87 Elegant

The sun shone brightly, and the sky was clear and blue.

On the ground, various creatures scurried about, looking for food.

Along the official road, flowers bloomed and trees grew on both sides. Every now and then, a butterfly fluttered by and insects chirped.

A young man walked forward, glancing sideways. The only scenery in his eyes was the girl beside him.

The girl lowered her head, avoiding his gaze, her face slightly flushed. She held the boy's hand, feeling nervous.

"Neuvillette, what are you looking at?" She asked.

"The scenery—the most beautiful scenery in the world," Neuvillette said without hesitation, as if he had rehearsed the words of love in his mind.

That was what he meant, of course.

Hearing this, Focalors' face turned even redder, but he said nothing.

The two continued to stroll leisurely. The Fighting Spirit Arena was closed in broad daylight.

"Huff, puff..."

Suddenly, several breathless voices broke the silence, startling Neuvillette and Focalors.

"Tang San, you...your teacher is a devil, right? How can he train us like this?" one of them complained.

"Ma Hongjun, if you don't want to run, go back. My teacher's training methods are absolutely correct!" Tang San snapped back at him.

At this moment, Tang San, Ma Hongjun, Oscar, and Xiao Wu were running with bags on their backs.

The bags were filled with stones of different sizes.

They had no choice. Shrek's condition was that they didn't have any heavy-duty armor.

"I didn't say I don't want to run; I just...but, is this really useful for our cultivation?" Ma Hongjun continued to grumble.

The reason there were only four of them was because Dai Mubai was still lying down. His injuries were not serious, but he was still in a daze.

He had endured hours of beating—a beating that left him barely alive.

Dai Mubai didn't lose his mind; he was already strong-willed.

"Whether it's useful or not, just do what the teacher says; stop talking nonsense!" Tang San said firmly. He was also sweating profusely, and the sweat on his forehead dripped like rain.

He carried the heaviest load among the four.

Xiao Wu, who had been silent until now, suddenly perked up. She saw someone she knew.

Xiao Wu was a little depressed at first, but when she saw Neuvillette, she instantly became cheerful.

Ignoring Tang San and Ma Hongjun, who were still arguing, Xiao Wu ran towards Neuvillette and Focalors, as if she had found an outlet for her frustration.

Xiao Wu's behavior caught the attention of Tang San, Ma Hongjun, and Oscar. The three of them were stunned for a moment, and then they noticed the two people in front of them.

"Neuvillette, I'm so thirsty. Do you have any water with you?" Xiao Wu asked as she reached Neuvillette and Focalors. She dropped the bag on her back on the ground. The thud when the bag hit the ground indicated that it weighed about 80 kilograms.

"Who would've thought the master? No, it must have been Yu Xiaogang. He was the one who suddenly suggested the training method of weight-bearing running. No one had brought water beforehand, so after running for so long, they were all thirsty. Neuvillette is a water-attribute soul master; there would have been absolutely no issue for me to ask him for water."

After hearing this, they all looked at Xiao Wu again. Neuvillette and Focalors exchanged speechless glances.

Just when Neuvillette was about to say something, Focalors said, "Xiao Wu, we do have drinking water, but in your current situation, it's best to drink some warm salt water."

Drinking cold water after strenuous exercise was not good for the body. It was better to drink warm salt water, which could replenish water and electrolytes...

But who would carry salt with them when they had nothing to do?

After hearing this, Xiao Wu frowned; she didn't really get it.

"Xiao Wu, this girl is right. Let's try not to drink water now."

When Tang San saw Neuvillette and Focalors, murderous intent flashed in his eyes, but he quickly restrained himself.

Now he was no match for these two people.

He had heard that Dai Mubai was beaten up by his woman. Both of them were so terrifying that he had no way to deal with them for the time being.

Xiao Wu ignored Tang San's words and turned to them.

"Neuvillette, and this beautiful sister, please give me some water to drink. It doesn't matter whether it's salt water or not. "

Ma Hongjun ran over, also dropping the backpack on his back, and sat down on the ground. He said with pitiful eyes and a "full of energy" voice.

The decibel level of his speech didn't sound like he was dying.

Oscar was an auxiliary (food) soul master. Even though he had reached the Soul Elder level, his body was still the weakest. He was still far away at this time, slowly running towards this side.


Focalors looked at Ma Hongjun and then at Neuvillette beside her. She didn't quite understand why these guys were so disobedient.

Neuvillette nodded, and said it didn't matter if he drank some water. They were soul masters, not ordinary people, and they couldn't be treated like ordinary people.


Focalors snapped her fingers, and several bubbles appeared in front of her. Inside the bubbles was pure water.

Not to mention Tang San and the others, who were dumbfounded by this move; even Zhao Wuji was secretly astonished.

Goodness, how powerful was the control of this element to achieve this step?

"Thank you, pretty sister!"

Ma Hongjun, who was lying dead on the ground, immediately got up and came to Focalors. He picked up a bubble and was about to pop it and drink water.

However, after he poked the bubble twice with his finger, the bubble did not burst!

Ma Hongjun's head turned somewhat stiffly in the direction of Focalors, and his eyes gradually widened in shock.

"Master Ma Hongjun, use this."

Suddenly, there was a hand in front of Ma Hongjun, and in the hand was a straw made of water compressed into...

'Wow, you two are amazing!

It's just, isn't it?'

Ma Hongjun scratched his head, picked up the straw in Neuvillette's hand, and began to look at it carefully.

You'd be shocked if you didn't look at it, but stunned when you did! How did they achieve this?

Ma Hongjun opened his mouth slightly, but he hesitated to speak. Looking at the bubbles and straw in his hand, he felt that he was not so thirsty anymore.

They were both soul masters, so why were Neuvillette and this beautiful sister so flashy?

Zhao Wuji: "..."

Flender's injury had not yet healed, so it was Zhao Wuji who was responsible for secretly protecting a few people.

He was also speechless. Could a water-attribute Soul Saint powerhouse do this?

No, it was definitely not possible!

Soul Saint couldn't be so flashy!

"I also want to learn this as well!" Zhao Wuji exclaimed inwardly.

It's difficult to fathom the gracefulness they exhibit while drinking water...

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