Douluo Dao : Soul Archer: The Bow of Destiny

In the world of Douluo, Feng Xuan is reborn with a rare and powerful martial soul, the Golden Bow Vijaya, a legacy intertwined with ancient myths and celestial prowess. Guided by Shivarjuna, a mentor from the epic Mahabharata, Feng Xuan embarks on an odyssey of self-discovery, rigorous training, and epic battles. Driven by a thirst to uncover the secrets of his reincarnated heritage, Feng Xuan navigates a realm where martial arts prowess and spiritual enlightenment reign supreme. As he harnesses the celestial energies of his Golden Bow, he embarks on a quest to master its unique abilities, testing his resolve against formidable adversaries and ancient mysteries that threaten the balance of Douluo. Along his journey, Feng Xuan allies with familiar faces from the Douluo Dalu universe—companions who share his quest for mastery and stand with him through triumph and adversity. Together, they forge unbreakable bonds, facing challenges that test their strength, honor, and loyalty. As Feng Xuan confronts the shadows of his past and embraces the destiny laid before him, he discovers the true essence of his martial soul and the legacy it carries. Through epic battles and soul-stirring revelations, he unveils the interconnectedness of his past life and his present existence, shaping his identity as a hero destined to transcend the boundaries of legend.

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50 Chs

Golden Bow Soul Spirit

At long last it was Feng xuan's turn, Su Yuntao didn't have to speak, he already stepped ahead to stand in the centre of the six pitch black stones.

In pace with Su Yuntao's six streams of spirit power pouring into them, the pale golden light once more shone up brightly. Warmth, this was Feng xuan's first sensation, as if his whole body was wrapped up inside a nice and warm world, unspeakably comfortable. No wonder those children before could smooth their emotions when wrapped up in the light.

Warm breath permeated into the body, and Feng Xuan distinctly became aware that his own internal power seemingly fluctuated. Immediately afterwards, in that warm energy's traction, within the body just as if something had broken, in a split second warm breath surged towards the palm of his hand.

Su Yuntao's eyes abruptly shone, because within that golden light, there appeared so many golden flecks that it was even more than what all the previous children possessed together. He faintly sensed, as if a correspondingly powerful spirit would appear. Excitement showed in his manner.

Speaking of those Spirit Hall attendants responsible for ordinary people's spirit awakening, if they could awaken a potentially outstanding child, then bring him to Spirit Hall, they could acquire many first class benefits. With regard to getting promoted it was enormously advantageous.

Feng Xuan subconsciously lifted his right hand, he saw something Golden. This type of Golden had appeared First time at the village's Spirit Hall this day.

Golden bow, tool spirit.

Feng Xuan shocked by its radiance.

Su Yuntao also shocked by its radiance and understand that its top level soul spirit.

Su Yuntao was dumbfounded all of a sudden, turning around, to Feng Xuan's shocked expression. In his heart musing, this child was seemingly out of the ordinary.

he handed over the blue crystal ball to Feng xuan.

As before, Su Yuntao instructed to withdraw Golden bow from within the body. He realized, this really was not difficult.

With his palm just about to touch the blue crystal ball, Feng Xuan's body fiercely trembled all of a sudden. He was shocked to discover, that seemingly very beautiful blue crystal ball unexpectedly possessed tremendous attraction, his inner strength surging out as if finding an outlet. He wanted to struggle free, but no matter how he tried he was unable to escape out that strong attraction.

Su Yuntao was similarly amazed. To think that this situation would arise while the last spirit power test of this Holy Spirit village's was taken. Suddenly, the blue crystal ball in his hand began to shine, dazzling blue light starting from a point spread in a flash. In an eye blink, this crystal ball looked just like it was a resplendent gem giving off sparkling luminescence. A cool blue flare showed, unspeakably moving.

"Heavens, it actually is innate full spirit power." Su Yuntao shouted.

He was so shocked that in seemingly low level village like Holy Spirit village there are two boys with full spirit power.

First was okay because he had useless blue silver grass but second boy has golden bow spirit which likely to top level tool spirit like Houtian hammer.

Houtian hammer are widely known best of best tool spirit in Douluo continent which is held by Houtian sect.

Su Yuntao asked

"What is your name child?"

Feng Xuan reply,

"My name is Feng xuan and I am adopted child of village chief Grandpa Jack."

Su Yuntao asked,

"Do you want to become discipline of Martial soul hall?"

Feng Xuan think and understand that if he want to survived Douluo land then he needed back up force to grow smoothly so he replied with respect,

"Sir, let me think about it and asked my grand pa."

Su Yuntao,


Su Yuntao had already picked up the bundle and headed to leave.

"Old Jack."

Door open, old Jack with a tense face went to meet Su Yuntao.

"Grandmaster, what do you think. Do this year's village children possibly have capability of becoming spirit masters?"

Su Yuntao looked at him, made a sighing sound, and said:

"There is two who does, only it's a pity for one."

In Jack's eyes revealed a bewildered indeterminate expression. Enquiring further, he asked:

"Grandmaster, that outcome is… "

Su Yuntao said:

"This year among these eight children, only two possess spirit power, and even innate full spirit power, it's too bad, one has his spirit is blue silver grass. You understand?"

"Blue silver grass? Innate full spirit power? Heavens."

On Jack's face was a downcast expression which was much more grave compared to Su Yuntao. He who had been village chief for so many years, naturally understood what significance innate full spirit power represented. But this innate full spirit power appeared with blue silver grass spirit; that truly was…

"Grandmaster, blue silver grass truly has no way of cultivation?"

Jack asked with a frown.

Su Yuntao could understand old Jack's state of mind. Instead of his earlier arrogant manner, patting old Jack's shoulder, he said:

"It is not entirely unable to cultivate. Only, you consider blue silver grass in rate of spirit promotion; what can evolution accomplish? Useless spirits are in the end useless spirits. Even while becoming a spirit master, he probably will be a useless spirit master. This innate full spirit power truly is a pity."

"But the second one has Golden bow spirit and has full spirit power who likely to your son Feng Xuan."

Jack was delighted to hear,

Su Yuntao added "I also wanted him to join Martial soul hall, If possible you can tell him to come. I will be waiting for some time."

Jask happily reply,

"Okay you can wait in our village I will talk with Xuan about it."

Tang san and Feng Xuan asked

 "Jack grandpa, what is a spirit ring? How can one obtain a spirit ring?"

Old Jack, as if still thinking over Su Yuntao's words, subconsciously answered:

"I also do not know what spirit ring is. In order to obtain spirit ring, one seemingly must hunt spirit beasts. This is very a very dangerous task that only spirit masters are capable of."