Douluo Dalu: I'll hammer you to death

Xu Shuang was staying up all night playing pokemon scarlet when suddenly a lightning strike fell and struck her. After dying Xu Shuang got reincarnated as a girl with the same name in Douluo Dalu. *********************** Bully Tang San, Kick Yu Xiaogang Cover is not mine Discord Link: https://discord.gg/ENhyK5Ff

Xenodia · Anime & Comics
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88 Chs


In an apartment in China, a teenage girl can be seen playing with a Nintendo switch.

If you look closely at the screen this girl is playing Pokemon Scarlet the newly released pokemon game alongside Pokemon Violet.

A battle is being held closely inside the screen.

On one side is a short pink pokemon about 0.7m carrying a gigantic hammer more than its size, on the opposite side is a floating blue pokemon shaped like an unbloomed flower.

The pink pokemon is called Tinkaton and the blue pokemon is called Glimmora, this may be the battle's final turn as both sides' health points are red.

The teenage girl was anxious seeing that the battle was about to end.

"C'mon Ton Ton smash that petal bitch pokemon out of the planet. Use Gigaton Hammer!"

It's hard to imagine that a lady could utter such foul words, but it's not so weird considering it's the year 2022 right now.

A giant hammer appeared on the screen and hammered Glimmora to death sealing the victory for the girl.

The girl clenched her fist and cheered.

"Hahaha I knew that you can do it, Ton Ton, you can always clutch the victory. Let's go for another match and defeat all my enemies with Ton Ton."

While waiting for a match she went and grabbed her phone to watch TikTok, The first video to pop out is about how to exercise the whole body properly.

She watched a lot of these videos already so she scrolled down until she find something interesting.

It's a video about the basics of forging, seeing that it is interesting, she went to the profile of the uploader and watched about 20 videos of basic forging.

Useless knowledge +1

She looked at the Nintendo switch only to realize that she already matched an enemy.

She put down her phone and went to play Pokemon again.

"C'mon Ton Ton let's win this battle as well."


She was about to start the battle when she suddenly felt a flash of pain and everything went black.

The only thing she could remember before dying was the shattering of the window and a flash of blue light.

She did not think that she, Xu Shuang, will die this young, she haven't even enjoyed life yet.


Xu Shuang didn't know what happened next, she only felt that she was curled up inside something warm and moist.

Xu Shuang got confused by the curren situation, didn't she die? Then why can she think clearly?

But then she remembered a situation in the novels she read before that is extremely similar to her own.

The only thing to think about is whether she reincarnated or rebirth, well she can only wait till she's born to see.

She spent a few months in this curled up state not knowing what to do.

When suddenly the space around her contracted and she can see the light at the entrance.

She smoothly squeeze through the hole with the help of the contraction around her.

As she got out of the hole, she got wrapped in a soft and warm towel then got passed to another person.

This person is a gentle looking young woman that is currently sweaty and pale that may be the effects of childbirth.

She has a round head with phoenix eyes with brown pupils, small nose, thin lips and strawberry colored hair. She had a weak smile on her face as she look at the baby in her arms.


With a creaking sound the door on the side open and came in a tall young man with sharp eyes with brown pupils, a big smile, and black hair.

"Rong'er how are you and the child? I heard from the midwife that we have a baby girl."


Wei Meirong looked at her husband and shushed.

"Don't speak so loudly, you'll wake up our little girl."

The young man rubbed the back of his head and lowered his tone.

"Sorry, I'm just too excited that I'm going to be a dad, and since we had a daughter naturally I'm more excited I can now brag to my brothers at the blacksmith shop about how cute my daughter is."

Wei Meirong just laughed at her husband's antics and then she asked a question so important that it will affect how the story goes.

"So what do you think we should name her?"

They thought of a few names afterwards only to be rejected by both of them, after a while they came up with a name that satisfied them.

Wei Meirong looked at her daughter and sad softly.

"It's decided her name will be Xu Shuang as we hope that she will always be lively and cheerful."

Xu Jingguo laughed. " Shuang'er grow up quickly so that I, Xu Jingguo, can spoil you with all my money hahaha."

They stayed together for the rest of the day until tomorrow morning.