted by the students.

"Hello, I'm Dugu Yan. Martial Spirit: Jade Phosphor Serpent, Level 45 Battle Spirit Master."

Everyone took a deep breath, realizing that Gu Yi's claim to win the championship wasn't just boasting. With still over a year before the competition started, if Dugu Yan could advance a few more levels, she might even reach the strength of a Spirit King before the competition began.

Dugu Yan immediately struck up a conversation with the two girls. After all, girls always had more topics to talk about with each other, and Gu Yi and the others didn't have the privilege of listening.

Girls' little secrets.

Finding Dugu Yan was just the first step. He hadn't even gathered all seven participants for the competition yet, nor had he seen the shadow of the academy. There was too much to do.

He would need Dugu Bo's help next. As an elder here, Dugu Bo was even more familiar with Heaven Dou City than he was.

Taking out a piece of green snake scale from the spirit guidance device, Gu Yi didn't bother anymore. Feeling the aura of his own scale, Dugu Bo would naturally come over.

Xue Qinghe, also known as Qian Renxue, in the prince's residence, had also received the news and knew that Gu Yi had come to Heaven Dou City. But seeing the information on the report, she was not calm. Since you've come, don't think about leaving so easily.

Qian Renxue looked at the well-hidden secret chamber behind her, which was very suitable for living.

But considering that this time there were not only Gu Yi, but also several people from Shrek Academy, including the daughter of Xue Qinghe's teacher. It's also a good time to ask the teacher for advice, and it's time to visit the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Sect.

The hidden Snake Spear and Porcupinefish looked at each other, what could they do?

Gu Yi didn't know how much Qian Renxue valued him, planning to lock him up in the secret chamber. If he knew, he would probably say, "The apple doesn't fall far from the tree."


Dugu Bo hadn't returned to Heaven Dou City yet when he felt the aura of his snake scale. He was surprised and flew towards the aura.

He had only given out two snake scales, one was in Gu Yi's hand and other in Dugu Yan's hand. Although they were both his snake scales, there were subtle differences in their auras.

Dugu Bo was now also puzzled, just like his granddaughter before.

"It really is you." Dugu Bo looked at Gu Yi standing on the balcony, surprised, and flew to his side.

"Help me with the procedures for the Advanced Academy. I want to participate in the next Continental Advanced Spirit Master Competition. Only you can help me with this." Gu Yi went straight to the point, without beating around the bush.

"Can't Flender do this kind of thing too?" Dugu Bo was puzzled, after all, although Flender was weaker than him, he was still a Spirit Douluo-level spirit master. There shouldn't be any problem with the Advanced Soul Master Academy.

A hint of pain flashed in Gu Yi's eyes. How could feelings built over fifteen years be so easily severed?

"This time is different. I plan to establish a new academy." Dugu Bo was quite insightful and understood the hidden message in Gu Yi's words. Gu Yi and Flender had fallen out.

"No problem, leave it to me." Dugu Bo waved his hand and directly took over the matter. This was not a difficult task.

There were few Titled Douluo that could be mobilized in the hands of the two empires. Naturally, they would not let him, who had no faction, lean towards the other side.

"What's the name of the academy?" Dugu Bo asked.

Gu Yi fell into thought. He had really overlooked this question.

The name... the name? Looking at the white clouds and the blue sky in the sky, a name came to mind, never to dissipate from then on.

"Tianwen, Tianwen Academy(Astronomy Academy)."

"Give me three days."

Gu Yi looked in the direction Dugu Bo had left, finally taking this step. After solving the matters here, he should set off to obtain the sixth spirit ring. This would be his last spirit ring before he obtained his Martial Spirit True Body, and he had to be extremely careful.

He already had his target.

The Dark Demon Evil God Tiger in the forest. Although this spirit beast was not a hundred-thousand-year spirit beast, its strength was no weaker than that of a hundred-thousand-year spirit beast. It not only possessed various attributes but also had a treasure. If he could obtain the spirit ring of the Dark Devil Evil God Tiger, his strength would definitely skyrocket.

Dugu Bo was truly a Title Douluo. He had completed everything in three days, and during that time Dugu Yan had become friends with the other five. She even took on the role of the eldest sister, quite domineering.

At the same time, Ning Fengzhi, Bone Douluo, and Xue Qinghe were rushing towards them.

Qian Renxue had been looking forward to meeting Gu Yi again all along. Even though she had tried her best to increase her cultivation time in these years, she still hadn't reached the level of a Spirit Saint. At most, her strength could only be comparable to that of an ordinary peak Spirit Saint, unlike Gu Yi, who was so abnormal that he could fight Titled Douluo with the strength of spirit king.

No one knew that when Gu Yi fought, he didn't use only spirit power, but more importantly, the power of heavens and earth.

That's why he had such formidable strength.

(End of Chapter)