Douluo: My Wife is Focalors

{Also Uploaded On Scribble hub} Traveling through the Douluo Continent with Focalors, he unexpectedly acquired the power of an ancient dragon and ascended to become the Water Dragon King. "I've become a perfect dragon, capable of judging the Douluo gods. O tide, I have returned!" Many years later, a harmonious Douluo Continent thrives with love and justice. Focalors remarks, "I regard you as a friend, a fleeting companion, a spouse – it's all quite embarrassing!" Gu Yuena wonders, "Why is the Water Dragon King so formidable?" Qian Renxue dismisses, "Tang San or whatever, just perish, I don't acknowledge you!" Focalors consoles, "Water dragon, water dragon, don't shed tears! Can't I make you a promise?" ••••••• Single Heroine Focalors ••••••••• It is a translation from the fanfiction novel written by author Ruo Tuo save me. 斗罗:转生水龙王,老婆芙卡洛斯 ••••••••• Focalors is a Genshin Impact game character. If you want to know more about Focalors check on Google. •••••• For Early Access of 20 Chapters: patreon.com/Yui36

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God of Love

These two bracelets were all aqua blue, and both were embellished with a slightly larger aqua blue heart-shaped crystal.

Just by looking at the surface, you could tell that this thing was worth a lot of money.

"These two bracelets are both soul storage devices, but there seems to be some secret between them." Lexius said as he recalled a little. "When I got them, I saw some ancient words on them. Fortunately, I am knowledgeable..."

Then Neuvillette and Focalors: "???"

The two looked at each other and did not interrupt Lexius's words, but the corners of their eyes could not stop twitching.

"It says on it that only lovers who are in love with each other can play their original role. I still don't quite understand this." Lexius continued. "They are just storage soul guides. Is it possible that they can also detect whether two people are in love?"

"You may not believe it, but I have also specially found many couples, men and women in love, and asked them to test this pair of soul guides. However, the final results are the same." Lexius said with a sigh. "They're just for storage!"

"By the way, the name of this pair of bracelets is Heart of Love." Lexius added as he handed the bracelets in his hands to Focalors and Neuvillette respectively.

"They may not have any secrets, but the meaning is good. The old man is here to wish you success as soon as possible!" Lexius said with a smile.

"Heart of love?" Neuvillette and Focalors murmured in unison as they took the bracelets.

Just when the two were about to say thank you to Lexius, something suddenly happened.

He saw the hearts of the Love in the hands of Focalors and Neuvillette light up, and two aqua-blue lights rose into the sky.

In the surprised eyes and confused expressions of the three people, two rays of light intertwined together.

Lexius's expression was extremely strange. What the hell was going on?

This heart of love was acquired when he was young, in a secret place overseas, after a narrow escape from death.

However, he discovered that this thing did not seem to have any purpose other than storage.

Because of this, he specially found many lovers and couples and asked them to try it on to see if it could inspire the secret hidden in the heart of the Love.

The introduction was so "scary", but in the end it was useless except for storage.

Lexius was unwilling to give in!

After so many people had tried it, there was still no response to this cupid's heart.

Moreover, Lexius seemed to be under a curse. Even though he was so good, he was like a love antibody. No woman liked him.

This was also the reason why Lexius was single to this day.

Of course, the couple who had worn this cupid's heart were not affected at all, otherwise he wouldn't have used it to trick his grandson.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the heart of the Love fell into the hands of this couple, it suddenly glowed like never before.

"Love is stronger than gold, we share life and death together!" A disembodied voice sounded in the field, and the Heart of Love in the hands of Neuvillette and Focalors changed again, turning pink all over.

Not only that, in the next moment, they were automatically put on their left and right wrists.

"The inaugural trial of the God of Love, accomplished!" declared the voice. "Attain the power to teleport to each other. Regardless of the vastness that separates worlds or the divergence of paths between the living and the spectral, at your volition, you can teleport to one another. The usage is limited to once a day!"

"If the two newcomers want to continue to complete the remaining tests and achieve the status of God of Love, then go look for related items for the second test!" The voice continued. "If you don't want to continue to complete it, there will be no punishment. Of course, I still expect you to complete it, especially this goddess who is more powerful than when I was alive..." The voice trailed off, leaving a hint of admiration.

At this time, there was an unusual silence in the hall.

This thing was really not simple.

It was actually an item inherited from the God of Love!

Lexius was a little confused. He didn't hear this voice, so naturally he didn't understand what happened.

Focalors and Neuvillette looked at each other at this moment and could clearly sense each other's presence. It seemed that this God of Love Test was really no joke.

With this ability, as long as two people were in the same world, they could be teleported directly to each other. The only restriction was that they could only use it once a day.

As for the God of Love, they were not interested, but this ability was quite useful.

Focalors might be stronger than the God of Love, but she didn't have such a buggy ability.

"Grandpa, do you know the gods?" Neuvillette asked.

"I know a little bit, but I heard that a god is enshrined in the Martial Soul Hall." Lexius thought for a moment and said truthfully.

"This bracelet is one of the inherited items of the God of Love. Obtaining it is equivalent to completing an assessment. Of course, this requires a couple or a pair of lovers to reach the point where their love for each other is stronger than gold and they share life and death. Only then can they pass this assessment."

When Neuvillette said this, Lexius was stunned.

It's not that he felt sorry for the God of Love. Anyway, this thing was of no use to him.

Lexius looked at Neuvillette and then at Focalors. Goodness, the two of them shouldn't have known each other for a long time, right?

How could they actually complete the tests of love being stronger than gold and sharing life and death?

It seemed that Focalors, the granddaughter-in-law, couldn't escape.

As for the inheritance of the God of Love, his grandson Neuvillette had the potential to become a god, which was no joke! What kind of God of Love? He could tell at first glance that he was not a powerful god. Was his legacy worthy of his grandson?

This question was worth pondering.

"Then the next inheritance..." Lexius thought to himself, the God of Love was also a god, wasn't he?

But before he could finish his words, Neuvillette and Focalors shook their heads, and Neuvillette said: "His inheritance requires finding the remaining inheritance items. Douluo Continent is so big, how can it be done?"

"This inheritance of the God of Love, just pretend that He has never appeared!"

After hearing this, Lexius suddenly understood and nodded subconsciously. Suddenly, he seemed to have thought of something and looked at the storage bag on Neuvillette's waist.

He remembered that in that treasure land, Neuvillette also got a lovesickness red plant?

Lovesickness red, which was said to be related to the God of Love...

Thinking of this, Lexius hesitated to speak. With his grandson's "intelligence", he should have thought of it a long time ago, right?

In this case, he didn't say much.

Neuvillette: "..."

Was there a possibility that he didn't think of this at all?

Besides, he and Focalors really didn't need the inheritance of gods.

"Grandpa, we are still young. This is not the time to think about these things. You should take a look at these two first..." Neuvillette said, pointing at two self created skills.

Focalors on the side poked Neuvillette with her hand and whispered: "Neuvillette, say thank you!"

Neuvillette: "???"


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