34 One week later

--- Chapter 34 ---

A week later, after Yunlong meet with Qian Renxue and help to repair her bond with Bibi Dong.

We could see Yunlong standing on the private training field, which is beside the supreme pontiff palace.

"Behind you." Qian Renxue's calm voice suddenly entered his ears.

Yunlong making his golden-threaded handkerchief, appear behind his back and directly hardened it to block the incoming attack.


"As always, your handkerchief is ridiculous." Qian Rexue commented while looking at her sword got blocked by a handkerchief.

"What do you mean by that, big sister?" Yunlong responded with a smile on his face while turning around.

"My handkerchief is a simple martial soul, you know." He added before launching a bunch of golden threads toward his sister.

"Simple your head." Qian Renxue said while dodging the golden threads.

"No one ever thinks to use waste handkerchief martial soul like this." She added with a pout before making a bright white flame appear around her body.

"Hehe... Except for me." Yunlong smiled while pulling the golden threads back.

"Yeah, except for you." Qian Renxue smiled while dashing forward with a sword in her hands.

Qian Renxue is horizontally slashing her sword into the air and launching a powerful white blaze slash toward her brother.

"Golden Cage." Yunlong dropped his hand as a bunch of golden threads spinning around him and formed a circular golden cage.


"Okay, that's more powerful than I estimated," Yunlong said while making the golden cage disappeared, which reveal himself to his sister.

"Haah... I lost again." Qian Renxue dejectedly stated while putting her sword back to her spatial ring and releasing a sigh.

"How could you be this strong." She added while staring at him.

"Training with mother," Yunlong casually replied while shrugging off his shoulder, which makes Qian Renxue's lips twitched.

"So... this is my twentieth win, right?" He innocently asked his sister, who is staring at him for a few seconds before sighing.

"Yeah... It's your twentieth win." Qian Renxue replied while remembering how desperately she wants to win against her little brother, but she's always lost.

Yunlong is a monster, and Qian Renxue knows that when he first won against her at a spar, which is a good fight, but Yunlong is holding his strength.

At first, she thought Yunlong only held his strength slightly, but surprisingly he's not.

Not only he's holding back his strength, but he's also not using his spirit skills and defeat her with only sword arts.

Qian Renxue doesn't want to accept her defeat as she hates to lose, so she keeps challenging her little brother for one week, and it always ends with Yunlong's victory.

'I want to win, even though just once...' Qian Renxue thought while gripping her hand before quietly staring at her little brother.

'I want to defeat Yunlong.' She added in her heart while closing her eyes.

"Renxue, Yunlong, let's have lunch." Bibi Dong's voice echoed in the training field, making the sibling turn their gaze at their mother.

Bibi Dong is waving her hand while standing in the palace's side passage, where she usually observes their fight.

"Hmm, Mother is already calling us, so no second match, I guess," Yunlong said while making his golden-threaded handkerchief disappeared.

"Let's go, big sister." He added before walking away from the training ground.

"Okay..." Qian Renxue nodded before following him.

--- After Lunch ---

We could see Yunlong lazing near the small lake with the small white fox on his side.

"Yuri... You are a glutton fox," Yunlong commented with a smile on his face while looking at his pet fox, enjoying a big pile of red berries.

Yuri cutely raised her paw at Yunlong because feeling insulted by her master before swaying her tail and enjoying her berries.

Yuri is the name Yunlong give to his white pet fox, and to be honest, he wants to name her Fubuki but decided not to because she seems to like Yuri more than Fubuki.

'Sunset Forest...' Yunlong thought while trying to remember the sunset forest information, where ice and fire yin yang well located.

'Dugu Bo, Poison Douluo, as long I can heal him and his family from poison, he could become my loyal subordinate and support me.' He added while thinking about a man who owned a big medical garden in the sunset forest's center.

"I need a plan," Yunlong whispered to himself while patting Yuri on her head.

"But, what should I do." He added before turning his gaze around and saw his sister and mother talking with each other.

"Even though there is an awkwardness between them, I can see their relationship had become better now," Yunlong commented with a smile on his face.

"Well, it's only one week." He added while remembering the day when he helped Bibi Dong and Qian Renxue ro repair their relationship as mother and daughter.

After Yunlong helped them, Qian Renxue would frequently visit their house and sometimes eat breakfast and dinner together as a family.

Meanwhile, on the other side, Qian Renxue is calmly staring at her mother while enjoying the breeze.

"Yunlong... How did you train him?" Qian Renxue asked while shifting her gaze at the blue skies.

"Well, we pretty much only do battle training for almost four years." Bibi Dong answered while staring at her son, who is playing with his pet fox.

"What about his martial souls?" Qian Renxue asked another question, which makes Bibi Dong sighed.

"He had twin martial souls, right? Like you?" She added while staring at Bibi Dong.

"Yunlong... He's different." Bibi Dong answered while remembering Bibi Dongxue's memory.

Bibi Dong raised her three fingers before saying, 'Yunlong had something that no one in the history ever achieved."

"He had three martial souls, inborn healing ability, and powerful eyes mutation." Bibi Dong stated, which caught Qian Renxue off guard.

"Ehh? What did you say? T-Three martial souls..." Qian Renxue said with a disbelief expression on her face.

"That's ridiculous!" She shouted before glaring at her.

"You are lying." Qian Renxue said, to which Bibi Dong responded with a wry smile.

"I'm not... Yunlong having triplet martial souls also explains why he could absorb two purple." Bibi Dong replied while releasing a sigh.

"As for his eyes, that he used to cast an illusion on us last week, it's mostly a mutation that occurred in his body." She added while remembering the ability of Yunlong's Sharingan.

'It's increased his vision ability, and powerful spiritual power, which giving him the ability to use an illusion.' Bibi Dong thought because when Yunlong reach four years old, he awakened his Sharingan, which makes her shocked.

'Because Yunlong's eyes don't harm him, then it should be a positive mutation." She added while shifting her gaze at the skies.

"Genius... No, he's a monster." Qian Renxue commented while releasing a defeated chuckle.

'Well, Renxue is not wrong.' Bibi Dong thought with a smile on her face.

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