Douluo Dalu: The Rise of Pokémon

As someone who is a animal right activists, Wang Shòu died after saving an injured dog instead of human But to Wang Shòu's surprise, he actually reincarnated in Douluo Dalu?! And not only that, he actually turn into Pikachu, the mascot of Pokémon! He find out later on, as long he get strong enough, he can turn into other Pokémons and even Legendary Pokémon! Looking at all of the unfairness that spirit beast is subjected to...he made a choice in his heart. Humanity! As long I am alive, you will never persecute the spirit beasts again! So watch the journey of Zero as he bring the rise of Pokémon and bring down the cruel God-King Tang San. -The mc is going to be anti-humanity, but in some cases, he will choose to cooperate with good humans such as Tang Wulin. Also in this novel, Gods and Titled Douluo will be much stronger.

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New Threats

After Wang Shóu's epiphany and enlightenment, he returned to where his companions were.

He was not worried about Xiong Yong and Zhizhu being in danger. Xiong Yong could easily rival a spirit beast that was 10,000 years old, while Zhizhu had reached 6,000 years and could contend with superior spirit beasts too.

Over the past two years, he also had taught Xiong Yong and Zhizhu TM moves from his Move Shop.

Wang Shóu wasn't concerned that Xiong Yong and Zhizhu would leak this knowledge, as he fully trust them. Of course, Xiong Yong and Zhizhu, upon learning this, solemnly promised to never to reveal it to others.

For Xiong Yong, after careful consideration, Wang Shóu had him learn Bulk Up, which increases Attack and Defense by one stage. Additionally, he learned Agility, which drastically increases Speed by two stages.

Xiong Yong primarily used his claw projection as his attack method. So, Wang Shóu felt it wasn't a bad thing for Xiong Yong to continue focusing on it, so he decided to go with Bulk Up to increase Xiong Yong's lethality.

Considering Xiong Yong's bulky build, while he was fast, when faced with a faster enemy, Xiong Yong would be easily toyed with. So, Agility was the perfect move for Xiong Yong to drastically increase his speed within a short period of time.

As for Zhizhu, considering her weak physique, Wang Shóu had her learn Protect, which can defend against any attack that is not overwhelmingly powerful. He also taught her Leech Life, which steals the target's health to regenerate her own, increasing Zhizhu's sustainability.

Finally, due to Zhizhu's lack of an attack method, Wang Shóu had her learn Poison Jab, which can poison the target with arms or legs coated in poison, with a certain chance of poisoning the target. While it wasn't too strong and had 80 attack power, Zhizhu had eight legs to use Poison Jab with, making it perfect for her.

Interestingly enough, he found out that Zhizhu's Poison Jab was far stronger than it should be. When Zhizhu first used it, it could easily penetrate thick trees, even though she barely knew how to use it.

After training her mastery of Poison Jab to an Advanced mastery, Zhizhu's Poison Jab could penetrate thick boulders and corrode them with ease.

Watching this, Wang Shóu had a speculation in his mind. So, he mentally checked with his system to confirm his speculation.

To his surprise, the system's answer was that apparently, upon learning TM moves, which are Pokémon moves, spirit beasts would be able to get a STAB bonus if their type aligned with the move they were using.

This opened up a new world for Wang Shóu. The addition of TM moves along with STAB bonuses was definitely a game-changer in this Douluo World!

Though he wondered... does it apply to humans too?

Anyway, after learning this new knowledge, he speculated that Zhizhu, if she were a Pokémon, would be Poison and Bug type, which was a pretty easy guess.

While Xiong Yong, Wang Shóu wasn't exactly sure what his type would be, so after racking his head, he guessed that Xiong Yong probably would be Fighting and Rock type.

It was a shame that his BP was almost gone after spending it on Xiong Yong, Zhizhu, and of course, some for himself too.

But Wang Shóu wasn't unhappy about it. The best use for BP was to use it to improve strength instead of letting it lie around.

All in all, while Wang Shóu had made amazing progress, Xiong Yong and Zhizhu had also made amazing progress too.


Close to the edge of the Great Star Dou Forest, two new arrivals stepped into the forest.

A young man, around 18 years old with black hair and an arrogant expression, accompanied by a middle-aged bearded man with a stoic expression.

The young man was Han Feng, with the martial soul Rock Bear, possessing an innate soul power of 6. He was now a Soul Ancestor, rank 50, on the verge of breaking through to Soul King.

The middle-aged man was Wu Tie, with the martial soul Jade Sword. He was a Soul Saint, rank 76, and acted as the protector of Han Feng on this occasion.

"The Great Star Dou Forest is shabbier than I thought,"

Han Feng commented, visibly uncomfortable at being there.

Normally, Han Feng would prefer to be anywhere else than in the Great Star Dou Forest, but he had a goal he couldn't miss.

"Once I find it and absorb it, my martial soul will evolve, and I will be more powerful than ever! Wahahaha!"

Han Feng laughed arrogantly, imagining his bright future.

Besides Han Feng, Wu Tie secretly shook his head disdainfully.

'If it weren't for the fact that your grandfather is one of the Thirty-Six Elders, I wouldn't care about you'

The Thirty-Six Elders held an extremely important position within the Spirit Pagoda. They handled all important details, and it was said that almost all Thirty-Six Elders were Soul Douluo, close to reaching Titled Douluo.

Han Feng's grandfather, in particular, was one of the rare Thirty-Six Elders to reach Titled Douluo and possessed a rare Three-word Battle Armor. Among the Thirty-Six Elders, Han Feng's grandfather was definitely one of the strongest.

So, if it weren't for giving Han Feng's grandfather face, Wu Tie would have ignored Han Feng. After all, a Soul Saint's time was quite precious.

But for now, his goal was to protect Han Feng until he got the desired spirit beast he wanted.

"Are you sure you can protect me in the Great Star Dou Forest, Wu Tie?"

Han Feng questioned, ignoring the rudeness of questioning his bodyguard, who was supposed to protect him.

In his view, there was nothing more precious than his own life.

"Yes, young master Han Feng. Even the Inner Region would be easy for me,"

Wu Tie replied, expressing great confidence.

If he had only been a Soul Saint originally, Wu Tie would never have said that. But with his Two-word Battle Armor, it is completely different.

Battle Armor was a new technology invented by humanity to advance their combat power even further. Those who used Battle Armor were called Battle Armor Masters and required intense soul power and a strong physique to use it.

In return, it is tailor-made for the spirit master, boosting physical power, spiritual power, defense, and the effect of soul skills to a higher level.

Battle Armor is divided into four levels, and with the increase in level, the Battle Armor would be granted an extra word in its title.

One-word Battle Armor, Two-word Battle Armor, Three-word Battle Armor, and Four-word Battle Armor.

The reason Battle Armor Masters is so revered was that they would be twenty soul ranks stronger than any soul master of the same soul power rank. If a Soul King equipped a one-word Battle Armor, his strength would be equivalent to that of a Soul Saint soul master. If equipped with Two-word Battle Armor, he could match a Soul Douluo, and so forth.

Of course, it get harder to improve at higher levels and would not provide the Title Douluo with a huge increase compared to a Soul King who used it.

Still it is rather substantial for Soul Saint. With Two-word Battle Armor, Wu Tie is confident that he could match any spirit beast under 100,000 years old.

"Good, I will rely on you,"

Han Feng sighed with relief after making sure he got the answer he needed.

'Now I need to obtain that spirit beast at all costs!'

Han Feng thought, with a ferocious expression on his face. As the grandson of a Titled Douluo, having a slightly above ordinary martial soul like Rock Bear, with an innate soul power of 6, had always been his inner pain.

Not to mention his slow progress of still being a Soul King despite being 18 years old.

He was discontent and would often go to bars and molest women. Until one day, he heard news that could potentially change his life forever.

"Now let's look for that Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bear! I need it to evolve my martial spirit!"

Wang Shóu, Xiong Yong, and Zhizhu could have never imagined that their peaceful times would be interrupted by greedy humans...


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