Douluo Dalu: Ice Emperor

After his death, he did not expect that he would not only be able to preserve his memories, but also get into one of his favorite universes. Well, the fact that the universe of buns did not fall asleep, it does not matter, there are paws; there are claws, everything that I need, I will take myself, because I will enjoy this life to the fullest. P. S. Yeah, the universe didn't give him buns, he hit the dragon, there is a memory, there is ingenuity, if you are not a fool, you will do everything yourself, and if you are a fool, then you are not worthy (this is a translation and not an author's work)

3I7 · Anime & Comics
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56 Chs


Pov gg:

Opening my eyes, I found myself in ... Darkness, total endless darkness, to say that I was scared is to say nothing, but praise to my self-control, I was quickly able to pull myself together. Having decided to look around for a start, I saw that I had not only hands, but also a body, the only thing I saw was a small blue light the size of a large apple, with a lighter flame at the edges and darker and more saturated shades inside.

Yes, I fell into a stupor for a long time, but nevertheless I accepted the fact that most likely I died, because what else could this situation be. Well, what happened to me, I found out, now it remains to find out how it happened and what to do next.

At the time, let's assume, my death I was 21 years old, I had just finished the 3rd course of veterinary medicine, I did not have a personal life as such, I was mainly focused on my studies, and I communicated with classmates only out of need, and there were no friends and even more so. Since childhood, I was an introvert, I loved books and animals and had little contact with my peers, of course, by high school I could communicate quite normally with classmates, but it was just politeness, I did not have an interest in communicating with anyone, I only interested in books.

Since childhood, I imagined myself as a hero of various stories, implanted my image in literary characters, imagined how I would act in their place, but the older I got, the stronger my craving for new works became, however, the more critical and judicious my mind became, after all, after reading so many fairy tales and historical novels, at the age of 12, I realized that the world is much more complicated and there are many circumstances not shown and not said.

By the time I was 15, I had read most of the classic novels, and I was eager to find new books, and with them new, albeit imaginary, worlds and adventures. Once I heard a discussion of one anime by my classmates, although the main character under discussion seemed too naive to me, but the description of the world interested me very much, so after school I started looking for this anime, and was surprised to find not only it, but hundreds of similar ones.

That day became the second new year for me, I plunged headlong into the study of new worlds that interested me so much, but although not immediately, I was disappointed with the one-sidedness of revealing history, so I began to look for primary sources, and read them already.

For a long time I have not felt so happy, so many colorful and multifaceted worlds, although I considered myself reasonable and reasonable, but I could not help myself, I wanted to get into these universes, I wanted to possess these powers.

By the time I was 18, I graduated from high school, like most light novels. Most of all I was interested in the Chinese light novel about cultivators. Self-development of strength, relying only on yourself, I really liked it. Of course, I did not pay attention to the main characters of the story, because I considered them too one-sided and arrogant, I was only interested in the worlds themselves. After reading hundreds of light novels, I wanted to read them in the original language, so I found online Chinese courses and signed up for them. At first, it was memorizing the alphabet and its pronunciation, then the basic phrases and phrases, and if it were not for the innate tenacity, I would have dropped it at the very beginning. But six months after the start of learning the language, I was already able to maintain a free conversation with a person who knew Chinese.

Of course, after 3 years of reading the light novel, I also became interested in the basis of cultivation-meditation. At the same time as studying Chinese, I practiced meditation twice a day. Of course, I did not count on any receipt of supernatural power, however, simple calming of the mind, control over thoughts and relaxation of the body was enough for me, and 4 months after the start of classes, I could quite calmly sit for several hours in meditation or replace it with sleep a couple of times.

After reading the original light novels, because of too long waiting for the sequel, I switched to fanfiction. Most were fundamentally different from the original works, which I really liked, because some authors tried to paint the original worlds in more detail, and in some cases it turned out better than the original.

However, by this time I had already finished school and I had to choose the next place of study, because my next place of work depended on it. After a long consideration of the essence of future work, I decided to focus on veterinary medicine, because despite the fact that I had already graduated from school and sometimes talked with classmates, I remained an introvert, but with a slight change, girls began to attract me.

Nothing really changed at the university, I continued to study, read various new light novels and fanfiction and look at the girls. Of course, some will say that I could quite easily have a girlfriend, which would have been easy for myself, I was quite handsome, with a quite good pumped figure 1.9m tall, with long, black hair in a ponytail and blue eyes. However, although I admitted that I liked girls, all the girls from my environment were too frivolous for me, so I decided to postpone this question, because I was in no hurry with this.

By the end of the third year I continued my usual routine of life, but with some inner emptiness, life seemed to me too boring, "colorless". On the day of the end of the sessions for the third year, I was too tired, meditation did not help anymore, because the last 3 days I had not slept, therefore, as soon as I came home, and from the age of eighteen I lived separately from my parents, I immediately passed out.

Having emerged from the memories, he began to think about what to do next, because inaction you cannot help the cause, and anyway, he was already dead. In my already past life, I have never been a believer, because although I recognized the existence of God, I considered him nothing more than a powerful being, so I did not see the point in believing in him. I myself believed in the transmigration of souls, and given that darkness surrounds me, my faith may be correct.

I had nothing to do, I had no sense of time, so I decided to do good old meditation, and given my assumption that I am now a soul without the limitations of the body, then maybe meditation will bring a different result, because in any case I have nothing to do ... ..

I don't know how much time has passed, but I began to feel a strange satisfaction coming from within, emerging from meditation I noticed a change in the saturation of the fire of my soul, it became a little brighter and more, of course not much, a maximum of a centimeter, but still, it made me want to start again meditate. However, as soon as I wanted to start meditating again, I noticed that the emotionality of the memories began to diminish - this led me to real horror, because I forgot that souls go through a purification before rebirth.

In a panic, I began to try with an effort of will and imagination to imagine that my memories were flowing into the depths of my soul fire, but I could not calm down from the panic that had covered me, so I began to meditate again, but albeit with my imagination, I tried to hide my memories in the depths of the fire. soul, at the same time representing the condensation of an external, lighter flame, because I did not know what more could be done, so I furiously tried to do at least something, because I really did not want to lose my memories.

End pov gg.

In the endless void, countless lights moved in a certain direction, among them there were lights of various colors and sizes, from white to black, from bright red to dark blue, from the size of a match head to the size of a star, however, the further the lights moved, the there were fewer of them, they diverged into chaotically located spatial holes, among them was a dense bright blue light with a diameter of several meters3, which, like all other lights like it, fell into one of these very holes.