201 Asura God?

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--- Chapter 201 ---

In a black altar filled with unknown symbols and a throne, a black-haired woman suddenly frowned for a second.

Rakshasa God gently opened her eyes and glanced weirdly at her enigmatic room because an old connection with the Nine-Headed Bat King abruptly vanished.

"What a disappointment, he failed to entirely corrupt that idiot man's inheritor." Rakshasa God released a frustrated sigh.


Rakshasa God slowly glanced at her skin and saw a small crack, which appeared because her current vessel couldn't handle a powerful divinity.

"Tch... If those annoying invaders weren't stealing my true body, I wouldn't use this weak vessel."

Rakshasa God moved her gaze to her divine weapon and muttered, "Well, It won't really take a long time because my new vessel will reach her seventh stage."

"When I regain my full power again, I will destroy those puny invaders by myself." She widely grinned while grasping her scythe.

"However... Since the stage wasn't ready yet. I couldn't really do anything."

"What a shame." Rakshasa God casually rested her head on the throne and chuckled slightly.

--- Douluo Continent ---

Yunlong and Kaguya were resting near an enormous lake, but a wave of roar suddenly swept over the forest, which caused both of them to frown.

"Should I make them quiet?" Kaguya asked while looking at Yunlong.

"Nah, it was a roar of ten thousand years spirit beasts, don't overthink it." Yunlong casually replied. "Let my new puppet deal with those spirit beasts."

"New puppet?" Kaguya muttered with a curious look on her face.

Yunlong smiled and pointed his hand onto a flat ground near them, which suddenly flashed with a pentagram symbol. "Summon." He whispered.


The pentagram broke abruptly, which widened Yunlong's eyes, and a knight in dark armor appeared in front of them.

The cursed death knight stood firmly above the ground. Its armor shone with an ominous gleam, and red flame eyes burned intensely inside its ebony helmet.

Yunlong felt a connection between him and the cursed death knight.

'My King...' The death knight knelt in regard.

'What's your order.'

[Name: None]

[Type: Summon]

[Power Level: Spirit Saint/ Level 75]

[Description: A loyal knight who lost his life because of a curse and benevolently was coming back to the living world]

[Skills: Cursed Sword, Cursed Oath, Death Touch, Death Slash]

Yunlong observed his newly summoned vassal and nodded his head in consent because the cursed death knight's strength wasn't that bad.

"1000... I can definitely use them to sweep over this entire forest or even empire, but let's not do that." Yunlong mumbled while shaking his head.

Yunlong moved his gaze back to the cursed death knight and naturally commanded, "I want you to resolve those roars, do not kill mindlessly."

'As you wish, my king.' The cursed death knight lifted itself from the ground and walked to the forest.

Kaguya couldn't help but curiously glanced at the cursed death knight and quickly questioned, "That thing is your puppet? But why does it seem so polite to you?"

"Well, I'm its ruler, I guess?" Yunlong wearily smiled while shrugging his shoulders.


A black curtain suddenly rose to the skies, and Yunlong's mouth immediately twitched.

[Your summon have killed Ferocious Golden-Maned Lion]

[Mortal Sin: Gluttony activated]

[You have gained Ferocious Roar]

Yunlong couldn't help but frown, but then the cursed death knight had already arrived and knelt in front of him.

'My King... I have proved my worth, so shall you grant me a new name?' The cursed death knight confidently said while showing a beheaded lion's head beside itself.

Yunlong sighed because he wasn't expecting this knight would execute such an extreme attack in a matter of seconds.

He looked at the death knight and pondered for a moment because he didn't have a good naming sense, so what name should he give without sounding weird or awkward.

"Lion... Singa, your name is Singa." Yunlong naturally declared, to which the death knight excitedly responded with a nod.

The cursed death knight might not remember his former life anymore, but all things matter now as his king has granted him a name, Singa.

"Well, I'll call you later." Yunlong suddenly unsummoned Singa back.

The cursed death knight nodded and dissipated into thin air, leaving a beheaded head on the ground.

"Hmm..." Yunlong casually grasped the lion's head and absorbed its bloodline with his skill, which quickly triggered a system notification.

[You have absorbed Ferocious Golden-Maned Lion's blood]

[It has 70% purity of Tyrant Lion's Blood]

[You have a 50% chance to get your first bloodline crest, Host]

[Do you want to merge it with your body?]


'Before I choose, what's a bloodline crest?' Yunlong asked with a confused expression.

[Bloodline Crest is a raw power of one's blood and compressed into a symbol or mark, which act as a short power boost]

[It also bear bloodline's ability like your dragon's blood]

Yunlong thought about this for a second and decided to check whether this bloodline crest was beneficial or not for himself.


[Proceed to absorb...]

Yunlong felt an unknown power creeping into his skin and moved slowly into his right shoulder, which now had a golden symbol-like crest.

The crest wasn't small nor big, but Kaguya, who observed Yunlong, couldn't help but look curiously at it because he always possessed such a bizarre ability for some reason.

[You have gained Wild Forest Tyrant's Blessing]

"I see..." Yunlong felt his entire body become one with a newfound crest. "This is the bloodline crest's ability."

He didn't only feel slightly powerful, but his surroundings were also somewhat familiar with him, and without his spiritual sense, he could see so far away, even a bird on the other side of the lake.

It was quite a marvelous sensation for a moment, but then Kaguya grasped his hand, which snapped him up from this wild exhilaration.

Yunlong moved his gaze to Kaguya and asked, "What?"

"Your forehead has a sword mark on it." Kaguya naturally replied while pointing her finger at the crimson-black sword mark on Yunlong's forehead.

[An unknown spiritual connection detected]

[Host, do you want to proceed or dismiss the spiritual connection?]

Yunlong was feeling complicated and released a sigh because he couldn't let this chance die. He also knew or precisely grasped who wanted to form a spiritual connection with him.

"Connect me," Yunlong said.



"Kaguya, hear me." Yunlong looked at Kaguya's eyes. "Guard me until I wake up, and don't let a single person approach me."

"Mhm," Kaguya silently nodded. "I'll protect Yunlong."

Yunlong smiled and quickly fainted because his unconscious literally was drawn into a spiritual realm.

"This place, beach?" Yunlong muttered while looking around and noticed that he was on an island.

He walked to the beach and saw two men resting on the white sand with lazy expressions on their faces.

A blue-haired man opened his eyes and lazily looked at Yunlong. "Oh? Hey, wake up." He said while slapping the other man's head.

The other man opened his eyes and looked at Yunlong with his piercing red eyes. "You are finally here," He released a deep sigh.

"You're Asura god?" Yunlong suddenly opened his mouth, to which the man responded with a nod.

"Yeah, I am. I've been waiting for hours, but whatever." Asura God slowly yawned and walked toward Yunlong.

He stood in front of Yunlong and said, "Let's talk."

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