127 You are cunning

In today's Douluo Continent, the soul tool industry was still in a backward state. How could they know about more advanced robots or mechas?

The eight major families had a long history, and they only knew some one-sided words of soul masters from ancient books.


Everyone gasped. The machine that could talk really surprised them!

"She said...he..."

"Can he really have the strength of a Soul Saint level?"

A staff member asked with a dull look on his face, feeling confused.

"I think Miss Focalors is underestimating him."

"If you think of him as a soul beast made of iron, it would take at least a hundred thousand years to reach the point where he can speak!"

"A hundred thousand year soul beast, that is. Many Titled Douluo can't deal with it..."

At this point, the man stopped and did not continue.

It was scary to think about it!

"Mr. Jack's strength is not as strong as a Titled Douluo due to material limitations!"

Focalors waved her hand and said.

"It's an unexpected surprise to be able to reach the Soul Saint level of combat power."

"By the way, Momo, If I send this to Miss Lei Qingqing, she would be safe, right?"

Focalors had just said that, before Momo could say anything, the mechanical guard Jack said, "Beautiful and wise Lady Focalors, do you want your loyal knight to protect others?"

"As your most loyal knight, protecting the weak is the meaning of my birth and my lifelong ideal."

"If it is Lady Focalors' request, I must abide by it!"

Momo's eyes twitched, he looked at Jack, and then at Focalors.

He couldn't just listen to the one-sided words of Focalors and Jack and think that Jack had the strength to protect Qingqing.

Besides, iron tools were just iron tools after all.

Even if he had a certain amount of wisdom, he couldn't be like a human...

Besides, Jack only had the combat power of the Soul Saint level, which was not enough, far from enough!

If the opponent was a Soul Douluo, or even a Titled Douluo...

Thinking of this, Momo clenched his fists.

"Strength, if I had absolute strength, or only half of Neuvillette's strength."

"Then such a thing would not have happened."

"Now it is not the turn of a mechanical guard to protect Qingqing!"

Momo bit his teeth and said, "Miss Focalors, can I try Mr. Jack's strength?"

After hearing this, Focalors thought for a moment, nodded and said, "No problem!"

"Mr. Jack, just use your soul master level combat power to fight Mr. Momo."

"Understood, respected Lady Focalors!"

Jack nodded in a very humane manner and said.

Momo was stunned. Could the strength of this mechanical guard be adjusted?

If it can than it is a very very big surprise in Doulou.

"Do you have soul grand master level combat power?"

Momo murmured and thought to himself:

'I will defeat you, Mr. Jack. Qingqing, let me protect you!'

A trace of determination flashed in Momo's eyes. No one was willing to admit that he was weak, especially since he had a reason to become stronger.

If you were not strong, you would surely perish.

When Focalors saw this, the corners of her mouth raised slightly. It seemed that Momo's mentality had changed a lot.

However, it was not enough.

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She approached Neuvillette with composure, and Focalors blinked when she reached him.

"Miss Focalors, you're still so elusive."

"Mr. Villette, I have no idea what you mean."

Focalors replied with a faint smile, her face not flushed, and her heart not racing.

"Are you crafty? That's not a bad thing!"

She was clearly a personification of intelligence, why would he call her crafty?

"One foot is elusive and the other is crafty."

Navilette said in a calm tone.

He paused, and seeing Focalors' puzzled look, he added: "When we're done here, I'll tell you more when we get back."

Focalors: "???"

Focalors looked at Villette in confusion, not understanding what he meant. Suddenly, she seemed to have thought of something, her face turned red, her head lowered, and she did not say anything.

What was he talking about this late at night?

Well, it seemed that tonight was really the time to talk about these things.

"Miss Focalors, thank you."

"Mr. Villette, what nonsense are you talking about?"

"There is no need to say thank you between us."

After hearing this, Neuvillette nodded and did not say anything else. Instead of talking, he held Focalors in his arms...

Momo's matter was originally something Moffett asked Neuvillette to do, and it had little to do with Focalors.

However, she was helping Neuvillette complete this task.

Judging from Momo's mental state, the effect was pretty good.

What more could a husband ask for when his wife was like this?

Focalors' face was rosy at this time and she did not look up at Neuvillette. She felt that the two of them should not be so "polite".

According to human terms, husband and wife should not respect each other as guests, but should advance and retreat together and support each other...


They were not married yet.

Focalors murmured in a low voice: "Neuvillette~"

"What's wrong?"

Neuvillette asked doubtfully, wondering why Focalors' voice was so strange.

"Would you like to eat a small cake later?"

Focalors raised her head and said with a hint of shyness in her eyes.

A God of Justice and a Hydro Sovereign looked at each other, which made Neuvillette a little confused.

Suddenly, Neuvillette's eyes lit up and he realized what she meant!

He looked at Focalors in disbelief. She, she actually took the initiative to invite him to eat a small cake?

No wonder, her face was strange.

Neuvillette nodded calmly and said, "Let's eat some cakes before going to sleep at night. In our dreams, they should also be sweet."

"Yes, that's right!"

The two looked at each other and smiled.

Everyone was focused on Jack, the mechanical guard, and did not notice Neuvillette and Focalors, so no one knew the little secret between them.

Small cakes and stuff, were they serious?

On the ring, Mr. Jack gave a very gentlemanly salute, and the next moment, a spear and a shield appeared on his mechanical arm.

Very standard knight equipment.

Of course, he also had other equipment, but if he only had Grand soul master level combat power, he would not need them.

"Mr. Momo, please!"

"Jack, please!"

Momo responded, instantly activating his martial spirit!

"Iron-armored giant lizard martial spirit, possession!"

A metallic light flashed, and Momo completed the martial spirit possession at that moment.

After being possessed by his martial spirit, his appearance changed somewhat.

His figure swelled a bit, metallic scales appeared on his body, and he had an extra shield in his hand...

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