Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler

Leon was an average high school student, who love to watch anime and read novels. However, when Leon was about to cross the street, a truck greeted him straight in the face and killed him. He got reincarnated as an Uchiha, and dead again because Itachi killed him. Leon got reincarnated once again as the grandson of the recovery girl. He got kidnapped and tortured by All For One. After his third death, he got reincarnated as the son of Bibi Dong. In this fourth life, he wants to change his fate to become the strongest. Note: Please read the tag before reading. - English is not my first language, so there would be grammatical mistakes in this story. - Please give my story a proper review. - I accept a suggestion, but no spam! You guys also can support me through P4treon! Here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/NineClouds69 Discord: https://discord.gg/xnWexbbwNG PS: I don't own the cover, and any characters or world in this story, except for my own OC (Original Character)

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Three Goddesses' Little Adventure

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--- Chapter 435 ---

Meanwhile, after separating themselves from Yunlong, Bibi Dong, Dong Chan, and Gu Yuena arrived at the Land of Fire. Yes, they are looking for mundane entertainment in this new world.

"Uh, wait!" Dong Chan suddenly grabbed Bibi Dong and Gu Yuena's shoulders.

"What, what's the matter?" Gu Yuena was annoyed. They are about to enter a city when Dong Chan drags them back.

Bibi Dong was also puzzled by her other self.

Dong Chan rubbed her forehead and sighed, "Are we just going to enter the city with this kind of clothes? Remember, we are in another world with different traditions and culture than us."

The three of them stared at each other. They are wearing beautiful and high-end dresses that encase their lust-inviting bodies and charming appearance.

Bibi Dong and Dong Chan wore matching dresses but had different colors, which were 'meticulously' made with heavenly materials from the Douluo Planet.

On the other hand, Gu Yuena's silver dress is her dragon scales, which she can shape freely at will.

If they walk into the city with these dresses, they will be the center of attention. No, they are goddesses in their own league, so they are bound to attract attention.

Bibi Dong giggled, "You're right. We shouldn't have worn this kind of outfit when visiting another world. But to blend in, we have to get some intel first."

"Let's kidnap a few inhabitants and read their memories!" Gu Yuena decisively said.

"That's rash." Dong Chan was speechless.

Gu Yuena scowled, "Do you have a better idea then?"

"Uh, I'm not..."

"I thought so."

Bibi Dong had a funny look and volunteered, "I will do it. My divinity is suitable for this kind of thing."

The Goddess of Love snapped her finger, and a pink light swept over the nearby city. She observed the memories of women from ages 16 to 45 before deciding which fashion sense was appropriate for them.

After that, she shared those memories with Dong Chan and Gu Yuena.

"Isn't this just like the clothes people from the Hero and Villain World bought for our world?" Dong Chan was puzzled. "Kimono and Yukata, which we already have in some style."

"Yeah." Bibi Dong was also stunned. "I saw some good ones in the Bright Spirit City's boutique and bought some for myself."

"Aih, Yunlong didn't tell us beforehand."

"Anyway, let's change!" Gu Yuena impatiently transformed her silver dress into a white kimono with dragon embroidery made of silver threads. She also added a purple sash and did her hair in a ponytail.

She was too hungry to think about fashion nonsense. Even then, she still looked fabulous. Her enviable figure is just damn good for every outfit.

Bibi Dong and Dong Chan glanced at each other, "As expected of Silver Dragon Goddess."

"Hurry up!" Gu Yuena grumbled at them.

"Calm down, can't you?"

"Yuena, you're not yourself when you are hungry."

Bibi Dong rubbed her fingers as divine light slowly crept over her purple dress, changing them into a kimono. Her sensual figure was 'beautifully' covered by the slightly loose purple kimono, which has love-shaped patterns. She added a white sash and let her hair loose down.

Unlike Gu Yuena and Bibi Dong, Dong Chan is more modest. She changed her white dress into a white kimono with a purple lotus pattern and finished the touch with a red sash.

She also styled her hair in a bun, letting some strands fall on each side of her head.

The three goddesses have transformed into three beautiful women who could top a country. Strictly speaking, their charm didn't change at all.

"Done? Let's enter the city." Gu Yuena hurriedly walked to the city.

Dong Chan looked at the fleeting dragon helplessly and sighed again, "I haven't applied Purity Cover, so our Divine Presence didn't leak out too much and destroy this world's balance."

"Whatever, take this."

Dong Chan sent her divine power to Gu Yuena's body with a finger flick and restricted her presence.

"Do mine as well." Bibi Dong was curious about Dong Chan's divinity.

"Wait a second." Dong Chan gathered her divinity on her fingertip and sent it to Bibi Dong.

Bibi Dong felt a warm current surrounding her body, which made her feel like a mortal woman. Although her cold temperament and noble aura still exist, such arrogance fits her beauty.

Dong Chan hugged Bibi Dong's arm, "Let's check the city, sister."

Hearing 'sister' come from Dong Chan's mouth, Bibi Dong instinctively smiled and replied, "Mm, let's go."

Three of them entered the city curiously. However, they quickly faced another problem.

They don't have this world's currency.

Fortunately, Gu Yuena was shameless enough to create precious gems and trade them for a few million Ryos.

They checked hot springs, restaurants, fashion boutiques, and several sceneries.

After being satisfied or disappointed with one settlement, they moved to another one nearby and usually didn't stay longer than one hour unless something piqued their interest.

In the evening, they finally arrived at the new city.

Gu Yuena is munching on skewered squid and hears a commotion from one of the restaurants nearby.

"Everyone, please line up accordingly!"

"Don't worry. Ichiraku Ramen's limited menu, Moon's Drop Ramen, is in supply until 3 P.M.!"

"Noodle shop?" Dong Chan looked at the crowded restaurant with interest. "From the crowds alone, it seems popular."

"How popular a noodle shop can be?" Bibi Dong was not impressed.

"The fragrance alone is amazing, though." Gu Yuena commented with a twitching nose.

One random customer opened his mouth and said, "Hey, I heard the owner, Teuchi-sensei, is testing the ramen in this branch."

"Really?" Another random customer chimed in.

"Yeah, for quality control. Although you can share recipes, you can share the craft of a master!"

"Damn. You're right. Teuchi-sensei is over sixty and still making the best ramen."

"Hehe, I can't wait now."

Bibi Dong's eyes flashed as she walked to the restaurant, "Let's see if this noodle master can surprise me."

"If he could touch even 1% of Yunlong's culinary power, I would give him a chance to open a branch in the Bright Spirit Empire."

Unknown to Bibi Dong, this line started a favorite ramen franchise that spread over countless universes.

In the future, many will visit Douluo Planet for the ramen that only Gods and other powerful entities could enjoy.

"Welcome, welcome, to Ichiraku Ramen~!"

As Bibi Dong, Dong Chan, and Gu Yuena sat in the restaurant and ordered Moon's Drop Ramen, their hunger resurfaced. The ramen master, Teuchi, made every ramen himself and served them with a smile.

"T-This is..." Bibi Dong stared at her bowl in awe

"Delicious." Dong Chan praised honestly.

"Not bad, not bad, it's close to Yunlong's level." Gu Yuena happily devoured her ramen. "Little servant, serve another bowl for me."

Soon, they ordered five more bowls, and none made them disappointed.

Teuchi watched the three beautiful women eat and smiled at them, "I'm glad you enjoy my craft."

After that, Teuchi kept boiling more noodles and prepared more bowls for the next customer. Yet the three goddesses collectively agreed to put this man on the list of rare talents they'd to recruit.

Not every day is a talented man like Teuchi born into the world.

Bibi Dong wiped her mouth with a napkin, "This world is not bad at all."

"Alright, I won't add too much pressure later on when the Bright Spirit Empire puts this world under control."

"Especially this noodle shop."

"Stand proud, Ichiraku Ramen, you have impressed me."

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