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"I was only going to bring you to meet but I didn't knew you had an elder brother, so he can also come." Ning Fenghzi said as he looked at both of them.

He too was quite shocked knowing that Tang San has an elder brother and one that is even more of a monster than him.

"Yes, there's no problem, right Ming'ge?" Tang San looked at Tang Ming who nodded his head in response.

Hearing that someone might know something about his father, made Tang San quite agitated.

Even though Tang Ming knew that the person Ning Fenghzi is taking about is none other than the crown prince Xue Qinghe who only know about Tang Hao's past, he still felt slight anticipation.

His presence has changed many things in the current timeline, so he still felt that there's a chance Xue Qinghe might know something about Tang Hao's whereabout.

'Lets see if the con-girl really have some information about father. I might just forgive her for previous offense.'

"Uncle Ning, who are we going to meet?" asked Tang San.

"It's his royal highness, the crown prince Xue Qinghe." Ning Fenghzi said with a light smile.

"His royal highness!" Tang San was also a little startled but calmed down immediately.

Ning Fenghzi had already anticipated this reaction but was surprised to find no changes in Tang Ming expression. He was as calm as he possibly could.

'This is slightly abnormal. He didn't have any reaction even after hearing that the person they are going to meet is the crown prince of Heaven Dou Empire.'

Tang Ming also noticed Ning Fenghzi looking at him with his eyes raised as he immediately understood what the former was thinking, so he immediately made as much exaggerated expression he can make.

"Really!! We are going to meet THE XUE QINGHE!! Thank you Sectmaster Ning, I'm a huge fan of the crown prince." Tang Ming said as even his eyes started shinning.

Even Tang San looked at Tang Ming with confusion as Ning Fenghzi's eyes twitched in annoyance. He knew that the latter had noticed his suspicion.

After walking just for a little while, they reached the best hotel in all of the Heaven Dou City belonging to Immortals Love.

At this moment, inside a room in the topmost floor of the hotel, a young man can be seen sitting at the centre beside a table, drinking tea.

Who else it can be other than the crown prince, Xue Qinghe.

"Hmm. No matter how many times I drink this tea, it always makes me crave more. Speaking of which, the first round should be over by now. Master should be arriving soon anytime now."

Just as he finished speaking, the door of the room opened as he saw a group of three people entering.

"Master, you arrive..? YOU..!! What are you doing here?"

As he stood up to greet Ning Fenghzi, he was immediately shocked to see the person standing next to him. It was the same person who had humiliated his pride, the person he wanted to rip apart even in his dreams. That was the first time in his whole life that someone crushed all his pride and humiliated him that badly.

Even though he had been trained since childhood to never lose his composure, he immediately flared his cultivation in its full glory and was just preparing to attack.

Ning Fenghzi and Tang San were shocked by this development would be an understatement. Ning Fenghzi as Xue Qinghe teacher for the last few years had never seen his students lost his cool like this, not to mention the visible hatred and killing intent leaking from him.

"Wait!? What happened Qinghe? Calm down for a moment." Ning Fenghzi immediately shouted.

As if someone has just poured some cold water, Xue Qinghe looked that person she hated had came with his teacher. She even forgot for a moment that Ning Fenghzi was here as she was even going to reveal her original Six Winged Holy Angel to fight with him.

She suddenly realised her mistake and immediately shuddered, if Ning Fenghzi hadn't stopped her right now, she would have almost blew all the plans that Spirit Hall had brewed over the years.

Tang Ming wasn't even fazed at Xue Qinghe's tantrum, as his eyes flashed with a cold light. He didn't have any enmities with Spirit Hall but he wouldn't mind blowing their plans if they wanted it so badly. But seeing that Qian Renxue controlled herself immediately, he really wanted to mess with her. He didn't know why but whenever he saw Qian Renxue there's this voice inside him that keep saying to mess with her for no particular reason and he too also found it fun to tease her.

"Oh! I'm hurt..this is how you welcome your old friend, Qinghe." Tang Ming said with a hurt expression as he put one hand over his heart and looked at Xue Qinghe with betrayed expression.

Qian Renxue eyes immediately turned colder hearing this but didn't retort as she knew she didn't have any excuse prepared for her previous action.

"Brother, do you know crown prince?" Tang San can feel that something is slight amiss here but didn't bother anymore with.

"Yes, Tang Ming do you perhaps have meet Qinghe before?" Ning Fenghzi too asked with surprise as he knew that Qinghe never had many friends. His previous suspicion that Tang Ming might have known Xue Qinghe really happened.

Xue Qinghe didn't said anything as he continued to stare venomously at Tang Ming who at this time was walking toward him.

Tang Ming walked beside Xue Qinghe as he put one of his arm over his shoulder as he looked at both Tang San and Ning Fenghzi who was looking at all of this with wide eyes.

"Sorry for previous misunderstanding. Not only do we know each other but we are best of friends, right Qinghe?" Tang Ming said as he looked at Xue Qinghe who at this time was gritting her teeth in anger but still nodded his head.

But Ning Fenghzi and Tang San were not really that much of fool to believe him as they still felt that something was really not quite right, if they knew each from before and are even friends as Tang Ming mentioned then why did Xue Qinghe lost his temper and even released his killing intent toward him.

Tang Ming saw through their thoughts immediately as he again said with a slight laugh, " If you two are still thinking that why did Qinghe released his killing intent and became angry, it was because of what happened last time we met."

"See, at first we were not friends but rivals who used to fight with each other but poor Qinghe never won against me not even once and last time I had even beated him to a pulp within a single minute which made him resent me a little. Poor Qinghe couldn't even resist my attacks and I might have accidentally hurt his manhood."

Tang Ming explained with all the things he could make up on the spot and looked at Xue Qinghe with eyes closed his signature smile which sent a shiver down the latter's spine as he finally remembered that what he said is really true except for the last thing.

Even though Tang San and Ning Fenghzi had still doubts but didn't asked them any further about it. And hearing what Tang Ming did to Xue Qinghe made them somewhat believe it.

"Eh..Qinghe, won't you even ask me for some tea. I know what I did the last time we met was a little overboard but treating me like this, are you really that petty?" Tang Ming teased Xue Qinghe who at this moment was becoming angrier by the second, he really wanted to shove his holy sword right through this man's spine but held back his anger.

After calming down a little Xue Qinghe smiled at Tang Ming and also held his shoulder and smiled as he led them toward the table at the centre of the room where they sat.

After sitting he looked at Ning Fenghzi as he said politely, "Teacher, forgive me for my previous outrage. I presume the one sitting beside you is Tang San, right?"

"Yes. Come let me introduce you to each other." Only at this moment Ning Fenghzi said with a smile.

"The one sitting beside me is Tang San, the son of Haotian Douluo Tang Hao and your friend sitting beside you is his elder brother Tang Ming also the son of Haotian Douluo."

"And this is Xue Qinghe, the crown prince of Heaven Dou Empire."

Xue Qinghe eyes widened at the revelation that the monster sitting beside him is also the son of Haotian Douluo. She had only heard that he has a single son not two.

Seeing Xue Qinghe's surprised expression Tang Ming immediately said before anyone can ask anything.

"Forgive me for not letting you know, Qinghe. As this might complicates things a little."

"You don't need to apologise brother Ming. I perfectly understand." Xue Qinghe replied with slight smile.

'This girl really is the best actor I've seen in both of my lifes. Hehe..'

"Brother San, I'm a little older than you so you can call me elder brother Xue. You don't need to hold any formalities with me as your brother is really a dear friend of mine."


Hearing this Tang San's impression of Xue Qinghe rose a little.

"Yes, yes. Xiao San you don't need to stand on formalities as Qinghe really hates it." Tang Ming said as he patted Xue Qinghe shoulder and caressed it which immediately earned him a chilling cold glare from the said person.

The talk between Tang San and Xue Qinghe went the same as in the original where Xue Qinghe told him about Haotian Douluo legends and his wife.

"I think it's already time for afternoon meal why don't you all join me for a light meal?"

Xue Qinghe said with a smile.

"Thank you for the invitation, brother Xue. But I still have something to do at our academy side, so we have to go back."

Tang San politely declined the offer as both Ning Fenghzi and he stood up to leave only to hear Tang Ming saying.

"Xiao San, uncle Ning you go back. I still want to chat a little more with Qinghe. I will come back after a while."

They both nodded their head as they both left immediately afterwards.

Just as they left Tang Ming put away all of the illusion on him and restored his original appearance, his hair changed from black to platinum, his mellow yellow coloured eyes changed back to silver ones with a golden ouroboros symbol in it. He immediately again put his hands on Qian Renxue shoulder who was trying to stood up with haste only to be held back by Tang Ming's strength. His strength had reached at a point where he might just can toss a hundred thousand year old spirit beast like some football not to mention a puny human like Qian Renxue.

"Now where do you think you are going, Qinghe or should I say Qian Renxue." Tang Ming said as he continued with his previous jovial attitude. He gripped her shoulder tightly with his hands as he caressed it lightly.

"What do you want from me?" Qian Renxue said as she looked at his transformation and immediately tried to free herself from his grip only to be met with disappointment.

Tang Ming immediately stood in front of her as he closed his face toward Qian Renxue's face and looked at her eyes with an amused expression.

"What do you think?" Qian Renxue looked at Tang Ming's face which was just a few inches away from her. Only now did she remembered how overbearing the person standing in front of her is and how powerless she is in front of him.

The scene of him raining mayhem with his tens of thousands of lightning spears appeared in her mind as she wanted to back away but also remembered how he had humiliated her as she stopped herself from backing.

She looked at his eyes with resolve and hatred. Tang Ming too was surprised seeing this. He immediately activated his Divine Sense and found no one spying or anyone from Spirit Hall nearby.

After confirming that no one was hearing his conversation, he looked at Qian Renxue with an evil glint.

'Hehe, I want to see how long can she maintain her brave facade. Let's just scare her a little more and see is she will cry.'

At this time Qian Renxue was looking closely at Tang Ming's face. Even though she hate to admit it but she had never seen anyone as beautiful as Tang Ming in all her life. She really wanted her revenge but didn't know how to get it.

She suddenly thought of an idea as she suddenly closed the distance between the two of them and kissed him on the lips.

"What the...!?"

Tang Ming was shocked would be an understatement as this was the first time he was shocked and the one in the recieving end. He failed to react to her as he had never even thought she would plant her lips on him and started sucking it.

He was jolted awake from his thoughts as he suddenly felt a sudden sharp pain on his lips only to see her biting his lips with his teeths and a drop of tears forming on both of her eyes corners.

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