Douluo Dalu: The Rise of Pokémon

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What is Douluo Dalu: The Rise of Pokémon

Read ‘Douluo Dalu: The Rise of Pokémon’ Online for Free, written by the author Supreme_Lazy_Otaku, This book is a Anime & Comics Fanfic, covering ACTION Fanfiction, ROMANCE Fan Fiction, SYSTEM Fanfiction Net, and the synopsis is: As someone who is a animal right activists, Wang Shòu died after saving an injured dog instead of humanBut to Wang Shòu'...


As someone who is a animal right activists, Wang Shòu died after saving an injured dog instead of human But to Wang Shòu's surprise, he actually reincarnated in Douluo Dalu?! And not only that, he actually turn into Pikachu, the mascot of Pokémon! He find out later on, as long he get strong enough, he can turn into other Pokémons and even Legendary Pokémon! Looking at all of the unfairness that spirit beast is subjected to...he made a choice in his heart. Humanity! As long I am alive, you will never persecute the spirit beasts again! So watch the journey of Zero as he bring the rise of Pokémon and bring down the cruel God-King Tang San. -The mc is going to be anti-humanity, but in some cases, he will choose to cooperate with good humans such as Tang Wulin. Also in this novel, Gods and Titled Douluo will be much stronger.

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"Dulou: Rise of Pokemon" takes readers on an enchanting journey into a captivating realm where a person's reincarnation as a Pokemon unfolds. This story seamlessly blends the familiar world of Pokemon with the allure of spirit beasts, creating a unique and enthralling narrative. As the protagonist navigates this new existence, the story delves deep into themes of identity and belonging. With its inventive premise and engaging plot, "Dulou: Rise of Pokemon" offers readers a delightful escape into a world where the boundaries of fantasy are delightfully expanded.


One of the best douluo fanfic. no hypocrite Mc the concept of Pokemon in douluo world is very good and idea of increasing power level of all creatures was the best adds some thrillingness waiting for more updates 😍😍😍😍 It would be best if you don't go for harem very big. Maximum 2 or 4 and thy understand Mc and not some love at 1st sight


One of the Best Doulou Fanfics I have Read, It's thousands of times better than the Chinese Fanfics which have Stupid Mc. Just putting some more words since I need like 200 words total to post it. Anyway Great Fanfic, Keep up the good work.


Good job man.


just synopsis alone made me discard this ff. it's one of those ff where mc have some saviour complex. I'd rather avoid damaging my brain with this.....


will this novel still be continued?I Wish it will




Honestly this is the best fanfic i have seen also i hope the author doesn't drop it it has "potential". Still waiting for the next update


Faz tempo que eu estou procurando uma fanfic que o MC é um pokemon. Até agora eu estou gostando, por favor, não pare de postar......................




If this is gonna be harem from the start, out the freaking tag in the description. I am so tired of seeing an interesting story that doesn't have that tag at the front but within the story, it is a harem. This is just my rant and you can ignore this but do have fun writing this Author-san, have a pleasant day.


well is a good fic fusion of Pokémon and doulu dalu keep up the good work author, thanks for the chapter and hope this novel will not be drop


Reveal spoiler






A good one but don't drop it halfway please! !


mi favorito Hasta el momento[img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar] [img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar] [img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar]


Uno de los mejores Fanfics de Doulou que he leído, es miles de veces mejor que los Fanfics chinos que tienen Stupid Mc[img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar] [img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar][img=recomendar]


I am honestly loving this series and I love the concept behind it. Normally I hate hero type mcs but when he is doing it for other monsters it’s really cute 🥰 . I hope you continue this series and don’t drop it.


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