2 100,000 years of soul ring

Lin Yi came outside Notting College and saw Yu Xiaogang entering the college. Six years later, the list of scumbags was announced, so for the first time, I had to be by Yu Xiaogang's side.

The moment was announced, I will kill him myself. Otherwise, it will be difficult to deal with, after all, Yu Xiaogang has some friends who are not bad. The most important thing is that Yu Xiaogang will surely go to the Spirit Hall and seek shelter in the Spirit Hall when facing the chase of the whole continent. Yu Xiaogang will definitely do it. Therefore, Lin Yi has to be close to Yu Xiaogang, so naturally he had to enter Notting Junior College.

It is simple to enter this Notting Junior College with your own qualifications.

Lin Yi left first, anyway, Yu Xiaogang will be at Notting College in the near future, so he can't run.

Lin Yi left Notting City, came to a barren mountain far away in Notting City, and directly began the spirit beast sacrifice.

Lin Yi's thoughts moved, and the one-hundred-thousand-year Dark Golden Direclaw Bear given by the spree suddenly appeared in front of Lin Yi.

The 100,000-year-old Dark Golden Deinonychus bear is fifty meters tall. If it is not loyal to Lin Yi, just the breath that erupts can cause people to be crushed to death.

The Dark Golden Deinonychus came out very quietly, showing loyalty, and immediately began to sacrifice.

One-hundred-thousand-year-old Dark Claw Bear, it is impossible for others to hunt it, even Tang Hao can hardly do it, no one can possess such a top-notch one-hundred-year-old soul ring.

Soon, Lin Yi will have it, and the first spirit ring is such a powerful existence.

The Dark Golden Deir claw Bear was shining with a rich red light, and he was sacrificing his life. The shining red light is the burning of life, and as it continues to burn, as if the whole body is wrapped in blood.

With the life energy, the one-hundred-thousand-year cultivation base continued to burn, and the body of the Dark Golden Direclaw Bear gradually blurred and illusory, and the blood-red energy group enveloped Lin Yi.

In it, Lin Yi didn't feel any pain, but felt very comfortable, and his body was getting stronger quickly.

His martial soul is the main martial soul, chaotic body, and before he obtains the spirit ring, Lin Yi feels that his body is very strong. The strength, speed, defense, etc. are all powerful. The chaotic body is an extremely perfect martial soul, which is strong.

A blood-red light rushed into Lin Yi's body, and when he took a closer look, it was an arm bone, the right arm bone of the Dark Golden Direclaw Bear.

The sacrifice soon ended, Lin Yi stood up, his physique became much stronger.

Released his martial soul, Lin Yi's body glowed with golden light, full of chaotic aura, and all aspects of his body were greatly improved. At the same time, with the release of the chaotic body spirit, a huge blood red spirit ring fell on Lin Yi's head! Haunted all over.

Although it is only a spirit ring, anyone who sees it will be shocked and stare at it and drop his chin.

Lin Yi feels that he can defeat more than 30-level Soul Sovereign by relying only on his martial soul and soul power without using soul skills.

At this time, Lin Yi knew of his 100 thousandth year spirit ring spirit ability, and his eyes were excited.

"It's so strong! It's a one-hundred-thousand-year-old spirit ring from the Dark Golden Direclaw Bear! I want to solve Yu Xiaogang as a spirit master, as simple as squeezing an ant."

Lin Yi's first spirit ring, two skills, a hundred thousand year spirit ring generally has two skills.

The two skills of the first spirit ring are: power increase and defense increase.

Strength increase: Strength increase by 200%, increase by 400% at the second ring, 600% at the third ring, and so on. After use, the duration is one hour.

Defense increase: defense increase by 200%, 400% at the second ring, 600% at the third ring, and so on. After use, the duration is one hour.

When using the one-hundred-thousand-year spirit ring spirit ability, the consumption of spirit power is reduced by 90%.

"It's worthy of a 100,000-year spirit ability!"

is simply too strong, and can be enhanced, this soul ability combined with one's own martial soul, then it is a more terrifying existence! The chaos body martial spirit was originally a physique of extremely strong strength, defense, speed, etc., so possessing these two spirit abilities could increase Lin Yi's combat power too much.

The most important thing is that the consumption of soul power is reduced by 90%.

You know, one hundred thousand years of spirit ability consumes a lot of spirit power, so Lin Yi is only one of the spirit masters, so naturally there is not much spirit power, but this passive skill is very powerful, so he can't have a powerful spirit ability. Use more.

Lin Yi raised his right arm, and with a movement of thought, his right arm was covered with golden claw bones. It was obviously a one hundred thousand year old spirit bone, and it was a rare external spirit bone!

Hundred Thousand Years Dark Golden Terror Claw is attached to the right metacarpal bone!

The right arm of the Dark Golden Direclaw Bear is stronger than the left arm, so it is the best to get the right spirit bone of the Dark Golden Direclaw Bear.

Hundred Thousand Years Dark Gold Terror Claw attached right metacarpal skill, two.

Main skill: Use soul bone to attack, increase damage by 100%. The damage is increased by 200% at the second ring, and so on.

The earlier the soul bone is obtained, the better, because the soul bone can evolve and improve.

is worthy of being a one-hundred-thousand-year-old dark golden terrifying claw bear. The skills given are all powerful attack and defense types.

Soul bone attached skills: tear, attack the target, tear the target's defense, tearing reduces the target's defense by 10%, 20% .

These are the skills that Lin Yi has acquired. They are all extremely powerful. This is why Lin Yi is so confident that he can easily solve Yu Xiaogang.

Lin Yi left the barren hills and returned to Notting City.

When he arrived in Notting City, Lin Yi enrolled in Notting Junior College for the first time, and it went smoothly. He didn't show his martial spirit and spirit ring, but only slightly exploded his spirit power, letting the academy know that he was a genius, and admitted without saying a word.

The college originally arranged for Lin Yi to go to the good one, but Lin Yi asked to go to the seventh house, and the college quickly went through the formalities.

Arrived at the door of dorm, not surprisingly, Lin Yi was stopped at the door by Wang Sheng.

"Are you a freshman? We have a rule in here. Before entering the dormitory, you must fight the boss first."

At this time, Tang San left in a hurry, Wang Sheng wondered: "Little San, where are you going in such a hurry?"

"The teacher wants to take me to get the first spirit ring, I'm leaving first."

"That's it, then you go quickly."

After Tang San left, Xiao Wu wore a scorpion braid and a pink coat on the upper body, and Xiao Wu, who was wrapped in white and pink silk stockings on the lower body, walked out.

When she came and saw Lin Yi she was startled to see his handsome and adorable face. She quickly blushed and looked away.

Lin Yi naturally knows the rules and does it directly.

Lin Yi:"Are you the boss now?"

Xiao Wu suddenly realized and said " Y-Yes I am."

Lin Yi thought why is she shuttering then he remembers his handsome face. It is natural reaction after all. Wherever he goes he gets such a look from girls and the women will try to adore him.

Then they began to fight.

Soon, on a bed in dorm, Xiao Wu begged for mercy.

"I completely take it, you are the boss of dorm from today. Stop it, don't try so hard, it hurts..."

Originally, Lin Yi and Xiao Wu were fighting outside the dormitory, but they hit the bed unknowingly. Soon Xiao Wu was no longer able to do so. Her soft skills were of no use to Lin Yi, and Lin Yi was too strong.

Lin Yi stopped, Xiao Wu stood up and looked at Lin Yi in surprise.

"Lin Yi, why are you so hard? My soft skills can't twist you at all."

Lin Yi shrugged: "Powerful physique"

After , Lin Yi began to wait for the arrival of the Godstele list.

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