27 Brothers?

The six deacons rushed over and stood side by side in front of Lin Yi.

"Huh? Why didn't you let me go?" Lin Yi was puzzled.

The six deacons were very embarrassed and looked apologetic.

"We are blind, we are stubborn, Lin Yi, Tianshui College can make an exception for you, and you can enter Tianshui College."

"Enter Tianshui Academy, join the Tianshui team, and you will be the captain."

"Lin Yi, we will go through the admission procedures and check in for you now. Although Tianshui College has no male dormitories, no male toilets and male bathrooms, Tianshui can build a building for you!"


The six deacons regretted it a lot. It was they were shocked to wonder why Lin Yi had such a spirit ring configuration. If they talk about it, Lin Yi will leave. The important thing now is to quickly stay.

"Aren't you not accepting me? Let me go if you want me to go, let me stay if you want me to stay?" Lin Yi curled his lips.

"It's us stupid! It's our fault!"


while talking, they slapped themselves and apologized one after another.

"Lin Yi, we were wrong just now, I hope you can forgive me."

The deacons did not expect that Lin Yi would be such an enchanting genius, three hundred thousand year spirit rings, there must be three hundred thousand year spirit bones, which is terrifying. Such an terrible genius wants to enter the academy, what are the rules?

They begged while looking at Shui Wuchang for help. It means that you are Lin Yi's foster mother, and she will definitely help.

Shui Wuchang reacted and said, "Yi'er, since they apologized and slapped themselves, please forgive them."

Lin Yi nodded: "Okay, but after becoming a student of Tianshui College, I have three conditions."

The six deacons hurriedly said, "Don't talk about three conditions, three hundred will do!"

Lin Yi said: "First, you don't care about how I practice."

"Absolutely okay!"

"Secondly, I have the final say on the Tianshui team."


"Third, I will arrange the physical training of the Tianshui team."


The deacons nodded again and again.

Lin Yi is satisfied: "Okay, then I'll go back first."

"We will send you."

The attitude of the six deacons has changed drastically, one by one everyone is very flattering, leading the way.

After returning, Shui Wuchang couldn't wait and was surprised.

"Yi'er, how did you configure your spirit ring?"

Lin Yi simply said: "The reason for the gods list."

Although Lin Yi only said this simple sentence, but it is enough. Shui Wuchang understands that the Bu Le, Yu Xiaogang, No. 1 on the scumbag list and the third on the scumbag list, may have been killed by Yi'er.

"Yi'er, there are still seven people alive on the scumbag list. Once you know whose position is not your opponent, Mom can help you."

Lin Yi shook his head: "No one on the scumbag is my opponent, and I will not kill them even If I know the position. The three spirit rings are four hundred thousand years old."

She was horrified by impermanence, no wonder he don't look at it, the spirit ring is definitely getting higher and higher.

"Mom, can you break through to level ninety? When you break through, I can take you to Lin Bin, who is fifth on the scumbag list. I know his exact position."

After Lin Yi killed Bu Le, he got another exploration. Naturally, he chose to explore the fifth place. Dai Mubai, the fourth place, knew he was in Shrek.

He wanted to kill Dai Mubai, but he couldn't do it now. Tang Hao was definitely in Shrek Academy now, so the goal was fifth place.

Fifth place on the scum men list: Lin Bin, aged 49 years old. Spirit: scissors, 59-level soul king. Reasons for being on the list include derailment, mutilation of wives and children, consumption of wives, etc. Killing can get 150,000-year soul beast sacrifice.

Sixth place on the scum list: Hua Yu, age 30. One hundred and fifty thousand years soul bone can be obtained by killing.

Seventh place on the scum list: Wu Qian

The eighth place on the scum list: Luo Xiang

Therefore, Lin Yi naturally targeted the fifth place Lin Bin.

In Lin Yi's view, the foster mother water impermanence is a genius, the top martial soul ice phoenix, the innate soul power is 9th, less than 50 years old in 89th level, it can be said that it is the same era as Tang Hao, and the qualifications are slightly inferior to Tang Hao. It is possible to become a Title Douluo.

Shui Wuchang is gratified, and firmly said: "I'm almost breaking through to level ninety, and after breaking through, I will kill him."

Shui Wuchang would naturally not reject Lin Yi's intention, and after being sacrificed by a 150,000-year soul beast, she would become a Title Douluo, her strength would be stronger and she would be able to better protect Lin Yi.

After, Lin Yi, Xiao Wu, Zhu Zhuqing, and Ning Rongrong entered Tianshui College.

There are seven members of Tianshui team, four of them are Lin Yi, and three of them are Shui Bing'er, Shui Yue'er, and Xue Wu.

Bing'er. Yue'er and Xue Wu are stunned when they see the appearance of Lin Yi.

Lin Yi: "Hi. From today onwards I will be the captain of Tianshui team and I will help you in training".

Bing'er:"E-Eh? You are the leader? But you are younger than us. Even though you are handso*ahem* genius how can you be the c-captain"

Lin Yi: "Oh.."

He immediately activated his martial spirit his hair turned golden and the three rings fell one by one. Seeing the rings the three girls froze like a statue and stood there dazingly,

Lin Yi: "So...?"

Bing'er: "Team Leader Lin Yi, we welcome you!"

And the other two girls also realized and said "Yes Team lead Lin Yi!"

'Oh..That was easy. I mean who will object me after seeing my spirit rings..'

The team leader was Lin Yi and they didn't have the slightest problem. With Lin Yi in this team, no one is qualified to be the captain, and even Lin Yi, no matter which top team he joins, must be the captain. It's too enchanting, and even no words can describe Lin Yi's horror.

Shrek Academy.

Tang Hao quickly contacted Tang Xiao, Flander contacted the Tiandou royal family, and Dai Mubai contacted the Xingluo royal family.

Now there are three players needed for Shrek. He wants to contact the Tiandou Royal Family. He also knows that the Tiandou Royal Academy has the Tiandou Royal Team. There are two good candidates in that team, namely Yu Tianheng of Blue Lightning Tyrannosaurus Martial Spirit, and very good support, Ye Lingling of Jiuxin Begonia Martial Spirit. If these two can join the Shrek team, it will definitely improve the strength of the Shrek team. Especially if Ye Lingling can join Shrek, and Tang San and the other monsters, he is confident that he will win the championship in the next Continent Advanced Soul Master Competition.

But, to win over these two, the premise is that the Heaven Dou Imperial Family is willing to join Shrek. Flender felt that there was still hope. After all, the Spirit Palace has ambition to create the Spirit Empire and rule the entire continent. The Heaven Dou imperial family was clear.

After contacting each other, they practiced hard.

Flender summoned Tang San and four people at this time.

Flander said sternly: "Although the team members are not yet complete, the team's name has already been figured out, and it is called the Shrek Seven Monsters."

Tang San and the others thought it was a very good name, meaning seven monsters.

Flander said in a condensed voice: "Do you think we should choose the captain now, or do you think that we will choose when we are all together?"

At this time, Tang San asked, "Dean, do you still need to choose? I always thought that the captain had already been decided."

Hearing this, Dai Mubai felt happy, walked to Tang San's side and patted Tang San on the shoulder again: "Good brother!"

Tang San was a little dazed, what happened to Mubai suddenly?

Dai Mubai was moved in his heart. Although he had known each other not long ago, Tang San was very loyal.

The team leaderboard has rich rewards, and the captain rewards are even richer. Tang San knew that he was originally the captain. With the team ranking coming, Tang San still insisted that the captain didn't change, he was still himself, really a good brother.

However, Dai Mubai's expression changed in the next second, and Tang San said directly, "Dean, I think the captain should be me."

Dai Mubai: "..."

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