Douluo : Starting From The Fortune Teller

Traveling across the Douluo Continent, Jiang Yi got twenty-two tarot cards that could help soul masters advance to true gods. This indirectly led to a bloody storm in the soul master world, and it all started with him being a fake fortune teller! |story its not mine|respect for the author|image from google|

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20 Chs

Chapter 4 : Martial Spirit - Soothsayer Tarot Card

Xiao Wu was a little surprised to find that the tarot cards were missing, and then a sudden realization appeared in her mind.


A few seconds later, Xiao Wu subconsciously stretched out her left hand, and a pink tarot card appeared in her hand.


Looking at the patterns on the tarot cards again, Xiao Wu was a little shocked. The originally beautiful woman was replaced by a cute rabbit.


And you can see a pair of pink little feet behind the rabbit.


With just one glance, Xiao Wu could be sure that the person on the tarot cards was herself.


Watching the scene in front of her quietly, Xiao Wu gradually forgot to think.


Without any hesitation, Xiao Wu turned around and ran towards the outside of the academy. She wanted to see if the man was still there.


Panting, Xiao Wu came to a familiar location but could not find the familiar person. The tarot cards in her hand disappeared into her body.




Who is that person?


When Xiao Wu left in disappointment, she accidentally saw a stall selling bedding.


With a sweet smile on her lips, Xiao Wu walked quickly to the stall.


"Boss, I want the bedding with the rabbit pattern."


In the dilapidated room, Jiang Yi rubbed his swollen brows and sat aside in a daze.


Soul power surged, and Jiang Yi's martial soul slowly emerged from the fortune teller's tarot card.


Although he didn't know what tarot cards were in his previous life, Jiang Yi, who already knew the tarot card divination methods, knew very clearly that there was no such thing as a fortune teller.


This is Jiang Yi's martial spirit, a martial spirit that was fused the day after tomorrow. In addition to this, Jiang Yi also understands what the remaining cards are used for.


Jiang Yi can give out tarot cards that can match others, and when the two parties are perfectly integrated, Jiang Yi can get a brand new tarot card.


Tarot cards not only protect the chosen ones but also help them move towards a sun-filled road leading to the other side.


As for what will happen after collecting a deck of tarot cards, Jiang Yi doesn't know yet, but the person is chosen by the twenty-two tarot cards.


If nothing else happens, there will be a chance to become a true god in the end.


In other words, Jiang Yi, who has the fortune teller's tarot cards, can advance to become a true god as long as nothing unexpected happens.


Although he didn't know what level the True God was, Jiang Yi felt that he should be much more powerful than the God King of the Douluo Continent.


This is Jiang Yi's intuition and the information given by the Tarot cards.


After integrating the fortune teller's tarot cards into a martial soul, Jiang Yi's soul power has reached the level of innate full soul power, but he wants to move on.


You need to meet certain conditions for the fortune teller tarot cards.


What is needed is not a soul ring, or, in other words, what is needed this time is not a soul ring.


To meet the conditions for promotion as a fortune teller and obtain an alternative first soul ring, Jiang Yi needs to let the fortune teller's tarot cards absorb two kinds of martial arts spirits.


Gem-type martial spirits and rope-type martial spirits.


This left Jiang Yi feeling a little speechless. Although he didn't know exactly how to absorb the martial spirit, could a person still survive after being absorbed by the martial spirit?


This is a problem.


A question that puzzled Jiang Yi. Although the strong were respected in the Douluo Continent and the weak preyed on the strong, Jiang Yi was still a little disturbed by the fact that he would seek wealth and kill someone just because of a disagreement.


Jiang Yi believed that he could not harm others for his selfish interests, but if the target was an enemy, Jiang Yi would not be lenient.


The aimless existence of qualified goals will be very slow, not to mention that Notting City is just an insignificant small town.


Whether one has a gem-like martial spirit is still debatable.


As for rope-type martial arts, they are still very common, and it does not have to be rope; silk thread is also acceptable.


Maybe Tang San's Blue Silver Grass would do the trick.


But the question now is how to obtain these two martial spirits without seeking money or life.


The former is undoubtedly an auxiliary spirit, while the latter is usually a control spirit master.


If there is a place where these two martial spirits are most likely to appear at the same time, it is undoubtedly the Soul Hunting Forest.


Among the soul master team, such a martial soul is most likely to appear, but Jiang Yi shouldn't be able to keep expecting him to die.


This is an unsolvable matter. It would be great if there were bastards who met the requirements. That way, the killing would at least make you feel more comfortable, and it would be regarded as eliminating harm to the people.


Bang bang bang.


The sound of banging on the door slowly came, and Jiang Yi's face suddenly turned serious. The place where Jiang Yi lived was a relatively small slum in Notting City.


The rule of law in the Douluo Continent is almost nonexistent, and in areas where no one wants to get involved, there will naturally be some scum who take advantage of the opportunity to make a fortune.


Jiang Yi didn't make any moves but waited quietly. As expected, people outside came to ask for protection money.


Not to mention that Jiang Yi himself has no money. If he had money, Jiang Yi would not pay attention to these people outside.


Standing by the window, Jiang Yi could see several young people banging on the doors from house to house.


They are all soul masters, and they are soul masters with soul rings. Although civilians can also possess martial souls, it is still very difficult to obtain soul rings.


This trash who graduated from Notting Junior Soul Master Academy can naturally bully others with force.


Spirit Hall Palace will not care about this garbage because Wuhun Palace will not do such thankless things, and the City Lord's Mansion will not care about it.


In other words, a large part of the money obtained by these gangsters will be sent to the city lord's mansion to obtain a certain level of protection.


The sound of banging on the door continued. Under the cover of the curtains, Jiang Yi waited quietly.


"Bad luck!"


At this moment, an extremely angry voice came, and then Jiang Yi heard a sound of spitting.


It looks like that bastard is getting ready to leave.


At this moment, Jiang Yi's fortune-teller tarot card slowly appeared, pointing to the middle-aged man holding a pipe outside the window.


Then the patterns on the tarot cards changed, and a white silk thread slowly emerged.




Looking at this scene, Jiang Yi felt a little complicated. The person standing in the middle and not doing anything should have an unusual status.


This person does meet Jiang Yi's goal, but can he beat him?


At this moment, a door was kicked open, and a teenager was pushed out.


Then he was surrounded by a group of people, and at this moment, the picture on the fortune teller's tarot card turned into a blue crystal.


"Did you get it all?"


Looking at the submissive young man, Jiang Yi was a little surprised. He didn't expect that there


 was a martial spirit around him that could meet the conditions!


However, Jiang Yi couldn't be happy at all. The teenager looked like a submissive civilian, which did not meet Jiang Yi's code of killing.


The latter is unbeatable.


This seemed to be an endless loop, but what made Jiang Yi feel incredible was that.


The originally submissive young man directly summoned a white ten-year-old soul ring, and then a crystal-clear sapphire appeared in his hand.