105 Brothers beat him

"Little Neuv, let's not talk about this guy for no reason. Are you willing to try?"

Lei Qingqing rolled her eyes at Momo, then looked at Neuvillette and said.

What kind of trouble could this shy, cowardly guy have?

Cowardice is cowardice; there are no excuses for it.

What Neuvillette said makes sense.

It takes time to grow.

When the younger generation heard this, they all looked at Neuvillette with burning eyes.

Because this little fellow was the youngest, everyone liked to call him Little Navilet or Little Neuv.

At the annual meetings in previous years, Neuvillette had always followed Lexius and hadn't said much. He was the youngest, so no one had ever competed with him.

Young people without passion?

Passionate about fighting, that was what a Soul Master should be.

Seeing this, Neuvillette looked at Focalors beside him and saw her smiling at him.

"Ms. Focalors, eating the cake may have to be postponed. I hope you don't mind."

Neuvillette said apologetically. He had obviously agreed to go back to the room with Focalors to eat the cake, but he had been "killed" by this group of people halfway through.

Busy with...

"It doesn't matter. Mr. Neuvillette, I can still eat cake while watching the battle!"

Focalors smiled, a hint of amusement flashing in her beautiful eyes. Neuvillette's helpless look was truly hilarious.

All: "..."

Was this something they could in front of singles like this?

Valentine Day is over, right?

Did they really not treat them like human beings?

What puzzled Lei Qingqing and others was why the couple called each other in such a unique way!

Ms. Focalors?

And Mr. Neuvillette?

Did they see each other as guests?

Everyone was a bit confused.

Navelette and Focalors said that this was normal.

Fontaine was a very romantic and gentlemanly person. Before getting married, it was quite normal to call your partner sir or madam.

"Sister Qingqing, let's do spar at the arena."

Neuvillette said to Lei Qingqing without changing his expression.

If he simply defeated Lei Qingqing, it would be very easy. Any 'normal attack' would not be something she could withstand now.

This girl was also very aggressive. If he made it too easy for her and gave her no sense of challenge, she might come to his door endlessly.

He might as well give her an unforgettable fighting spar!

Let her have a sense of experience and understand the gap between them.

"Don't worry, I know it well, and I will never hurt you!"

Lei Qingqing patted her chest and said it with a smile on her face.

'Yes, she was also very flat, just a bit better than Focalors...'

Neuvillette, Focalors: "..."

Let's not talk about whether Lei Qingqing had the ability to hurt Neuvillette, Even her grandfather couldn't touch him.


Mo Mo whispered from the side, but Lei Qingqing glared at him, making him take back the words that came out of his mouth.

"Okay, Momo, please stop saying a few words. Little Neuv is not an outsider. Are you worried about mistrusting your brothers?"

Mao Fan's words made Mo Mo panic. He quickly shook his head and said, "How is that possible? How can I not trust my brothers?"

"It's just that the soul skill has no eyes."

"Damn it, beat him up! He's so annoying!"

Before Momo could finish his words, Mao Yan shouted and punched him!

Mao Fan, Ye Fan, and others surrounded Momo, and after a "beating", they picked Momo up and walked towards the audience.

The Fighting Spirit Arena had reached its closing time. There were no outsiders in the huge arena, only a few staff members.

Lexius and the others had finished their 'meeting' by then, and their faces still looked shocked and confused.

So, Neuvillette, Did he really need protection?

If these old guys teamed up, they might not be Neuvillette's match.

"What? Qingqing and Little Neuv are in the ring."

Lei Li heard the staff talking and snapped out of his trance.

Several other family leaders also came to their senses with strange smiles on their faces.

Why was Lei Li so excited?

They were just getting into the ring.

"I hope this boy doesn't hit Qingqing... No, maybe it would change her character."

Thinking of this, Lei Li quickly walked into the auditorium.

Everyone was staring at each other with curious eyes.

"Go, go, go..."

"Let's see what this guy's skills are like."

In a moment, everyone arrived at the edge of the ring where Neuvillette and Lei Qingqing were ready for their spar.

There was not only one ring in the Great Spirit Arena of Heaven Dou City, but dozens of rings of various sizes.

If you removed the middle partition, the arena could accommodate at least 50,000 people to watch the battle!

This was the capital's spirit arena; how could it be small?

When everyone arrived at the auditorium, Neuvillette and Lei Qingqing were already standing on the ring.

Mao Fan acted as the referee and announced the start of the Soul Battle.

People from the Eight Great Families, even if they had never been referees, were very familiar with the process of soul fighting.

"Both sides have one minute to release their spirits. After one minute, the Spirit Battle will officially begin!"

After Mao Fan said this, he moved from the center of the ring to the edge and gave the space to the two fighters.

"Lei Qingqing, Martial Spirit: Lightning Whip, Level 35 Control System Soul Master. Please give me your advice!"

Lei Qingqing was the first to release her Martial Spirit. She was holding a lightning whip and had a scornful expression on her face. She didn't look like a soul master, but more like a teacher.

"Sister Qingqing was the first to release her martial spirit. At the age of fifteen, she has already reached the thirty-fifth level."

"The Soul Rings are two yellow and one purple, which is the best Soul Ring ratio for a Soul Master."

Doudou was a gold medal host and commentator. She also had three soul rings hanging from her body and a pair of white wings behind her.

Her spirit was Pigeon, a very, very ordinary spirit.

Neuvillette thought for a moment before releasing the Tomb of Eternal Flow.

Three aqua-blue 'soul rings' quickly rose from his feet.

"Neuvillette, Martial Spirit: Tomb of Eternal Flow, Level 39 Control System Soul Master. Please give me your advice."

As Neuvillette said this with a calm face and heartbeat, a black line appeared on the foreheads of the seven family leaders.

Level thirty-nine?

Shouldn't he be level ninety-three?

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