308 Crimson Dawn

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--- Chapter 306 ---

Underground Prison.

Yunlong walked down a spiral staircase and arrived in a wide hallway filled with sea lanterns.

He looked at the straight path and saw that each side of the wall had a prisoner room. As his hand grasped the wall, every structure inside this place flooded his mind.

"What a weird material," Yunlong commented while retracing his spirit energy back.

His Sharingan briefly was activated to see energy lines in this room, yet he found none. Everything in this area, or more precisely this room, was built to negate energy.

"This place was built using Prism Stones." A familiar woman's voice echoed in the hallway.

Yunlong turned around and saw Bo Saixi with her usual stern expression.

"It's Sea God's creation years ago." Bo Saixi added while walking to him.

"Is that so?" He gave her a friendly smile. "How is your recovery?"

As Yunlong changed the topic, Bo Saixi shook her head and answered, "Barely enough to maintain my regular activity."

"Every time the little "Me." went into a nap, I'll be able to control the body for a while."

"More or less, 1 hour."

"And I cannot use my power."

"That sounds tough," Yunlong commented casually.

Bo Saixi scowled, "You wish."

After observing everything through Little Saixi's eyes, Bo Saixi learned how to counter Yunlong. Her heart still hasn't settled, but he won't be able to shake her feeling again.

'Yes, again-.' Bo Saixi thought confidently.

Yunlong suddenly tapped Bo Saixi's forehead like checking her temperature and used his spiritual force to observe her spiritual sea.

"Y-You, What are you doing...?" Bo Saixi swayed her head hurriedly, scattering her hair around.

Her heart beat violently because Yunlong's taps awakened an urge to get a pat inside Bo Saixi.

"What?" Yunlong tilted his head a little.

"I'm checking your condition."

He sighed and returned, "How can I be sure without checking it myself?"

"Don't worry," Bo Saixi left the underground prison.

"I know my condition better than anyone else." Her voice echoed lastly, leaving a wry smile on Yunlong's face.

Yunlong chuckled and said, "Ah, Women, what a mysterious creature."

He approached the nearest prison cell and saw a woman with a ragged appearance. Her hands and legs absolutely were restrained with a black chain.

"Well, let's start from your name." He sat in front of the prison cell. "Tell me your name, Sun and Moon's agents."

"Oh, Also your position in the fleet."

Qin Xingxuan closed her mouth tightly and stared at Yunlong with a suspicious gaze. Yet, just a moment later, a pressure close to death overwhelmed her entire body.

"ARRRGH!" She dropped onto the cold floor.

A grim reaper with a menacing scythe appeared and was ready to fetch her soul.



Yunlong pulled his killing intent back and said, "How nice, right?"

"Your job is to answer my question."

"It's so easy that even an idiot could do it."

"Xiaoyu spares your life, but you don't have a significant value in my eyes."

"I'm asking you because you were the nearest." He continued while staring at her.

Qin Xingxuan trembled in fear. A pair of demon-like eyes stared at her from the darkness.

"You're quite fortunate, Qin Xingxuan." Yunlong chuckled indifferently in the underground prison.

"As your comrade won't get the same treatment." His voice echoed to the end of the hallways.

"W-What do you mean?" Qin Xingxuan watched Yunlong's smile become a grin.

Yunlong shrugged and answered, "Just use your ears and hear."



The underground prison is quiet for a moment.

Qin Xingxuan used her hearing sense and heard many screams from every direction.






Hundreds, if not thousands of screams, howled inside the underground prison. Their painful experience caused Qin Xingxuan to stare at the darkness fearfully.

"I wonder what they are experiencing right now," Yunlong added casually.

After losing against Yunlong's companions, these Sun and Moon's agents were in prison immediately.

They have no will to fight anymore after witnessing 9/10 of their comrade die brutally. Yunlong's residue bloodlust awakens their fear, causing every single one of them to hallucinate.

"Now, I have some questions." He said naturally.

"You'll answer them, right?"

Qin Xingxuan swallowed her saliva nervously because the person in front of her wasn't human.

"I-I will." She squeezed an answer out of her sore throat.

After several hours of an intense Q&A session, Yunlong lifted his body off the ground and said, "Thank you for answering my question."

"You can rest assured now," He yawned a little. "I won't do anything to you."

Yunlong walked up and saw Zhu Zhuyun with a wide grin on her face. "Zhuyun, they are all yours." He said with a calm tone.

"Yes, master~." Zhu Zhuyun nodded excitedly.

"I'll bring more information for you."

"Sure." Yunlong patted her on the head.

As Yunlong left the area, Zhu Zhuyun's expression became a maniac-like devil.

Hum! Hum!

She walked down the stairs and said, "Hmm, so many cult members."

"How exciting."

Zhu Zhuyun looked at Qin Xingxuan and picked a needle from her spatial ring.

"W-Who are you?!" Qin Xingxuan yelled from her prison cell.

"That guy said he won't kill me," She desperately continued. "Are you going to defy his words?"

Zhu Zhuyun laughed madly and returned, "How naive."

"Well, Naive is the best."

"I can see their purest form and corrupt them to oblivion."

"If the Master said he won't kill you, then he won't." She added while kneeling at Qin Xingxuan's eye level.

"However, he never said someone else can't do it?"

Qin Xingxuan realized what this girl meant and was horrified by this news. She wanted to run away from this place, but not even her spirit energy was usable here.

Zhu Zhuyun picked out several surgical tools from the spatial ring and stated, "Let's start."

"I'll turn you into an amazing cultist..."



"K-Kill me!." Qin Xingxuan echoed in prison.





--- South East Douluo's Sea ---

A boat moved quickly on the sea, rumbling through waves and sea gusts.

Uchiha Madara's eyes focused on the map on his phone and moved his gaze to the vast sea.

"We are close to the base." He said while throwing a metal orb into the sea.

A translucent blue light swam into deeper water and scanned the area. "How convenient," Madara commented as the terrain data entered his phone.

"Seiryuu, use your water-masking skill."

A blue-haired lady nodded and summoned a blue frog. Her spirit rings showed up one by one, reaching the Spirit Saint Realm with seven optimal spirit rings.

"Water Mirror Smokes Realm." Seiryuu's eyes shone with intense blue light.

Over 1km of the open sea suddenly filled with fogs, hindering every living being's vision, including everything underwater, because Seiryuu's skill affected the water.

"Oscar, give me your candy." Madara opened his palm.

The silver-haired nodded and created a chocolate candy, which could mask the user with surroundings, negating their presence from any energy-detecting ability.

"Here, Captain," Oscar said with a firm tone.

There is almost no trace of his former self.

After training under Madara for several months, Oscar has gained qualitative changes, especially on the mentality side.

The other Shrek Members also experienced the same thing.

They had accepted the fact of Yu Xiaogang, Tang San, and Xiao Wu's deaths. It's sad, but they have to survive this harsh world.

Madara also trained them to death, so none of them had time to mourn over dead bodies.

Oscar is a formerly skinny young man, but after months of hellish training, his physique transformed into a rather slender type with compact muscle under his clothes.

"Rongrong, are you okay?" The silver-haired young man asked the young lady beside him. "After all, We have never gone to sea."

Ning Rongrong gave off a weak smile and gently answered, "I'm okay."

Her frail figure might lead to misunderstanding, but Ning Rongrong is actually one of the strongest on this team.

She 2nd awakened her martial soul after killing Ning Fengzhi with her hand, causing two personalities to be born inside her mind.

The first Ning Rongrong always blamed herself for killing her father.

As for the second personality, her way of view is unique.

"Rongrong, protect this place," Madara ordered the former young princess of the seven treasure clan.

A cruel smile appeared on Ning Rongrong's face as she nodded at her captain's order.

Madara jumped off the boat and said, "Xiaotao, follow me."

"We will infiltrate the enemy's base."

A red-haired lady activated her martial soul and landed on the water beside Madara. "How fast?" She asked.

"300 meters ahead." Madara grinned a little.

They lifted their feet off the sea surfaces and disappeared into the artificial mist.

At the Sun and Moon's Base.

Several boats were floating on the vast sea.

A middle-aged man sipped his coffee and frowned because mist suddenly appeared around the base. It does appear sometimes, but not this fast.

"Hmm?" Admiral Kun prepared himself.


He jumped off the platform and saw an enormous fireball flying to the base.

"Silver Wave." He activated his spirit skill, sending a wave of silver energy.

However, to his surprise, the fireball broke through and landed in the center of the base.


A sizzling noise trembled across the sea, and a warning alarm immediately rang in the base.


"Deploy space barrier-." Admiral Kun was about to instruct the control room, but a sword suddenly passed through his chest.


He couldn't even see his killer. There is only coldness.

Madara watched the man slump into the water, and he walked through the mist. His silhouette sometimes could be seen killing a few people.

After several minutes, the sea became awkwardly quiet.

'Their defense is like paper.' Madara thought while entering the base.

His Sharingan scanned the area and found some hidden traps lying around.

"Let's see," He touched the nearest metal door and closed his eyes. "700 rooms, 20 labs, ten training grounds, and one secret room?"

"Well, they sure are resourceful."

Madara created some shadow clones to gain information and checked the control room.

"D-Don't move." A young woman aimed a pistol-like device at Madara.

"Oh, how brave." He commented while looking at the shivering woman,

"But foolish."

The young woman launched energy bullets at Madara and watched them miss. Her neck suddenly was choked by something.


Madara looked into her eyes and added, "You should have pulled that trigger faster."

"It's a shame that you can't dance with me."



A lifeless body dropped onto the metal floor.

"[D. Base] was built for monitoring the Douluo Continent, huh." His Sharingan shone dimly.

"I'm done." Ma Xiaotao's voice came out of the phone.

Several shadow clones canceled themselves and sent knowledge back to Madara.

Madara formed several hand signs and said, "Data is acquired, let's finish this."

"Fire Style: Majestic Destroyer Flame."

A crimson flame filled the entire base from inside, burning everything to ash.

Madara stepped out of the base and locked the metal door, letting the crimson get contained inside.

His eyes are cold with no sense of empathy.

He could hear screaming like a ghost screech from the base, but his ears have customized to such a situation. He had gone through several wars.

A clone teleported himself out of the base, bringing an egg to Madara.

"What's this?" Madara asked weirdly.

The clone threw the egg at Madara and turned himself into a cloud of smoke.

"Hmm, Mythical Beast..."

"No, It's Divine Beast."

"Nether Crow." He stared at the egg solemnly.

"I've prepared for the last attack." Ma Xiaotao descended from the sky and landed beside Madara.

"What are you doing with that egg?" She frowned a little.

Madara shrugged and answered, "Nothing."

"Let's return to the boat."

As they returned to the boat, several corpses floated on the seawater.

Ning Rongrong sat on the side of the boat and splashed seawater with her legs.

"Oh, you're back." She looked at Madara.

"You're killing these guys?" Ma Xiaotao questioned indifferently.

"Obviously." Ning Rongrong answered without blinking.

"Well, Oscar, Seiryuu helped me too."

Madara grasped the steering wheel and commented, "Our mission finished."

Ning Rongrong turned around and saw an enormous fiery meteorite dropping from the sky.

"Talking about being too much." She grinned a little.

"Xiaotao, you're still as naive as ever."


A powerful shockwave swept over the sea.

"This is my duty." Ma Xiaotao's expression became cold.

Ning Rongrong chuckled and added, "As expected of the Crimson Dawn's Vice Captain."

Seiryuu and Oscar watched this scene with wry expressions on their faces.

"Don't talk nonsense, and prepare yourself," Madara said indifferently. "We are going to Sea God Island."

Everyone beside Seiryuu became pale all of a sudden.

"Are you guys okay?" Seiryuu asked naturally.

Oscar shook his head and replied, "We are not."

Ning Rongrong clenched her hand and looked at the destroyed base calmly. "I'm not wrong..." She whispered to herself.

Meanwhile, Ma Xiaotao has a complicated expression on his face.

"We are finally gonna meet again." She said while pressing her hand against her chest.

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