Douluo Dalu: Starting as a Rune Master

In the mystical world of Douluo Dalu, where the power of Soul Masters reigns supreme, a new protagonist emerges, reborn with an extraordinary heritage. Meet Fu Xuan, the reincarnated soul of Haru Uzumaki, a Fuinjutsu master with special eyes from a different universe. With his mother's lineage from the Uzumaki clan and his father's Otsutsuki heritage, Fu Xuan is a unique soul destined for greatness. . In this fanfiction novel, follow Fu Xuan's journey as he embraces his new identity, explores the wonders of the Douluo Dalu universe, and unlocks the latent potential of his bloodline limit. . With the power of Fuinjutsu, the Tenseigan, and the unique abilities of his previous life, he becomes a Rune Master like no other. . Can he use his unparalleled knowledge to protect his newfound family, uncover the world's secrets, and rise to become a legendary figure in the world of Douluo Dalu? . Douluo Dalu: Starting as a Rune Master is a thrilling tale of power, growth, and destiny that include of both Douluo Dalu and Naruto elements. . . . . I am an amateur when it comes to writing but webnovel told me that everyone can be a writer so I AM HERE!! . . I am a college student so I don't have time to upload daily, still I will try to write and upload as soon as I can. . . Wish me luck to be able to write a good(at least decent) story. . . NOTE: I only own my OC. Other characters and story elements belong to there respective author and creators. . NOTE2: I stole the cover image from google it is not mine. If you are its respective owner do tell me I will give you due credit or will remove it

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Ch.16: Record of Abnormal Semblance

Ch.16: Record of Abnormal Semblance


Fu Xuan directly used energy absorption ability of Karma seal, instantly absorbing the 5,000 years old spirit ring.


In just a few seconds without even the need of sit and meditate he completely absorbed it and a purple-colored spirit ring rose above his head. Promoting him to an official spirit master rank 14.


Seeing him directly absorb the spirit ring caused Bibi Dong to raise her eyebrow.


Every now and then she keeps discovering new and new things about her third disciple.


The more she sees the more she discovers how unique he is.


First it was his physique which seemed multiple times stronger than even a full grown-up spirit master with a strong beast martial soul could achieve.


Then his nature to attract the surrounding life energy constantly 24/7.


It's been only a few days but since he came the surrounding flora and fauna have started to mutate and grow faster.


She must be especially blind to not notice the large commotion caused by the suction force of energy which had irrupted yesterday on her personal residence when only Fu Xuan was present there.


When she had heard from Fu Xuan that his Karma Seal has innate power to absorb and project energy, she merely thought it to be an ability to absorb and project soul power in and out of one's body.


Never once had she though he was capable of such a feat as absorbing even spirit rings.


Women like mysteries she was not exceptions. The particularness of her new disciple is making her more and more interested.


'Looks like we will have to conduct some only master-disciple lesson soon enough, only two of us.'


Seeing him the appearance of purple spirit ring above his head, Bibi Dong said, "So, what spirit ring ability does it have?"


Fu Xuan who looked somewhat distracted when hearing her voice looked at her blinking a few times replied while rubbing back of his head, "It is a type of rune language, I can make runes and seals of different types based on the how I apply it."


He said, making a few letters of Fuinjutsu like markings appear in the air glowing with red color.


'But it has a limitation of spiritual energy and soul power needed to make high leveled one, it should be possible to make only basic one's for now. Shit! New world new laws.'


The rest of them looked rather disappointed thinking, that the skill is not that great except for Fu Yue who knows how broken Fuinjutsu's can be.


"Let's go, we have achieved our goal here, we shall make return." Said Bibi Dong's declaring the end of their trip.



'Record of Abnormal Semblance'


It is the new technique Fu Xuan acquired from the grift pack's custom-made cultivation technique.


What does it do?


It strengthens the user's bloodline and allow them to develop their own unique bloodline.


But is there all there is to?


No, as Fu Xuan identified it as a heaven grade skill with miraculous attributes. It is a miraculous technique indeed.


It works on the principle of connection between body and bloodline which Cheon Ma never bothered to study, as he didn't have a bloodline of his own.


But Fu Xuan can still tell, it is far greater than any similar technique at the same level.


It allows the user to sacrifice another bloodline in their possession to strengthen their primary one, while having chances to develop some of sacrificed one's traits in the strengthened bloodline.


This technique was invented by an ancient expert called 'Bloodless Supreme' who possessed the legendary ten thousand beast bloodline but not compatibility with it to use it as nourishment to develop a bloodline suitable for his own.


For empowering himself he even sacrificed his human bloodline and was called as the 'bloodless supreme'.


Though it may sound grand and all, you ought to have multiple bloodlines or a very strong one to cultivate this technique.


If ignored this one downside, it is one of the few heaven grade techniques which are easier to master than even some Beginner Earth grade one.


It can be said to be one of ideal type of skill for Fu Xuan who is capable of 'stealing' bloodlines.


Yes, he is able to steal the bloodlines now.


Previously it was only possible that to with less than 1% chance of success and efficiency.


But now with the innate abilities of his martial spirit being strengthened and the assistance of Tenseigan it is chance of success have become very close to 100.


With Tenseigan which can locate someone's source of bloodline with no error he can directly skip the time needed to do research and even have it help in directly absorbing someone's bloodline, or even other source of energy.


And mainly can gather as many types of bloodlines as possible to strengthen his primary bloodline which is Otsutsuki*Uzumaki bloodline.


And that is what he is doing right now, sitting in the lotus position Fu Xuan is cultivating the 'Record of Abnormal Semblance' while refining the Purple Spirit Wolf bloodline he stole from the spirit beast this morning.


Yes, he stole it when he killed it with his martial spirit summoned.


Why else would he use the power of his martial spirit on a spirit beast which is physically weak.


He has used about half of what he stole from the purple spirit beast, advancing up to the third stage of 'Record of Abnormal Semblance'.


'It wasn't a lie when they said it is a technique easy to master. If I use all of the remaining blood of purple spirit wolf I may reach the end of fifth stage.'


Fu Xuan rose up from his cultivation and opened the window, staring at the bright moon glowing in the sky, and the stars surrounding it, which gives of a silent yet comfortable feeling.


'Only 6 weeks remaining till the elite quest. I have to get as strong as I can to be able to handle whatever comes my way.'


Fu Xuan thought not at all optimistic about the challenge being an easy one.



Next day, in early morning.


In the middle of the training ground of the supreme pontiff palace, there one can see a red-haired little boy, training with different weapons at the same times.


Sometime with a spear and sword, sometimes with a dagger and axe. sometimes with a staff and shield, and much more.


It was such an odd combination of weapons if someone heard they might think of it as the kid taking weapon training as a joke.


But if one saw him train, they will notice each of his swing and movements were natural, not like an amateur's but like that of a master who has climbed to the top of his field with both talent and decades of hard work.


Each of his movements were fluid and were as natural as breathing, as if it was integrated till his bones. No matter how many times he did the same movement it always seemed as perfect as before to the eyes of spectators.


Have I mentioned spectators? The whole group of shadow squad had gathered here, to see the visitor.


Originally only one person had passed from here but as soon as he noticed him, he remembered who he was.


Following the first one's word slowing the whole group of people's gathered here watching the training session with intense glare.


They wanted to capture each and every of his moments to exploit it later next time they fought.


Little did they expected that the more they saw the more profound his movements will appear in their eyes.


Slowly the reason for their spying changed, for once they wanted to use the data collected against him. Now they were trying to learn anything they can from watching him train.


They hated to admit it, but as young as he was, he was many times more proficient in all of the weapons in the training ground than any of them was.


When the sun rose about to a certain degree from the horizon, Fu Xuan stopped his training, turning his head toward the group of bushes where the shadow squad were hiding.


'Sigh, what is this now? First, they appeared slowly on by one with such intense hostility which I could have sensed even without the 'Kaguya's mind's eye' and now their emotions have changed from hostility to awe?'


Thought Fu Xuan not understanding how psyche of some people work.


'But well, that's enough of the experiment.'


He thought looking at his body.


'The Otsutsuki*Uzumaki Physique of mine is really much better than any of the natural martial body from Cheon Ma's last world.


I have been training since a few hours, but I didn't even sweat. This power of regeneration is absurd.


With this I just have confirmed, I just need to follow the flow of soul power properly to execute different martial arts this body will handle all of it.'



To Be continued:

[Word Count: 1502]


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