Chapter 49: Blue Silver Emperor

Three days after Zhu Zhuqing had returned to her dormitory in the early morning, Gu Yi finally achieved the result he wanted.


A punch was thrown, and although it didn't hit anything, it still made a crisp sound. This punch was extremely powerful. Gu Yi estimated that even a Spirit King would have a hard time taking it, and underestimating it could even be fatal.

Fa Jin may not have such a big improvement. But don't forget, Gu Yi's physical fitness was not weak, much stronger than spirit masters of the same level. When all the strength in the body was integrated, it wasn't just a small force.

After achieving this state, Gu Yi felt particularly comfortable in his body and quickly reached the peak of this state. All he wanted was a beginning, or just a method. Once the state was reached, all methods naturally came to hand. The premise was to have a method to comprehend.

Gu Yi finally learned what had happened in the Star Dou Forest that day. Because of his battle with the Titan Giant Ape, many spirit beasts had ran to the outskirts, including the Man Faced Demon Spider absorbed by Tang San.

Xiao Wu was dispersed by the sudden appearance of spirit beasts. According to her, two spirit beasts fought, and one Lightning Rabbit was killed. Coincidentally, she broke through to level thirty, just in time to absorb the Lightning Rabbit's spirit ring and break through to Spirit Elder.

Gu Yi naturally knew Xiao Wu was lying. But he didn't speak out, and according to the records they handed in, he allocated credits.

Tang San, worthy of being the protagonist in the original story, obtained 100 credits in less than a month at the academy. Gu Yi didn't make things difficult for him.

As for Zhu Zhuqing, she came second with 78 points.

Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong scored the lowest, one with 55 points and the other with 50 points.


Several days without seeing Gu Yi, Yu Xiaogang unexpectedly intervened in their daily training and teaching. Actually, Gu Yi should have thought about it.

About what Yu Xiaogang valued most in his life. First, strength. Second, the title of Grandmaster. These were the two biggest pursuits of his life.

He had them fight each other and then discussed and commented on them. During this time, although Zhu Zhuqing was diligently practicing the techniques Gu Yi taught her, it was still too early, and her spirit power was low. As such, the results weren't much better.

"A spirit master, no matter how powerful or outstanding, cannot be perfect. And you guys..."

Yu Xiaogang hadn't finished speaking, but Ma Hongjun raised his hand and said, "Grandmaster, I have seen a person who has no flaws in speed, strength, or defense. He has the ability to deal with any situation."

Ma Hongjun hadn't seen Gu Yi suffer any major losses, and he only spat blood during his fight with Sword Douluo. But Sword Douluo was a Titled Douluo.

Everyone present knew who Ma Hongjun was talking about.

Yu Xiaogang's face turned black, this was simply singing a different tune.

"No spirit master is perfect, and Gu Yi's martial spirit is not powerful, only slightly better than Xiao San's Blue Silver Grass."

"Grandmaster, I don't agree with your words." Oscar also spoke up. He had learned a lot about martial spirits over the years. Gu Yi had also imparted many hidden knowledge from the Martial Spirit Hall in Suotuo City to them. Among them was the concept of human martial spirits.

"Grandmaster, human martial spirits have always been strong, extremely rare and powerful, especially after the second awakening."

Yu Xiaogang snorted, he had never heard of such a thing, let alone seen it.

"Nonsense. There has never been a second awakening on the Douluo Continent. This knowledge must have been taught to you by Gu Yi."

"It seems that he's just like that. Even if he has reached his current level through some opportunities. But in order to cover up the flaws in his martial spirit, he actually made up such absurd nonsense." Yu Xiaogang's words were righteous and resolute, as if Gu Yi was a coward who dared not admit his weak martial spirit.

But these words caused three people to glare at him.

Zhu Zhuqing, Oscar, and Ma Hongjun.

These three had truly witnessed Gu Yi's abilities and wouldn't think he would do such a thing. As for Dai Mubai, he was still brooding over what had happened a few days ago. As for Tang San he still had absolute trust in his teacher.

"Is this what the Grandmaster looks like? It's really disappointing." Gu Yi came from a distance, dozens of meters apart, and when the last word fell, he had already arrived beside them.

"Also, I don't remember that in this academy you were allowed to use your point of view to educate my students." Gu Yi showed no mercy to Yu Xiaogang.

"A teacher should speak and act with caution, and must not impart incorrect knowledge and understanding to students. This is the virtue of a teacher, and also the most basic principle. When faced with unknown things, you can maintain skepticism, but you cannot directly deny everything with erroneous ideas."

Yu Xiaogang was embarrassed and his eyes turned red with anger.

"Vice Dean, your strength is indeed formidable. But you also can't defame my teacher. Moreover, I don't think there's anything wrong with my teacher's views. My martial spirit is just Blue Silver Grass, a well-known trash martial spirit. But despite this I have broken through level 30 and became a Spirit Elder. It can't be considered a high achievement, but it's far better than my peers." At this moment, Tang San acted as Yu Xiaogang's mouthpiece, helping his teacher. If Gu Yi's strength wasn't too strong, he would have found a way to kill him.

Although the other six monsters didn't have much affection for Yu Xiaogang, he should have some real skills. After all, he had trained Tang San, a spirit master with a "trash" martial spirit. However, Gu Yi was somewhat skeptical.

"Do you think your current achievements are impressive?" Gu Yi asked.

Tang San stared at Gu Yi. "Not that great when compared to the Vice Dean."

The tension was palpable.

"Do you know the true cultivation path of Blue Silver Grass?" Knowing that Blue Silver Emperor still existed in this world, Gu Yi understood that Tang San's cultivation path had gone astray. Adding Poison to it had already deviated from the correct path.

The true cultivation path of Blue Silver Grass?

Everyone was puzzled. In everyone's impression, there had never been a powerful spirit master with Blue Silver Grass, so where did the cultivation path come from? Tang San was the first one to break through this tradition.

"Haha, Gu Yi, you're really talking nonsense. There has never been a powerful spirit master with Blue Silver Grass, so where does this cultivation path come from? Don't think that just because you're strong, you can suppress everyone." Yu Xiaogang laughed.

Everyone looked at Gu Yi. But compared to Yu Xiaogang, they still trusted Gu Yi more.

"Indeed, there has never been a powerful spirit master with Blue Silver Grass. But it doesn't mean there are no powerful Blue Silver Grass spirit beasts. The most powerful among them is called the Blue Silver Emperor."

No one had heard of the Blue Silver Emperor , including Yu Xiaogang. After all, he had left the Martial Spirit Hall long before the hunt for the Blue Silver Emperor. Naturally, he couldn't have known about that part.

(End of this chapter)