Douluo: The Way Of Martial Arts

This is a translation. "A descendant of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, Gu Yi, finds himself transported into the world of Douluo Continent, where he awakens to the martial spirit most familiar to him from his past life. Will he be able to leverage his own advantages and dominate the continent? Which is stronger, martial arts or spirit skills? Will he assist characters such as the arrogant Phoenix Ma Hongjun, the carefree White Tiger Dai Mubai, the Asura God Tang San, the threatening Ning Rongrong, and the willful Xiao Wu in becoming exemplary figures of the new era? It remains to be seen."

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Chapter 65: Falling Apart

Tang San hesitated in thought.

Gu Yi naturally wouldn't speak lies, and although it wasn't he who actively gave it to the teacher. But it was more or less the same.

Moreover, now, as a model of respecting teachers and following the path of righteousness, what else could Tang San say? Moreover, it was the truth.

"It was me who gave it."

Gu Yi also struck out with a palm, attempting to abolish the power he had cultivated.

But Tang Hao, hiding in the dark, couldn't bear to watch anymore. This was his and Ah Yin's son. Although he rarely cared about Tang San, he was still his flesh and blood. Daring to touch his son, he had crossed the line.

A tremendously huge hammer smashed towards Gu Yi. If he insisted on continuing to attack Tang San, Gu Yi would undoubtedly be attacked by Tang Hao's hammer.

The power of this blow was even stronger than the previous true form of the golden dragon. Naturally, Gu Yi wouldn't be so reckless and directly retreated.

Tang Hao's hammer struck the ground fiercely, creating a deep pit.

Gu Yi also turned his gaze towards Tang Hao, who was approaching rapidly.

"My son, Tang Hao's son, is someone you can't touch." Tang Hao, hidden under his black robe, was incredibly domineering, looking down on everything as if nothing mattered to him.

"Finally coming out." Gu Yi naturally sensed Tang Hao's aura, which had been outside the academy all along.

Tang San, on the other hand, looked shocked at the sudden appearance of his father.


The same scruffy beard, the same figure, but with an unprecedented aura of dominance. At the same time, he could feel the power of Tang Hao's hammer, which was much stronger than his own Clear Sky Hammer.

This was the true prestige of the world's number one offensive martial spirit.

"With this appearance, you should rest well instead of trying to fight me." Gu Yi clearly sensed that Tang Hao's injuries were worse now than when he had first encountered him. It seemed that his old injuries had recurred after his battle with Sword Douluo.

"It's won't be a problem to win over a junior like you." Tang Hao remained arrogant, of course, he had the qualifications to be arrogant.

Not only was he the youngest Titled Douluo in the world, but he was also able to fight against several Titled Douluos with his strength alone at level ninety-five. After becoming a Titled Douluo, he even severely injured the former Pope, who was already a Titled Douluo, giving Bibi Dong a chance. With such strength, arrogance was not unwarranted.

However, arrogance should have its limits.

"Is that so? How will you fight me in that condition?"

Perhaps he wasn't a match for Tang Hao in his prime, but right now Tang Hao might not be able to take him down either.

Even if Tang Hao had his divine technique, the Great Sumeru Hammer. He also had his own last-resort move.

But Gu Yi was still very interested in this divine technique, which could transformed the spirit ring system into user's own power. By condensing the power of spirit rings into one, the user's strength could be multiplied several times, making the existence of spirit skills irrelevant at that point.

One hammer to destroy everything. Truly breaking through all methods with brute force.

However, considering Tang Hao's current condition, using this move might kill him before he killed the enemy. Tang Hao knew that what Gu Yi said was not wrong. His current level of strength, at level ninety-five, would not be able to inflict too much damage. Once he used even stronger power, he might not be able to hold on.

"What do you want?" Tang Hao compromised; preserving his strength was the most important thing now.

Not only did he need to protect Tang San, but he also needed to take care of Xiao Wu, the hundred-thousand-year spirit beast. And individuals who could recognize a hundred-thousand-year spirit beast were Titled Douluos. Without strength, nothing could be achieved.

Gu Yi looked at Tang Hao, not wanting to break up now. A rabbit may bite when it's cornered, let alone Tang Hao, who was not a rabbit but a fierce tiger.

Gu Yi suddenly remembered what he had promised Lin Qing before and transmitted his thoughts to Tang Hao using his spiritual power.

Tang Hao's eyes widened suddenly, not understanding how Gu Yi knew about this.

"If you disagree, let's just fight."

Gu Yi didn't care about Tang Hao's attitude at all. For him, this was just an additional condition.

Tang Hao's eyes darkened, the Blue Silver King's presence was the key to awakening his son's Blue Silver Emperor bloodline.

Gu Yi asking this question clearly indicated that he had intentions regarding the Blue Silver Emperor, but if he didn't tell him, a battle was inevitable.

After watching the previous battle, Tang Hao could feel that Gu Yi still had strength left to unleash. He had never panicked. This was definitely not an attitude that someone who had revealed all his strength could maintain.

Tang Hao also didn't want to face a powerful and unknown enemy now. He somewhat regretted why he hadn't properly recuperated his body and restored his strength over the past decade or so. A genius of his generation was actually being threatened by a teenager who hadn't even turned sixteen.

The aura around Gu Yi surged, as if reminding him of something.


Tang Hao told Gu Yi the whereabouts of the Blue Silver King. After all, even without this Blue Silver King, there would be another one. It was best to get through the current predicament first before discussing anything else.

Having obtained what he wanted, Gu Yi kept his promise not to touch Tang San again. The gap between Tang San and him was too great; even if he harbored hatred towards him, he couldn't catch up to him.

Gu Yi looked back at the Shrek Academy he had built for several years and smiled with relief. This wasn't his end, but a new beginning. From the beginning, he had been wrong. Some things, no matter how much they changed, were futile.

With a carefree turn, he firmly walked towards the outside. From today onwards, he would truly integrate into this world. If one simply tried to change this world with their knowledge from a previous life, it would all be in vain.

Watching the direction Gu Yi left in, Oscar seemed to make a decision. He bowed deeply to Flender and then followed without looking back. For him, Gu Yi was undoubtedly the one who brought him a new life.

Next was Ma Hongjun. Flender had helped him awaken his martial spirit and brought him to Shrek Academy. As such, he was extremely grateful to Flender. But Gu Yi was equally good to him, not only arranging for him to practice martial arts but also continuously helping him control the Evil Fire.

Moreover, after this incident, as long as it involved Yu Xiaogang, Flender could even give up on Gu Yi, with whom he had a relationship of more than ten years and was his adopted son. As such, he would be willing to give up on them as well.

Next was Ning Rongrong. She came here originally just for fun, to escape from the clan. Now, she had an additional goal, to learn from Gu Yi and create her own spirit skill, increasing her own combat power. A support-type spirit master who doesn't know how to fight is not a good support.

Zhu Zhuqing had wanted to follow Gu Yi when he left, but she glanced discreetly at Dai Mubai beside her.

Caught in a dilemma.

Looking at the almost disappearing figures, gritting her teeth, she quickly followed. She was gambling that by Gu Yi's side, she could truly escape the control of her family and the royal family and gain true freedom.

Dai Mubai looked at Zhu Zhuqing, his face grim. This despicable woman was really audacious. After hesitating for a moment, Dai Mubai also followed. Not only because of Zhu Zhuqing, the woman who could perform martial spirit fusion with him, but also because he wanted to learn more from Gu Yi.

In the end, the Shrek Seven Devils were left with only Tang San and Xiao Wu.

A farce had caused Shrek Academy to fall apart.

(End of Chapter)