Douluo: My Wife is Focalors

{Also Uploaded On Scribble hub} Traveling through the Douluo Continent with Focalors, he unexpectedly acquired the power of an ancient dragon and ascended to become the Water Dragon King. "I've become a perfect dragon, capable of judging the Douluo gods. O tide, I have returned!" Many years later, a harmonious Douluo Continent thrives with love and justice. Focalors remarks, "I regard you as a friend, a fleeting companion, a spouse – it's all quite embarrassing!" Gu Yuena wonders, "Why is the Water Dragon King so formidable?" Qian Renxue dismisses, "Tang San or whatever, just perish, I don't acknowledge you!" Focalors consoles, "Water dragon, water dragon, don't shed tears! Can't I make you a promise?" ••••••• Single Heroine Focalors ••••••••• It is a translation from the fanfiction novel written by author Ruo Tuo save me. 斗罗:转生水龙王,老婆芙卡洛斯 ••••••••• Focalors is a Genshin Impact game character. If you want to know more about Focalors check on Google. •••••• For Early Access of 20 Chapters: patreon.com/Yui36

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My Short Lived Wife

"It hurts, it hurts so much!"

"You have no heart!"

"My short-lived wife!"

There are two gods, one is a god who has never seen the sun and moon, and the other is a human who has never heard the name of the god. For five hundred years, she deceived the laws of heaven and hid the truth from the Hydro Dragon. She only asked the wind to change the sky.

The sword hangs on the head, the jade feet flutter, and the sinner dances with twirling steps.

With tears streaming down his face, the power was restored and no one was found guilty.

Only one person can return to the beginning of the prophecy. At the end of the story, only one person did not return.


With a sword hanging on her head, she dances gracefully, and the sinner dances with twirling steps.

Tears fall from her crown, she bears the pain alone, and everyone performs the drama.

The young man looked at the picture on the computer screen and couldn't hold it back. He burst into tears. The moment Focalors died, his heart trembled and his hands trembled.

The God of Justice would be unjust if she did not return the ancient dragon's power.

It would be unkind not to save the people of Fontaine.

However, this requires her to endure five hundred years of loneliness, plus her own life...

Perhaps due to excessive sadness, the young man couldn't close his eyes, and his life passed by like this.

"Outlander, your journey ends here!"

The world has rejected you!


When the young man was confused, he vaguely heard something, but he couldn't remember it clearly.

"Hydro Dragon, Hydro Dragon, stop crying."

"Neuvillette, don't be sad. You should be happy to have regained the power of the ancient dragon."

"Besides, I, we, seem..."

"That Neuvillette..."

"That Neuvillette."


Douluo Continent, Heaven Dou Empire, Suotuo City.

"So, is this why I am called Neuvillette?"

Young man, no, it should be Neuvillette, he looked at the old man in front of him in confusion and said.

'When I first crossed the world, I was still a little confused, was I dead?'

As usual, if you accidentally transmigrated to another world, you would travel to the game you were playing, the novel, movie, or TV series you were watching.

'But I was obviously playing the game Genshin Impact, so why did I travel to Douluo Continent?'

'Could it be because I read the original Douluo Dalu when I was idle and bored?'

The old man nodded and said, "Speaking of this matter, little Neuv, you are quite strange."

"When I picked you up, I was about to name you, and you just said what Neuvillette is, Neuvillette is."

"When I heard it, it was a good name, much better than my Lexius. Then, I named you Neuvillette."

Lexius said with a smile.

He didn't know what happened, but Neuvillette suddenly asked him the origin of his name today.

Almost six years have passed since this incident, but he still remembers it vividly.

'It's really novel, because a baby can actually talk.'

This was one of the reasons why he adopted Neuvillette as his adopted grandson.

Neuvillette was stunned, because the memory of his previous life had just awakened, and the mystery of the womb was completely revealed, and he was still a little uncomfortable.

The old man in front of him, named Lexius, is a terrifying and powerful man at the Soul Douluo level.

He is also the patriarch of one of the eight hidden families.

Speaking of the Eight Great Hidden Families, we have to mention the Fighting Spirit Arena, because in the entire Douluo Continent, except for the Fighting Spirit Arena in Martial Soul City which has nothing to do with the Eight Great Families, all other Spirit Fighting Arenas are opened by the Eight Great Families.

The eight major families do not participate in any disputes on the Douluo Continent and only open the spirit fighting arena with peace of mind. This is one of the reasons why no one has found trouble so far.

In addition, their own strength is also very important.

Each of the eight great hidden families has at least one Soul Douluo-level expert in charge, which is equivalent to having at least eight Soul Douluo.

They do not participate in any disputes with such a force, so is it necessary to offend or eliminate them?

Don't underestimate a Soul Douluo, the lower four sect leaders are only Soul Douluo level experts.

Lexius has a rather eccentric character and is very free and easy. As his adopted grandson, it is not surprising that Neuvillette does not have the same surname as Lexius.

Besides, Neuvillette was picked up and will not inherit their family's inherited martial soul. Wouldn't it be better if they don't have the same surname?

At the very least, the direct members of the family will not object to the existence of Neuvillette.

"Little Neuvillette, tomorrow is your sixth birthday, don't have any burdens, even if you can't become a soul master, my pocket money will be enough for you to live a happy life."

Lexius patted Neuvillette on the shoulder and said seriously.

At the beginning, Lexius saw that Neuvillette was born different from other children and could speak. He thought that he was extremely talented and would definitely do something in the future, so he adopted him as an adopted grandson instead of sending him to the orphanage.

After so many years, Lexius had long regarded Neuvillette as his own grandson. He had been unrestrained, unruly, and had no heirs all his life. The appearance of Neuvillette made him change a little in his later years.

Awakening the martial soul and becoming a soul master is the most important thing on Douluo Continent.

If Neuvillette doesn't have soul power and cannot become a soul master when he awakens his martial soul tomorrow, with Lexius' savings, he won't be able to spend all of Neuvillette's life, let alone a lifetime.

Of course, he can't spend it indiscriminately.

After hearing this, Neuvillette came back to his senses, and then couldn't help but twitch the corner of his eye. Does he look like a burdened person?

He was just confused as to why he was called Neuvillette.

"Forget it, let's make peace with what happened. Everything in the past is a thing of the past. Now that I have come to Douluo Continent, if I continue to think about traveling through the past, I am just asking for trouble."

Thinking of this, Neuvillette no longer hesitates. Destiny has given him this name in this life, so his martial soul must not be too bad, right?

There was no way, the matter of awakening the martial soul was not controllable. He was an outsider, an orphan, the kind picked up by Lexius.

Neuvillette really has no idea what a martial soul is.

"Old man, I haven't awakened my martial soul yet and am testing my soul power. What can I say to be depressing?"

Lexius was stunned by Neuvillette's words. He realized he had been too hasty in planning for his grandson's future, before he even knew what his martial soul was.

A soul master should move forward courageously, not dwell on the worst-case scenarios.

"Hahaha... Little Neuv, you're right, and grandpa was wrong."

"My grandson is very talented and can speak in less than two months. He surely has the potential to become a great soul master."

Lexius stroked his beard and said with a proud look.

But as soon as he said this, Neuvillette felt a chill on his back and his whole body was numb.

Dear grandpa, can you not jinx me like this?

The last person who said that my son Wang had the appearance of a great emp

eror ended up in a tragic way.

Neuvillette couldn't answer these words, but his face showed his discomfort, and the tangled look puzzled Lexius.