27 Chapter 27: Retaliation 

Ye Qiu appeared on the other side, watching Xiao Wu leave. 

A millennium external soul bone — Remnant Chrysalis! After Xiao Wu absorbed it, her soul power level had reached level 23. 

When activated, a tough and transparent thorny layer membrance would appear on the surface of the body, easily defending against attacks from a Soul Douluo. 

According to her, it also had a certain absorption and conversion ability, absorbing the opponent's soul power in their attacks and converting it to replenish her own consumption. 

Most importantly, it allowed one to transform and rejuvenate like a forest anaconda. If heavily injured, it was okay; a transformation could fix it. Cooldown time: three years! (Compared to Snake Queen (Orochimaru), considering his words, this could only be a weakened version) 

Truly, it was an externally attached soul bone that fulfilled many functions, making Ye Qiu more relieved about Xiao Wu staying. At least, she had a certain level of self-defense capability. 

In fact, Xiao Wu lied to Ye Qiu to stay. The Remnant Chrysalis had another ability: mimicry! It could conceal Xiao Wu's soul beast aura. 

She didn't tell him that she didn't want to leave him but didn't want to burden him either. Angry about Tang Hao and his son attacking him, she enjoyed doing things for Ye Qiu. In the dark, Ye Qiu, watching Xiao Wu go, felt more and more angry, more and more uncomfortable! The father and son actually silently stared at Xiao Wu, letting her leave like this. 'Doesn't go along with me!' 

His eyes turned towards the direction of the Nouding Academy again. With the setting sun on his back, he was going to collect a debt, even if it was just a bit of interest. 

Every day at this time, Tang San would go to Yu Xiaogang's room to study theoretical knowledge. 

At this moment, Tang San was sitting at the desk, watching Yu Xiaogang's so-called theory on the ten core competencies of martial souls. 

In reality, these theories were just his notes taken while reading other people's books. 

As a soul master driven out of his family, what could be expected of him in terms of research? He could only go to the countryside, count the waste martial souls like Blue Silver Grass to see if they had soul power. Would higher-level soul masters pay attention to him? Giving him face, maybe! 

Ye Qiu had already infiltrated the faculty dormitories. 

In the corridor, Yu Xiaogang held a tray with the dinner for him and his beloved disciple. To give Tang San more time to study, he had done quite a bit of this kind of thing. 

With the The Sharingan 's ability, Ye Qiu poked his head out of the ceiling. The prepared laxative powder for livestock was released directly from the Divine Might Space dimention, falling like fine dust onto Yu Xiaogang below. 

In the food, watered down! "Achoo!" The airborne powder stimulated Yu Xiaogang, causing him to sneeze. 

Ye Qiu looked at the meal in front of him with a hint of nausea. He didn't know how much saliva Tang San will consume. 

The medicine was already in place; now, let the bullets fly for a while. 

A vortex appeared, and Ye Qiu disappeared from Nouding City. He didn't have much expectation for the performances of these master and disciple. 

He wanted to go back to the Biyou Village first, then go to the Holy Soul Village to pull out the grass and collect Tang Hao's interest. 

With the already prepared mark in a certain space outside the city, it was very convenient to rush over with kamui Divine Might Space dimention. In just a few breaths, he appeared here. 

Stepping on the breeze, carrying the sunset on his back, he slowly walked towards the direction of Biyou Village. 


"Little San, put it down and come eat!" 

Yu Xiaogang had just entered the room, not yet putting down what he was holding, when he called out to Tang San. 

"I know, Teacher! I'll be right there." Tang San put away his books. Ye Qiu's departure had relaxed his mood a lot. In the vast Nouding Academy, who else was his competitor? 

The master and disciple, like father and son, sat at the dining table. 

As Tang San picked up his rice bowl, he wrinkled his nose as if he had smelled something strange. "Teacher, does this rice have a weird smell?" 

Yu Xiaogang also sniffed, "No? Did you read too much, causing an olfactory hallucination?" 

"Is that so?" Tang San thought for a moment but couldn't figure out any reason.

Also, without much hesitation, they began to eat the dishes. 

"Hiss~" x2

Originally, while eating, Tang San was still thinking about how to please Xiao Wu that night. Suddenly, he took a cold breath. 

Yu Xiaogang reacted the same way. 

The master and disciple exchanged a glance, immediately dropped their chopsticks, and rushed outside. 

Due to Yu Xiaogang's early experiences, he had some trauma related to things like outhouses. Therefore, there was no toilet in his room. 

In the outhouse on the ground floor, the two were separated by a board. Tang San on the left, Yu Xiaogang on the right, and the faint sound continued. 

After spending a long time in this environment, Yu Xiaogang felt a bit fearful. As a result, the paper in his hand wasn't held steadily and accidentally fell to the ground. He immediately picked it up and blew on it. 

"Hoo~ Hoo~" 

The sound of Farting came to the cubicle on the right, where a teacher was squatting, who was in a bad mood because of constipation.

He directly shouted, "What are you farting? The things in your pit burn the mouth!" 

Hearing this, Yu Xiaogang stood still, the paper in his hand directly fell into the pit, and his face turned red. "How can you casually tarnish someone's innocence like this! I... I..." He was momentarily choked and couldn't come up with a reason. 

"Teacher, don't worry about it! Um..." Tang San's voice timely came from the side. 

Yu Xiaogang finally regained some composure. When he saw where the paper in his hand had gone, memories of an incident over ten years ago began to replay in his mind, and he couldn't shake it off. Eventually, he collapsed directly into the compartment. 

"Teacher, teacher?"


On the road, Ye Qiu, who was riding a ten-year soul beast Ironhoof Horse he had requisitioned from the forest, would never have thought that he had only used a laxative, and one person had already fallen. Now Tang San had to trouble himself to wipe Yu Xiaogang's bottom. 

As night fell, Ye Qiu, with a piece of Blue Silver Grass in his mouth, rode the horse back home under the moonlight. 

In dormitory seven, Tang San finally finished dealing with the mess on Yu Xiaogang's side and wearily returned to the dormitory. 

Even though he was a bit tired, as soon as he entered, his gaze moved to Xiao Wu's side. 

"Hmm?" Tang San suddenly noticed that Ye Qiu's bed, which belonged to Xiao Wu, was unexpectedly gone. 

To avoid hitting the muzzle again, he didn't directly ask Xiao Wu but went to find Wang Sheng first. "Wang Sheng, what's going on? Didn't Xiao Wu say not to touch Ye Xiaogang's things? If you make Xiao Wu angry, see how I deal with you guys!" 

"Third Brother!" Wang Sheng had a mournful face; after all, Senior Sister Xiao Wu was the boss of Dormitory Seven. He didn't dare to provoke her. "Senior Sister Xiao Wu did it herself." 

"What?" Tang San's spirit shook. Could it be that Xiao Wu had come to terms with it? Was she going to forget about that waste Ye Qiu? 

On the side, Xiao Wu, who was sitting on the bed playing with the ring, had noticed Tang San's return a long time ago! 

From a distance, Xiao Wu shouted at him, "I threw away Ye Qiu's things. What? Do you have a problem with that?" 

"No, no, how could there be! Xiao Wu, whatever you do is right!" Tang San ignored Wang Sheng's disdainful gaze, waving his hands in a panic, completely different from before. 


"Really! It must be true!" He nodded quickly. Xiao Wu finally agreed to talk to him. 

"Hmph! I'm in a bad mood, go fetch a basin of foot wash for me!" 


"What? Don't want to go? Then Wang Sheng, you go!" Xiao Wu waved her hand indifferently, signaling Wang Sheng to hurry up. 

"Wang Sheng! You stop for me, let go of that basin, and let me do it!" Tang San snatched the basin from Wang Sheng's hand, eagerly went to fetch the water. 

Watching Tang San's back, Wang Sheng's mouth twitched, while Xiao Wu sneered silently. 

'A toad wanting to eat swan meat, thinking it's beautiful even though it's ugly! Retribution has just begun!' 

Caressing the ring on her finger, Xiao Wu didn't want to throw away Ye Qiu's things. She even collected his bed.

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