Douluo Dalu: I'll hammer you to death

Xu Shuang was staying up all night playing pokemon scarlet when suddenly a lightning strike fell and struck her. After dying Xu Shuang got reincarnated as a girl with the same name in Douluo Dalu. *********************** Bully Tang San, Kick Yu Xiaogang Cover is not mine Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ENhyK5Ff

Xenodia · Anime & Comics
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88 Chs

Your name is?

Currently, Xu Shuang is packing up her things as she will be enrolled in Heaven Dou Imperial Academy to participate in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.

There are three goals for this trip:

1. Championship at Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, since she's participating everyone else can only compete for second place.

2. Snatch the Fairy Grass, this time with a powerful bodyguard like Grandpa Jin she'll surely snatch it this time.

3. Seduce Ye Lingling the super healer and invite her into the harem.

That's right a harem, at first when Xu Shuang transmigrated here, her goal was to be the strongest.

But then she thought that she had nothing more to do than to be stronger which is extremely boring.

But then she remembered that apart from the fantasy world where it is the easiest for transmigrators to be gods.

Douluo Continent has another specialty, and that's the various heroines present in the story.

They got a goth girl Ye Lingling.

Princess type Ning Rongrong.

Explosive beauty Zhu Zhuqing.

Angel Qian Renxue.

And Mommy Bibi Dong.

And the list goes on the later you are in the story like Butterfly goddess Tang Wutong, and Phoenix Doulou Ma Xiaotong.

In Conclusion, Douluo continent may not be top-notch in strength among many fantasy novels. But in terms of beauties, it certainly ranks on the top contending with few fantasy novels.

Speaking of beauties, Xu Shuang suddenly remembered that there seems to be an unspoken tradition among the sons of the Tang Family.

'From the analysis of readers in a forum, it is found that there are some hidden requirements to be a daughter-in-law of the Tang Family.'

'One is that one must be a great beauty, predictable who would not like a beautiful wife right?

Second is that one must be strong, nothing is wrong with this right?

But the strangest of all is the third hidden requirement.

The third requirement is that one must be a transformed spirit beast!'

'You might be thinking that cannot possibly be true right?'

'Well, then let me give you a few examples:

Tang Hao married Ah Yin who was a transformed Blue Silver Emperor.

Tang San married Xiao Wu who was a transformed Soft Bone Rabbit.

Tang Wulin married Gu Yuena the other half of the Dragon God.

Tang Xuanyu married Bai Xiuxiu a transformed Demon Spirit Great White Shark.

Coincidence? I think not!'

Stop breaking the fourth wall!


Everything seems to shatter before connecting again.

'What was I doing again?'

[Young mistress you are packing up your things for enrollment at Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.]

'That's right I'm on my way to get fairy grass.'

After making sure that all of her things were packed up she went downstairs to leave with Xu Jinshan since Xu Jingguo is in seclusion to try and break through to title douluo.

Three days later, Xu Shuang closed the door as she looked at the map in her hand and thought.

'How exactly am I gonna find the dormitory, when the campus literally spans several mountains?'

'Let's just try to follow the route on this map and cross my fingers that hopefully I won't get lost.'

As she was walking in a garden because she was not paying attention she bumped into someone.

"Excuse me bruh-" [Wrong scene.]


A pleasant voice sounded in the garden. Xu Shuang hurriedly folded the map and helped the person she bumped into.

Now that she looked at it, this person looks very familiar as if she had seen her before.

Wearing a black veil on her face, with a black dress that covers her body, she has long blue hair that drapes over her shoulder and back like a waterfall and eyes the same color as her hair that does not reveal any feelings.

"I'm sorry, I wasn't looking at the road."

"It's okay, you better watch out next time."

After saying that she patted the dust away from her body and walked past Xu Shuang. Then Xu Shuang finally figured out the identity of this lady, and she turned around and shouted.

"Excuse me!"

The lady turned toward her with confusion.

"What's your name?"

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