Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler

Leon was an average high school student, who love to watch anime and read novels. However, when Leon was about to cross the street, a truck greeted him straight in the face and killed him. He got reincarnated as an Uchiha, and dead again because Itachi killed him. Leon got reincarnated once again as the grandson of the recovery girl. He got kidnapped and tortured by All For One. After his third death, he got reincarnated as the son of Bibi Dong. In this fourth life, he wants to change his fate to become the strongest. Note: Please read the tag before reading. - English is not my first language, so there would be grammatical mistakes in this story. - Please give my story a proper review. - I accept a suggestion, but no spam! You guys also can support me through P4treon! Here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/NineClouds69 Discord: https://discord.gg/xnWexbbwNG PS: I don't own the cover, and any characters or world in this story, except for my own OC (Original Character)

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Yunlong's New Vassal, Maid?

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--- Chapter 433 ---

Kazahana Castle.

Three people ate their warm dinner in this spacious dining room, but the mood was somewhat awkward, especially for the third person.

Kazahana Koyuki felt like she was eating dog food, watching how lovey-dovey Yunlong and Kaguya were. She's the castle master, so why did she feel like an outsider here?

"Is it delicious?" Yunlong supported his chin with his hand while watching Kaguya eating her dinner. He had spent around 5-10 minutes making a full-course dinner for her.

And that 5-10 minutes are more than worth it when Kaguya replied with a happy smile.

Kaguya finished her second plate of roasted meat, "Mm, your cooking is still the best."

"I'm glad, haha." Yunlong chuckled a little.

'You guys are cruel! There is a single person here!' Kazahana Koyuki felt like crying. However, she keeps it inside and doesn't want to offend Yunlong and Kaguya because they are entities beyond her scope.

After Kaguya finished five more plates of roasted spirit beast's meat, she told Yunlong she was going to the Hidden Veins of Life and kissed him goodnight.

Yunlong glanced at the stacked plates and sighed, "She's holding back. Aih, she could have eaten more to fill her stomach, but research is more important, apparently."

"As a Beast God, she needed a lot of energy, so eating this much is just for the taste."

"Oh, you're still here, Kazahana Koyuki." Yunlong casually turned around and acknowledged the castle master's presence.

'What do you mean? I'm always here!' Kazahana Koyuki was depressed.

"Y-Yes, Sword God."

"I don't want to disturb your personal time with your wife."

Yunlong shook his head helplessly, "My bad for intruding randomly. I was used to moving freely back in the Bright Spirit Empire."

'Bright Spirit Empire, so you're an Emperor?' Kazahana Koyuki was speechless.

"Um, you're an emperor? Not were?"

As the Land of Snow's Daimyo, she learned one or two things about the Sword God's background as the current Hokage shared it with her. This devilish, handsome man before her is the Human Ancestor of Shinobi World!

He's also the ruler of the Land of Ancestors.

Yunlong put on a playful smirk, "No, I'm talking about my empire in another world."

"Another world..." Kazahana Koyuki felt her world turned upside down as she talked with this man.

"Yeah, it's called Douluo Dalu World," Yunlong said while pouring a glass of water for himself. "In fact, the power I bestowed you earlier was from that world."

"Oh, yeah. Why don't you show me your Martial Spirit?"

Kazahana Koyuki instinctively knew what Yunlong meant and summoned her silver hand mirror, which was 'meticulously' plated with precious jewels on the handle.

Yunlong stared at Kazahana Koyuki's Martial Spirit and commented lightly, "Hmm, interesting. Maybe this has something to do with the soul of this world's inhabitants."

"After all, you guys' souls could survive a very long time in the impure and pure long with enough resentment or attachment. Koyuki, do you know that the Martial Spirit is the manifestation of one's soul."

"And yours is a hand mirror because you were an artist in the heart but also stopped doing it because you had become older and wanted to preserve your noble upbringing."

Kazahana Koyuki's eyes widened in shock, "H-How did you know?"

"There is a reason your hand mirror is silver." Yunlong drank his water calmly. "Silver is less precious than gold."

Of course, he won't tell Kazahana Koyuki about his system's introduction of her Martial Spirit. On the corner of his eyes, a system panel is hovering calmly.

[Name: Silver Luster Mirror]

[Type: Martial Spirit(Tool-type)

[Grade: A+]

[Description: Silver Luster Mirror hailed from an arduous experience and noble's bloodline yet lacked the drive, making the possessor of such Martial Spirit have limited ability until they found their true self]

Yunlong could tell that Kazahana Koyuki had potential because she wasn't bronze. Unfortunately, she wasted too much time in her younger days and ran away from her passion.

Even when that passion rekindled, it wasn't the same anymore.

After becoming a Godking, Yunlong's comprehension of the Martial Spirit and its wonder has increased tremendously. He has witnessed many types of Martial Spirit, acknowledging their future attainment.

Strictly speaking, even an ordinary sickle could become a terrifying Grim Reaper's scythe if someone who possessed it awakened Spirit Power and cultivated it carefully.

But not everyone could awaken Spirit Power in the past. Not until Yunlong spread his Divinity of Miracles on the Douluo Planet and Dream Beast Galaxy, giving everyone a first chance, or even a second in life.

Yunlong's Divinity of Miracles is still getting more overwhelming to this very moment because those people wholeheartedly cultivated their Martial Spirits.

The increase is noticeable because Yunlong blessed the whole galaxy before visiting the Shinobi World. If Yunlong blessed the Shinobi World with the Divinity of Miracles, he couldn't imagine the increasing Divine Power he could get because of the inhabitants' unique souls.

Anyway, back to their conversation.

"I..." Kazahana Koyuki was stunned. She didn't have many comments after listening to Yunlong.

She has indeed lost her passion.

After becoming an actress for over twenty years, the industry becomes less likable for her liking. Not to mention, many younger 'Kunoichi' actresses could fill her roles like gloves.

Yes, she has lost her place.

So, Kazahana Koyuki took an alternative route her father left behind and became the Land of Snow's Daimyo, living a more lucrative life. She would wonder what would happen if she kept pursuing her acting career.

At some point, Kazahana Koyuki even tried to become a movie producer and wanted to create a masterpiece. However, failure after failure buried her spark of passion again.

"Kazahana Koyuki. You still have dreams, right?" Yunlong asked all of a sudden.

Kazahana Koyuki felt a throbbing sensation in her chest.

She clenched her hand and replied, "Yes."

"Do you want to relive your passion?"


"Then, from now on, the Land of Snow shall become vassals of the Bright Spirit Empire. Don't worry. I will guarantee your people won't suffer under my reign." Yunlong smiled at her.

"On the contrary, they might become more content with their lives. Do you understand?"

Kazahana Koyuki held her breath and took a moment to reply, "Yes."

"Then, look into my eyes."

Kazahana Koyuki slowly lifted her head and gazed straight into Yunlong's crimson eyes. The eyes slowly rotated into the infamous Three Tomoe Sharingan, Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan, and Golden Rinnegan.

The Land of Snow's Daimyo fell into a semi-virtual space and cautiously tread a new path. With her mental fortitude, Yunlong counted she could only last for a few seconds. It is equal to a year or two inside the trial.

Surprisingly, Kazahana Koyuki persisted longer and bit her own lips to bleed.

"Let's see what kind of flower you'd bloom into, Kazahana Koyuki." He commented with a small smile. Yunlong threw his head back and leaned against the well-crafted dining chair comfortably.

Thirty minutes later.

Yunlong tapped his finger against the dining table and smirked, "Well, I had to say, you're blooming wonderfully."

At this very moment, Kazahana Koyuki opened her eyes and revealed a pair of eyes filled with wisdom. Her formerly weak aura has changed into this strange tranquility and confidence.

There is also a faint divine aura coming from her.

She let out a moan, "Mhm~!"

"Everything felt like a dream yet real at the same time."

"It's just like Infinite Tsukuyomi, but better."

Yunlong jokingly complained, "Please don't compare my Semi-Virtual Trial with Infinite Tsukuyomi. The latter is infinitely worse."

Kazahana Koyuki blinked a few times and finally gazed at Yunlong emotionally, "You're right, Yunlong-sama."

"They are incomparable. Please forgive my lack of insight." She smiled a little.

"Also..." Kazahana Koyuki stood up from her seat and kneeled before Yunlong. "Thank you for giving me this second chance."

"From now on... I will be your most loyal servant(maid)."

"And The Land of Snow will follow your order and no one else!"

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