40 After the fights...

--- Chapter 40 ---

Yu Ning'er entered the arena with a frown on her face, and she is calmly staring at Yunlong's face, but only found that he's smiling at her.

"Before we start, let me wake them up first," Yunlong said while canceling his illusion, making the twins woke up from their terrifying nightmare.

"NO! Please-, I'm back?!" Xiao Ying screamed while looking around and noticed Yunlong shaking his hand at her.

"Did you have a good dream?" Yunlong asked with a smile on his face, making Xiao Ying remember a nightmare she just experienced

"Well, your brother seems to need help. Maybe you should help him." He stated while pointing his finger at Xiao Li, who's lying in the puddle of stink fluid.

"Xiao Li." Xiao Ying instantly dashed to her brother and checked his condition.

'He's fainted from fears.' She thought while looking at her brother's pale face.

'Just what kind of illusions is that? It feels so real...' She inwardly added while trembling for a moment before carrying her brother out of the arena.

"Monster..." Xiao Ying whispered while peeking a little at Yunlong's back.

Yunlong was calmly watching the twins before turning his gaze back at Yu Ning'er and said, "We can start now."

Yu Ning'er grasps the air around her before calling a white spear into her right hand, which is flickering with yellow lightning.

She's calmly breathing as a yellow spirit ring floating around her body.

'Yu Ning'er is clearly the strongest amongst them,' Yunlong thought while putting his black wooden sword in front of his chest.

'Her spirit energy also purer compared to the other four.' He added while looking at Yu Ning'er, who is throwing her white spear at him.


Yunlong using hardening on his wooden sword and deflect the incoming spear.

"As I thought, it's not working." Yu Ning'er said while calling the white spear into her right hand.

She's twisting her spear into the air while dashing toward Yunlong before thrusting her spear out with firm force.

Yunlong is smiling at her while calmly placing his wooden sword to defend her spear thrust, making Yu Ning'er frown at him.


"It's a good attack, but it's not good enough to hurt me," Yunlong commented while looking at her eyes.

Yu Ning'er instinctively pulled her spear before swinging it again toward Yunlong, which he quickly defended using his wooden sword.

Both of them keeps exchanging blow with each other for a few seconds as Yunlong suddenly increasing his movement.

"Early Summer Rain." Yunlong thrust his wooden sword toward his opponent's neck.

'Fast!' Yu Ning'er becomes panic as she raised her spear upward only to feels severe pains on her stomach.


Yunlong's kick was contacting her stomach, and it's powerful enough to launch her a few meters away.

'He is not even serious.' Yu Ning'er coughed in the air before rotating her body and landing on the white paved floor.

"It's not over, you know." Yunlong's voice entered her ears.

Yu Ning'er suddenly feels a danger from beside her and hurriedly shifted the white spear to defend herself.


"You can defend that?" Yunlong said in surprise while looking at the white spear blocking his fist.

"Discharge." Yu Ning'er suddenly said, making the yellow spirit ring around her body shining with bright yellow light.

As she said that, a burst of yellow lightning emerged from her body, covering almost all of her body parts.


"What a surprise. To think you would use this kind of attack," Yunlong said while appears a few meters away from the explosions.

He's calmly looking at the mass of yellow lightning on the arena, which is starting to dissipate, revealing Yu Ning'er with burning golden eyes.

In a split second, Yu Ning'er suddenly appeared in front of Yunlong, which caught him off guard for a bit.

"Discharge." Yu Ning'er swung her spear to Yunlong and caused a small burst of yellow lightning.


'Eh, Her speed is increasing?' Yunlong thought while using his Sharingan to scanning his opponent's body.

"Oh, I see, you're burning your spirit energy to enhance your physical ability." He praised while slapping the white lightning with his black wooden sword.

"What, How?!" Yu Ning'er got bewildered when seeing Yunlong slapping her attack.

"Hmm, let's end this." Yunlong pulled his fist before punched it to her face.

This punch maybe looks ordinary. Still, it's very different if you see it in Yu Ning'er's views because a giant fist with a powerful and menacing aura is clearly coming toward her.

(An: Just imagine Saitama punch Genos)

'Death... I'm going to die?!' Yu Ning'er thought while struggling to dodge, but she can't move her body at all.


A shockwave got launched from Yunlong's punch as a cold breeze is touching her face.

"Good fight," Yunlong said while flicking his finger on her forehead.

Yu Ning'er dazed and fell to the white paved floor before looking upward and see Yunlong smiling at her before walking away from the arena.

"I hope you become stronger when we meet again." Yunlong's voice echoed in her head.

"Young master Yunlong." Yu Ning'er whispered while touching her forehead.

"Strong..." She added while staring at Yunlong's back.

"Are you guys satisfied?" Bibi Dong asked her subordinates, who are dumbly staring at the arena with a widened eyes.

"My Yunlong is strong, right." She smiled at her subordinates, which makes the elders instinctively nodding their heads.

"As I said, this is gonna be a one-sided fight." Qian Renxue thought while shaking her head before releasing a sigh.

"Well, those fight was just him playing around, though." She inwardly added while staring at Yunlong, who is leisurely walking toward her.

'That was fun.' Yunlong thought while forming a smile on his face.

'I hope I can found a stronger opponent in the future.' He added while turning his gaze at the skies.

On that day, Yunlong left an unforgettable impression in their hearts, which they would never forget in their entire life.

--- Time Skips ---

Two years after the test matches, we could see Yunlong standing above a water surface with his eyes closed.

Yunlong is eight years old now. We could see his body is rapidly growing in these two years as he looks like an eleven-year-old boy.

"Golden-Threaded Handkerchief." Yunlong raised his hand in the air and materializing a white handkerchief with golden linings.

As his martial souls appeared, three spirit rings are floating around his body.

"Purple, Purple, and... Black." Qian Renxue said while looking at her younger brother's spirit rings.

"What a ridiculous spirit ring configurations." She commented while walking on the water surface.

Yunlong opening his eyes and see Qian Renxue's face almost touching his face.

"Big Sister, why are you staring at me like that," Yunlong said while forming a smile.

"Hmph, do you have a problem with your sister being close with you?!" Qian Renxue responded while pouting and placing her hands on her hips.

"Well... I don't have a problem with you being close with me." Yunlong replied while pushing his face a little bit, making both of their lips almost touching with each other.

"Hmph, You're teasing me, aren't you!" Qian Renxue pulled her face away.

"Let's go home. Mother is already waiting for us." She suddenly added while hiding a slight redness on her cheeks before walking away to their house.

'What a cute tsundere older sister.' Yunlong thought while letting out a chuckle.

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