Douluo: The Way Of Martial Arts

This is a translation. "A descendant of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners, Gu Yi, finds himself transported into the world of Douluo Continent, where he awakens to the martial spirit most familiar to him from his past life. Will he be able to leverage his own advantages and dominate the continent? Which is stronger, martial arts or spirit skills? Will he assist characters such as the arrogant Phoenix Ma Hongjun, the carefree White Tiger Dai Mubai, the Asura God Tang San, the threatening Ning Rongrong, and the willful Xiao Wu in becoming exemplary figures of the new era? It remains to be seen."

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Chapter 62: Martial Spirit Fusion

Everyone never expected things to develop so quickly. It was beyond everyone's expectations.

Now, except for Gu Yi, Flender, and Yu Xiaogang, no one else knew what was recorded in the papers. Everyone else was completely confused. Including Tang San, who had only seen one page, he also only knew that the paper recorded the Tranquility Technique.

As for what else was there, no one knew.

Gu Yi looked at Liu Erlong, who exuded a murderous aura, with a smile. It was indeed domineering. It seemed that her cultivation as a Spirit Saint had made her too confident. But this woman was really so sentimental and brainless. She could still do this for a coward who had been running and hiding for twenty years. However, it seems that she picked the wrong person.

"Even if Xiaogang took something from you, it's also for the sake of all spirit masters in the world. Let's call it quits for the sake of Boss Flender's face, okay?" Liu Erlong said, with a flame dragon phantom appearing behind her, surrounded by seven spirit rings, hovering around her. Manifesting her strength.

"Is this a threat?" Gu Yi really wanted to see how far Liu Erlong wanted to go. This would also determine the extent of his intervention.

"It depends on how you choose." Liu Erlong looked at Gu Yi indifferently. If they were in the wilderness, Gu Yi would have been lying on the ground by now.

"Do you really think threatening people is the most effective..." Everyone present, except Flender, barely saw Gu Yi's movements, but everyone heard his words. Suddenly, a person's body floated in the air.

"Gu Yi!" Flender never expected things to escalate so quickly. It had already reached the point of physical confrontation. He looked at Liu Erlong, who was being choked by Gu Yi, and exclaimed urgently.

The others were even more shocked to see Gu Yi, who was calm and composed, choking someone's neck as if it were a casual matter. It seemed like tyranny and gentleness had merged together.

"Dean, you should understand that this matter cannot be resolved peacefully." Gu Yi faced Flender directly, using one hand to completely suppress Liu Erlong, preventing her from even using her spirit power. Apart from having a powerful physique, she was no different from an ordinary woman.

"Let her go." Flender did not respond to Gu Yi's words, but looked at Gu Yi vigilantly. Gu Yi was somewhat disappointed. Flender had witnessed his growth over the years, and although he might not fully understand his ambitions, he still understood some of them. Naturally, he understood the seriousness of the situation, but even so, he still chose to stop him.

Gu Yi tossed Liu Erlong to the ground like a rag, showing no mercy even though she was a woman.

Liu Erlong, who had experienced life and death, quickly got up after being thrown to the ground and stood in front of Flender, firmly blocking Yu Xiaogang behind her.

"Boss Flender, where did you find this monster? His speed is incredible." Liu Erlong looked at Gu Yi warily. The speed just now was too fast. It felt like a gust of wind had blown by, and she had lost control.

Gu Yi was definitely stronger than anyone she had ever encountered.

"Gu Yi, what do you plan to do?" Flender asked. At this point, only his words still had some effect. The feelings of adoption and nurturing were still there.

"I'll erase his memory of Shrek and cripple his martial spirit." Gu Yi still intended to leave a way out. After so many years of relationship, he didn't want to completely break with Flender over a small Yu Xiaogang.

"Impossible, don't even think about it." Liu Erlong was the first to disagree. No one understood Xiaogang's desire for strength better than her. If his martial spirit was crippled, he would have no hope left.

"Boss Flender, even if he is strong, as long as we can use the martial spirit fusion technique, and now that you have already broken through to the Spirit Douluo level, the power after fusion will only be stronger. Even a Titled Douluo can be fought against." However, Flender understood that the martial spirit fusion technique could only guarantee their temporary invincibility at most.

But Yu Xiaogang, who was standing behind them, walked out confidently, looking at Gu Yi without any fear. Slowly, he took out a token from his spirit tool.

There were six symbols on it. Anyone with a little knowledge of the spirit master world would know what it was.

Pope's token.

"I am an elder of the Martial Spirit Hall. If you dare to touch me, you will be going against the entire Martial Spirit Hall." Yu Xiaogang raised the Pope's token without any fear, confident that no one would dare to offend the Martial Spirit Hall.

Seeing this scene, Gu Yi almost laughed out loud. He really didn't know what confidence he had to take out this Pope's token.

Not to mention that he was not a member of the Martial Spirit Hall at all, just his strength alone that could match a Titled Douluo could surpass the Pope's token.

Not to mention that this Pope's token was given to him by Tang Hao, who had killed the previous Pope. Wasn't it ridiculous to take out a Pope's token given by someone who killed the former Pope?

"Do you have the Pope's token?" Gu Yi reached out and tried to use his powerful spirit power to pull the Pope's token from Yu Xiaogang's hand.

A burst of spirit power broke his action.

"Can't you spare him this time?" Flender tried to stop the conflict, and the owner of the spirit power just now was Flender himself.

"No." Gu Yi was also very determined. He had overlooked it before, but he didn't expect Yu Xiaogang to take this step, so he had to patch up the holes now.

"The position of Dean will be yours from now on. No matter what decision you make, I won't interfere. Just this time,let him go." This was a huge concession, which meant that even if Shrek Academy became a powerful institution in the future, it would not be his.

"Dean, it seems you have never understood me." Gu Yi shook his head in disappointment. The person who should have understood him the most never understood him at all.

If he wanted to be a dean, he could go out and create an academy at any time. There was no need to waste time on Shrek Academy. What was he planning? To destroy it? To make it resourceless? Or was it something else?

Sure enough, even though Yu Xiaogang had done such a despicable thing, Flender still chose his good brother instead of the child he had picked up.

"In any case, Xiaogang must be safe." Flender stood firmly in front of Yu Xiaogang. Being able to use the martial spirit fusion technique meant that there was a bond between them. It was absolutely not so easy to shake.

It had not yet reached the final step, and Flender did not want to destroy the relationship with Gu Yi that had lasted for so many years. Fifteen years of being together had made their relationship very deep.

Zhao Wuji, who was standing aside, was somewhat hesitant. If Gu Yi targeted Flender, he might help. But obviously, now was not the time. Stealing secret techniques was something the spirit master world despise.

"Dean, you should understand. You can't stop me." Gu Yi still cared about Flender's nurturing affection for him, so he was still restraining himself.

"The sun and the moon shines in golden circle." Flender recited a mantra, and a golden light soared into the sky, covering his feet at the same time. Liu Erlong was also very excited. After twenty years, she finally found the feeling of the past.

Soon, a powerful pressure also emanated from Yu Xiaogang.

(End of the chapter)