Douluo Dalu: The Legend of Heavenly Ruler

Leon was an average high school student, who love to watch anime and read novels. However, when Leon was about to cross the street, a truck greeted him straight in the face and killed him. He got reincarnated as an Uchiha, and dead again because Itachi killed him. Leon got reincarnated once again as the grandson of the recovery girl. He got kidnapped and tortured by All For One. After his third death, he got reincarnated as the son of Bibi Dong. In this fourth life, he wants to change his fate to become the strongest. Note: Please read the tag before reading. - English is not my first language, so there would be grammatical mistakes in this story. - Please give my story a proper review. - I accept a suggestion, but no spam! You guys also can support me through P4treon! Here is the link: https://www.patreon.com/NineClouds69 Discord: https://discord.gg/xnWexbbwNG PS: I don't own the cover, and any characters or world in this story, except for my own OC (Original Character)

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Blooming Flower

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--- Chapter 434 ---

Yunlong and Kazahana Koyuki entered the study room.

As the latter brewed tea for both of them, Yunlong gazed at the half-opened window sealed with a defensive barrier and commented, "How come the study room has better protection than your bedroom?"

Kazahana Koyuki sat down and answered, "I don't sleep in my bedroom very often. Unlike other Daimyo, I put all my effort into managing the Land of Snow."

"Yunlong-sama, your tea." She pushed a well-made tea to him.

Yunlong picked up the cup and sipped it, "Not bad."

"So, will you tell me what you have gone through, Koyuki?"

Kazahana Koyuki drank her tea dazedly and sighed, "The tea still tastes the same. Good."

"To answer your question, Yunlong-sama." A bitter smile slowly formed on her face.

"I re-experienced my life countless times, with the majority being awful than ever. As I said, it was like Infinite Tsukuyomi, but I relived a more realistic dream."

"Of course, I don't blame you because those experiences shaped my current self."

"Well, I just realized there are more things in this world." She gazed at Yunlong's crimson eyes in reverence. "I also rekindle my passion for acting while having a wiser mind to manage the Land of Snow."

"Oh yeah, there is also a change in my Martial Soul."

After saying that, Kazahana Koyuki summoned her Martial Soul.

The formerly silver hand mirror with plated jewel handle has become fine diamond-like with carving, a 'clearer' mirror, and more fine gems. And Yunlong also noticed a chain of flowers attached to the handle.

[Name: Diamond Luster Flower Mirror]

[Type: Martial Soul(Tool-type)]

[Grade: SS]

[Description: A Martial Soul who has experienced countless harsh storms and blossomed beautifully. Unlike flowers in the greenhouse, it was more tenacious, refined, and noble like a diamond]

Yunlong smiled, "That's not right."

"You remained in the Semi-Virtual Trial for three hours. So, you must have noticed nothing changed in the Kazahana Castle when you returned to reality because I've added time dilation in that realm."

"The way you drink tea is also like someone who hasn't drank it for years."

"Kazahana Koyuki, you have stayed roughly 74 years in the trial, yet your reaction to it is quite remote."

Kazahana Koyuki smiled and replied honestly, "74 years is not that long, as I have lived half of that before even entering the trials. Nevertheless, those experiences did allow me to see the world in the bigger picture."

"To achieve that, I could only hug someone's thighs."

"Although this method is quite shameless, I don't think there is a better otherworldly being than you, Yunlong-sama."

"It's just that natural." She giggled and then finished her tea with a big gulp.

Yunlong laughed as well, "Interesting, interesting indeed."

"Koyuki, I will impart you the Cultivation Technique of the Bright Spirit Realm and a key to enter the Semi-Virtual Realm again."

"A-Again?" Although Kazahana Koyuki was used to the semi-virtual realm, she didn't think her mind could handle another round of such torture.

That's no different than courting death.

Yunlong waved his hand and explained, "The semi-visual realm you were in earlier is just the world of illusion. Meanwhile, this is more of a place where spirit masters grind themselves and cultivate their Martial Souls."

"I've placed spirit beasts inside, which you could fight and obtain spirit rings. I had to warn you of something, though. Those spirit beasts are more aggressive than the ones in the Douluo Dalu Universe."

"I see..." Kazahana Koyuki sighed in relief.

"Wait, doesn't that mean this will be more 'physically' dangerous for me?"

Yunlong gave her a funny look, "Yes. A building doesn't just miraculously appear, so you need a firm foundation for it."

"Don't worry. You can start with 10-year-old spirit beasts and then progress up slowly."

"You can surpass the God of Shinobi or even the current Hokage if you train wholeheartedly."

Kazahana Koyuki's eyes lit up as she clenched her hand, "I will do my best!"

Yunlong tapped Kazahana Koyuki's forehead with his finger lightly and transferred Red Cloud Heaven Art to her head. The Land of Snow's Daimyo moaned in surprise, which left him speechless.

'Wow, so lewd~!' Alpha innocently screamed from Yunlong's spiritual world.

'Yeah, so lewd~!!' Greed, the Ego Sword, added.

'Shut up, you two!' Yunlong scolded them while transferring other techniques, like body enhancement and movement techniques.

After the session was over, Kazahana Koyuki gasped and clutched her head in pain.

"Y-Yunlong-sama, you should have warned me before doing that."

"I'm not ready for such a h-!"

"Stop, right there." Yunlong quickly sealed Kazahana Koyuki's lips with his finger. "Don't finish those words, or the situation might worsen."

"Here is the key to the semi-virtual realm."

"Train well. We will meet again in the afternoon."

After handing Kazahana Koyuki a small handkerchief, he left the room and returned to the Hidden Veins of Life.

"What did he mean by the situation might worsen..." Kazahana Koyuki tilted her head and gazed at the small white handkerchief in her right hand.

But then, everything clicked, and Kazahana Koyuki blushed hard.

"Oh my god, I was trying to s-seduce him."

"T-This is scandalous..."

"However..." Kazahana Koyuki's eyes strayed to the study room's window and saw the area where the Land of Spring existed. "It's not a bad idea."

She, Kazahana Koyuki, also has a dream!

Yunlong returned to the Hidden Veins of Life and greeted Kaguya, who was playing with the Life-attribute Chakra in her hand.

Kaguya glanced at him and asked casually, "Aren't you going to play more with your new little maid?"

"No, we are not that close," Yunlong responded calmly.

"Are you perhaps jealous?"

"Me, jealous?" Kaguya snorted confidently. "Even if you had a universe filled with women, they can't compete with me."

"And technically speaking, I'm your first wife!"

"Okay, okay, don't rush yourself like that. It's my fault." Yunlong walked behind Kaguya and massaged her shoulders.

Kaguya's expression became flat again as she added, "I'm not mad."

"In fact, others might be happy because we finally could get some help."

"Blame yourself for being too vigorous down there."

"Hehehe, is that so?" Yunlong cheekily laughed.

"You're the best, Kaguya."

He pecked Kaguya's forehead before returning to his little pond and training the Hidden Dragon Cultivation Art again.

Kaguya peeked at Yunlong and smirked a little, 'It's not like we don't know you'd bring two of three souvenirs back to the Douluo Dalu Universe. Bibi Dong is right. More help is appreciated.'

Unknown to Yunlong, his wives are planning something behind his back.

Well, he wouldn't care much, even if he knew.


Far away, Uchiha Madara jumped from one massive tree to another. He scanned the area with his Eternal Mangekyou Sharingan and frowned because the atmosphere here was weird.

"This eerie feeling. What is it?"

Uchiha Madara moved into the tall forest and arrived at the source of discomfort. "This... Such a huge meteorite." He discovered a massive meteorite inside an enormous crater.

The surrounding area and tree are charred to ashes, leaving little to the imagination of what actually happened here. Of course, all of this happened a very long time ago.

"This place is far from civilization, but Naruto Brat and Sasuke should be able to sense it."

"Especially here!" Uchiha Madara launched a palm attack at the nearby tree and blasted it into pieces.


A mere punch Uchiha Madara released caused a shockwave that shook the entire forest. In the past, he wouldn't be able to do this physically.

But right now, his physique is that of a Demi-God.

"Tsk, that presence ran away." Uchiha Madara clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Whatever, it doesn't like the presence going to show itself anytime soon."

"Let's visit my hideout first. I hope some of the things I left behind were untouched."

'I will tell Yunlong about this when we meet again on the island.' He added while leaving the area.

After Uchiha Madara left, the fabric space sliced open, and a pair of blue eyes glowed in the darkness.



"The Ghost of Uchiha actually returned to the Shinobi World."

"Does this mean that man also came back?"

"This won't do. I have to tell Toneri-niisama about this."

Not too far away, Uchiha Madara stood on the mountaintop and chuckled in amusement, "Haha, little bastard. You think anyone could spy on Uchiha Madara and get away this easily?"

"I have remembered your aura. Don't even think about running away!"

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