Douluo: My Spirit Is a Spirit Ring [Completed]

My martial soul is a soul ring thus, I have one more ring than anyone else! When Tang Jiu developed this martial soul to the extreme, a terrifying poisonous mist appeared in the Douluo Continent! Am I a support-type, you ask? No! I'm the man who inherited the Clear Sky Clan, the strongest power-type soul master! at least 3 chapters a week almost 3000 words/ chapter Read on mtl websites: Same name there.

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Chapter 47: Back to plot

No matter how much they hated Tang Jiu in their hearts, the people of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect did not dare to lay a hand on him again, but some still felt that they had to make a trip to the Clear Sky Sect and let the Clear Sky Sect dispose of this scourge itself.

Tang Jiu, Tang Heizi!

Looking at Tang Jiu's back as he left, everyone instantly guessed Tang Jiu's identity, only such a scourge could cause great trouble to the sect!

Hijacking the Holy Maiden and injuring the Martial Spirit Hall's Jiu Douluo!

Thinking about what Tang Jiu had done, they all felt a chill down their spines, such a ruthless person was better off not clashing head-on!

"Aren't you afraid that they'll reveal your identity?"

On the way to the Great Star Dou Forest, Poison Douluo asked Tang San with interest.

"I've now obtained two more spirit bones, after refining them, I'll soon reach level 40, and after absorbing three more ten thousand year spirit rings, my wings are already abundant, I'll see who comes looking for death, just in time to become a stepping stone on my path to invincibility!"

Tang Jiu said, taking out the torso bone that the Grand Elder had dropped and throwing it to Yanzi.

"This is my compensation for your grandfather's medicinal garden, and a thank you for helping me!"

Dugu Bo's pupils shrank and he said in horror, "You're giving torso bones? This is the most precious of the six spirit bones in the human body, much more precious than the limb spirit bones! It has the greatest increase to the body!"

"For me, the skull and torso bones are useless for the time being, and I'd have to be extremely well-fitted to absorb them!"

"Why?" Dugu Bo was puzzled.

"Because, the teacher said that limb spirit bones can be replaced by chopping off limb spirit bones and dropping them, and then I can absorb new limb spirit bones, but I can't chop off my head or smash my body to pieces!"

Tang Jiu couldn't look at this torso bone, what he wanted had to be the top of the line!

"It's even harder for others to ask for a piece of spirit bone, and you're still thinking of replacing it, really..." Dugu Bo was infinitely impressed, people who are capable think differently!

"Killing spirit beasts to explode spirit bones is something only stupid people do, killing people to explode spirit bones, that's the right way!" Tang Jiu smiled.

Dugu Bo sucked in a breath of cold air, what this kid said made so much sense!

The probability of killing a spirit beast to explode spirit bones is 1 in 10,000, the probability of killing a Titled Douluo to explode spirit bones is 100%!

Is this kid thinking that if anyone comes to trouble him, he will take out the spirit bone explosion in the process?

Dugu Bo was getting more and more satisfied with Tang Jiu, this grandson-in-law was simply too talented, however, this time, the pitfall had surprisingly come to his own head, he had to be hammered while he could still fight through, after another ten years, I guess he couldn't hammer even if he wanted to.

"Big Snake, why do I feel that you are looking at me with a bit of ill will?"

Tang Jiu always felt that Dugu Bo's turquoise pupils were always intentionally or unintentionally glancing at his legs like he wanted to break them!

Big snake!

The corners of Dugu Bo's mouth twitched, this kid really dares to shout! I really wanted to break Tang Jiu's legs right now, but seeing that the Titan Giant Ape and the Heavenly Green Bull Python were still around, I had to put up with it, if I wanted to fight, it had to be on my own turf, I couldn't let this kid bring in the help!

Dugu Yan played with this spirit bone, smiling so much that her eyes squinted into slits, yelling that in the future, don't forget her when Tang Jiu has something good to do! Dugu Bo's eyes were full of smiles, the two of them were very close!

As they reached the outskirts of the Great Star Dou Forest, they were about to part.

But the titan ape roared out in discontent: "Daming, I must transform this time! The human world is too much fun!

The Sky Green Bull Python was so angry that he wanted to slap this ungrateful ramrod with his tail, but looking at the Titan Ape's injured body, he could not bear to do it.

The azure bull python roared harshly and spat out human words, "You can't even speak human words, what are you shaping up for?"

The titan ape was displeased and roared arrogantly, "Who says I can't?

After roaring, he turned to the azure bull python in broken human language and said, "I'm the daddy, you can't afford to mess with"


The azure bull python's bull eyes went wide and he fell into petrification.

And the titanic ape roared in triumph: How about that? My human language is slippery, clear and grammatically correct, there's nothing wrong with it!

Tang Jiu was sweating profusely and hurriedly carried Dugu Yan away from the titanic ape's shoulder, and the corners of Dugu Bo's mouth twitched as he immediately flew away.

"Are you sure this is human talk?" The azure bull python spoke one word at a time, the anger in the bull's eyes having congealed into substance.

The titan ape apparently didn't notice the abnormality of the azure bull python and roared in triumph: human words, definitely!

Bump! ~~

The huge python's tail smacked the titanic ape's buttocks so hard that it smacked the titanic ape into a dog's paw, and the azure bull python was truly furious.

"Are you still the father I can't afford to mess with!?"

"You're going to turn the sky upside down! See if I can't smack you to death!"

The azure bull python was still not polite enough to give a wild smack.

"I told you to stick to the path of the beasts, don't you understand?"

"I told you not to follow Xiao Jiu's example! I told you not to speak human words!"

The titan ape screamed as he was whipped, fleeing frantically with his buttocks in his hands, and roared in discontent: "I'm talking human! You are so unreasonable!

I'll tell Sister Wu that you're bullying me!

"And you've learnt to tattle! You really are getting farther and farther away from being a beast!"

The azure bull python's nose was about to turn upside down, this Er Ming had grown completely crooked! And so, the Green Azure Python gave the Titan Ape an even more profound education on his thoughts, an education that can only be described as earth-shattering!

In the forest came the even more piteous screams of the titanic ape ..... I defy you!

"I can't, I can't, I'm dying of laughter!"

Dugu Yan covered his stomach and hammered hard against the tree, this Titan Giant Ape was too funny!

The corners of Dugu Bo's mouth twitched, this boy Tang Jiu was wilting!

When Dugu Yan stopped laughing, Dugu Bo then said, "You two refine the spirit bones, I'll protect you!"

Dugu Yan immediately started refined the torso bone, and Tang Jiu also took out two spirit bones, one was the leg bone exploded by the Iron Armoured Dragon, and one was the arm bone exploded to by killing the Grand Elder.

After refining the leg spirit bones, Tang Jiu's base strength increased from 12,000 pounds to 13,000 pounds, gaining a spirit skill, Sub-Dragon Roar.

It could instantly increase the body's strength, defence and speed by 30%.

For Tang Jiu, this was a skill that suited him very well.

Then Tang Jiu refined the Great Elder's dropped arm spirit bone, and his base strength increased from 13,000 pounds to 15,000 pounds, which showed the power of this spirit bone, which came from a 40,000-year-old thunder beast.

Spirit bone skill: Eye of Thunder.

Summon a thunder eye on top of the head, from the eye it can fire thunder that can paralyze and injure the enemy, the power of the lightning released and its duration depends on the size of Tang Jiu's spirit power.

Tang Jiu's heart was moved, after fusing this spirit bone, if he opened the Heaven's Spell Seal, he would have additional elemental power in his body, thunder!

This skill stacked with Ice Seal, the effect was simply explosive, a double restriction effect.

Tang Jiu felt like his long-range output ability was slowly taking shape too!

Furthermore, after absorbing two 10,000 year spirit bones, his spirit power had also advanced from level 36 to level 40 without a hitch!

Spirit Ancestor!

His peak strength, on the other hand, had gone straight from 87,000 pounds, breaking through the 100,000-pound mark and skyrocketing to 120,000 pounds! There was no longer any problem picking up the Poseidon Trident!

Tang Jiu felt that he could now hammer the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect's Spirit Saint Yuchen to death head-on!

After Tang Jiu opened his eyes, Dugu Yan had long since finished refining and was looking at Tang Jiu with a curious expression, Tang Jiu asked, "What is your Spirit Bone skill?"

"Secret!" Dugu Yan hummed in triumph.

"Xiao Jiu, we'll go back first, I hope you'll come to Heaven Dou City soon! Old me is going to give you a big gift!" Dugu Bo laughed playfully.

First, break Tang Jiu's legs, then marry his granddaughter to him afterwards, perfect!

Before leaving, Dugu Yan came up to Tang Jiu's ear and said, "Nice spirit bone, this sister will remember your favour, don't worry, I'll keep an eye on Ling Ling for you, and definitely don't let other boys come near."

Tang Jiu parted from the two and flew straight to Shrek Academy, he was going to show off to the Great Owl and make his eyes water!

"Great Owl, Great Earth Bear, and lovely schoolmates, I, Tang Jiu, am back!"

Tang Jiu yelled in the sky before he even entered Shrek, then stepped on top of the Shrek Academy's flagpole and waited for the crowd to come over ready to show off a bit.

"What's all the yelling about? Zhao Wuji is leading a team to go spirit hunting in the Great Star Dou Forest!"

Flender walked out, gave Tang Jiu a sidelong glance and laughed, "I knew you brat was a wimp, did you not dare to go to the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and came back after a grey spin?"

"Big Owl, you're wrong! I overpowered the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and not only did I get my spirit bones back, I even grabbed four 10,000 year spirit bones!"

"You just brag! Your father couldn't even do that!" Flender grunted in contempt.

"My father couldn't do it, that's because he's not capable! Just open your eyes!"

Tang Jiu lifted his Martial Spirit Fusion Technique and reached out, a vortex of blue thunder appearing above his head.

Spirit Bone Technique, Thunder Eyes!


A thunderbolt struck down from the vortex, Flender was wondering what this was all about when he didn't pay attention and was unexpectedly struck by a thunderbolt, his face immediately smoked black, his hair was blown into a bird's nest, and his glasses barred.

"Spirit bone skill!"

Flender's gaze was dumbfounded, Tang Jiu hadn't opened his martial soul, hadn't released his spirit ring, this was definitely a spirit bone skill!

Moreover, the Spirit Bone skill of harnessing thunder most likely came from the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan!

"You really got four spirit bones?"

Flender didn't care about being struck by lightning at this moment, the image could be worth a few gold coins, and he patted Tang Jiu's shoulder with a pleased expression.

"Ah Xiao Jiu, as a cadet of our Shrek, shouldn't you sponsor us a little? How about I give you the title of honorary cadet? How about getting an honorary teacher? Alright, just honorary headmaster!"

Tang Jiu laughed heatedly and said, "I'm afraid that won't work, I have already fused them!"

"Then aren't there still three pieces?" Flender rubbed his hands together and said.

"One piece, I gave it away!"


Flender almost choked to death, then said with hatred, "Who did you give it away to? I want it back! You're too embarrassed to ask for it, I will! It's a valuable asset to our Shrek!"

"Poison Douluo's granddaughter, Dugu Yan!" Tang Jiu waved his hand.

Flender's face darkened and he let out a dry laugh, this was going to turn from a great owl to a dead owl!

"Aren't there two more pieces?"

"I gave them away too! I have so many spirit bones that I can only use one and throw one away! I'm worried." Tang Jiu had a face that didn't care.

Flender had the urge to beat Tang Jiu to death at this moment, listen, is this human talk? This is definitely to show off!

Flender's eyes were red, "Who did you give it to this time?"

"My teacher!"

"So it's Gang, I'm going to ask him for it, and if he doesn't give it, hmph!" Flender rubbed his fists together with a grim smile, two pieces and you have the nerve not to share one with me?

"Go ahead, my teacher has just been gloriously born as the Grand Elder of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Sect, and there aren't many experts under him, only seven or eight at the Spirit Douluo level! It shouldn't take more than a second to hammer you to death!"

"Gang, become a Grand Elder!

Flender's eyes exploded, this world was so crazy that rats were playing bridesmaid to cats!

Tang Jiu lamented, "Last time when we killed Lord Notting City, you didn't do anything, you let my father take all the money away! This time when I asked you to go, you didn't go, Dugu Yan followed me and shared a spirit bone. My teacher went and split two spirit bones, I really feel sad for you, you missed out on a billion!"

"What, you're such a loser?!"

This really stuck out.

How powerful could Dugu Bo's granddaughter be, at best, a Spirit Elder, to be able to share a spirit bone! Even the Grandmaster, a war scum, could get two spirit bones.

That's more than a hundred million coins missed!

Shrek didn't even have a few tens of thousands of gold coins to spend now.

The golden mountain in Flender's mind that could have buried a man instantly disappeared, his heart ached so much!

Tang Jiu saw this and comforted him, "Seeing how hard it is for you, in telling you the unfortunate news, that spirit bone of Dugu Yan, a torso bone, is definitely from a dragon type spirit beast over 50,000 years old! Put it in the auction house, how much do you think it's worth?"

"The most precious torso bone, or a 50,000-year-old dragon type spirit bone! Oh my god~~ My money ~~~~"

Flender was going crazy from being comforted by Tang Jiu, having an opportunity to get rich overnight in front of him once in his life, yet he didn't cherish it!

The most damnable thing is, why did you tell me? That's cruel!

Flender hugged the flagpole in remorse, hammering his chest and repenting!

Li Yusong, the dragon stick, shook his head and said, "From now on, don't say we know Flender, we can't afford to lose face!"

Everyone immediately nodded in agreement, they had never seen such a money-loving Spirit Saint!

"Xiao Jiu, I've decided, next time, I won't dare do anything, I'll go with you!" Flender had learnt a lesson the hard way, and finally summed up a lesson, if you want to be rich, you have to follow Xiao Jiu and go crazy!

"Aren't you afraid that I'll provoke the Titled Douluo next time?" Tang Jiu said with a smirk.

"I'm not afraid! I'll help you carry the load if anything happens!" Flender didn't hesitate anymore, he didn't want to miss the next opportunity! Besides, if this kid wasn't brain-dead, he wouldn't mess with a Titled Douluo, if he ran into a Spirit Douluo level, couldn't he beat them and still run away?

"I feel like Flender is going to be out of luck this time!" Pan Long Stick Spirit Master Li Yusong said lazily.

Sugar bean Spirit Master Shao Xin, and Star chess Spirit Master Lu Qi Bin nodded in unison, "I didn't expect that the shrewd and cunning Flender would be fooled."

"He was bewitched by the Spirit Bone!" Pan Long Stick Spirit Master Li Yusong gave Tang Jiu an appreciative glance, this kid has a future!

Tang Jiu's heart was full of joy, next time, there was no telling who would come back to trouble him, let Flender take the blame first!

He was also the only one who had a good chance to get the best out of his spirit ring.


The town outside the Star Dou Great Forest, the inn.

Tang San and the others were enjoying their food when they got harassed.

The ones harassing them were none other than the Cang Hui Academy. On account of being a senior spirit master academy, these spirit masters were arrogant and domineering, pushing and shoving the people of the intermediate spirit master academy at will, and when they saw that Xiao Wu and the other girls were pretty, the hormone-overloaded male cadets even tried to kick over their table, trying to make Tang San and the others look bad to highlight their strength.

Tang San and the others weren't the least bit wimpy, Flender had said those spirit masters who didn't dare to cause trouble were mediocre!

Xiao Wu's character was belligerent, Ning Rongrong had nothing to do but try to cause trouble, the person who came up to look for trouble was kicked away directly by Xiao Wu with a series of kicks.

The lead teacher of Cang Hui Academy didn't expect that someone would dare to mess with them, and his face turned cold as he chided from on high, "Which academy are you from?"

"You don't deserve to know yet." Dai Mu Bai had a disdainful face.

"I am the director of Cang Hui College, Ye Zhiqiu." He held up his expensive eyes, with the look that he could scare you to death hearing my name.

Dai Mu Bai looked at the crowd in bewilderment, "Has anyone of you ever heard of Cang Hui Academy?"

"Never heard of it!" Xiao Wu thought about it very seriously, then shook her head.

The others also shook their heads, as they had indeed never heard of it. Ning Rongrong blinked and said, "The academy is not even famous, and he is still smugly declaring himself, how afraid he is of people not knowing!"

Ning Rongrong's words made the crowd laugh out loud.

Ye Zhiqiu was really pissed off, not ushering in a burst of envy after that registration, and as a result, he was mocked by a few little kids today.

"Humph! A bunch of arrogant brats! I'll take care of you for your teacher!"

"Martial Spirit, posses!"